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GNU Ch.5 Part 1 – To Complain Her Grievances (I)

Right after Cheng Yujin entered the room, her gaze fell on Cheng Yuanjing, yet without batting an eyelid, she bowed her head and gracefully saluted old Master Cheng, “Granddaughter pays respect to grandfather and wishes you peace.”

After that, Cheng Yujin turned slightly and bowed once again to Cheng Yuanjing: “Niece greets ninth uncle.”

Cheng Yuanjing raised his hand lightly and said, “Get up.”

Cheng Yujin was a little surprised. Old Master Cheng was here, but Cheng Yuanjing actually made the call? She secretly took a peek to old Master Cheng and found that his expression was still calm and unperturbed, as if he didn’t notice anything wrong at all.

Alright then, since Old Master Cheng indulged his son’s improper conduct, then why should she care? Cheng Yujin straightened her posture and smiled. “This niece didn’t know that ninth uncle came back today, excuse me for not going out to meet you. How is ninth uncle’s journey?”

Cheng Yuanjing looked at Cheng Yujin’s charming smile. Inward, he secretly thinking. He really had left the capital for too long, so he couldn’t keep up with the dynamics here. Girl these days, although her age was still young, had perfected her acting skills. If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, Cheng Yuanjing wouldn’t believe that such a gentle and beautiful little girl would be able to slap her fiance.

Cheng Yuanjing replied: “Not bad. You are a junior, so you shouldn’t have to worry about matters outside.”

The word ‘junior’ came from his mouth made Cheng Yujin feel awkward. Cheng Yuanjing and her age didn’t differ that much, yet the young man very naturally addressed her as his junior. It was hard for Cheng Yujin to accept it calmly.

But who let her grandfather couldn’t forget his old love? Cheng Yujin thus could only accept this uncle who was only five years older than herself.

Because Cheng Yujin was here, old Master Cheng directly asked, “Eldest girl, let me ask, what happened between you and Huo family’s boy?”

Cheng Yujin quietly glanced at Cheng Yuanjing. Surely, it must be him who informed the old Master. Cheng Yujin thought her movement was secretive and quick, but unexpectedly, at that exact moment, Cheng Yuanjing moved his gaze and smiled at her.

Cheng Yujin became more nervous. She wasn’t sure how Cheng Yuanjing narrated the matter to old Master Cheng, so she decided to be careful and said, “Grandfather, I and Marquis Huo… we are already impossible.”

“What?” Old Master Cheng frowned, “You little girl, what kind of nonsense do you say. You already his fiancee, his unmarried wife. You will spend the rest of your life together. How can you suddenly become impossible?”

Cheng Yujin lowered her head, showing just the perfect amount of sadness: “Marquis Huo, he… came today to cancel our engagement.”

“What!” This time old Master Cheng was so surprised that his voice unconsciously increased. Cheng Yuanjing also stunned for a moment. Their engagement was canceled? No wonder she slapped him. This girl really had a good reason to do that.

Old Master Cheng obviously didn’t know that Cheng Yujin’s engagement had been canceled, nor did he know that she had slapped Huo Changyuan. Cheng Yujin was relieved. It turned out that Cheng Yuanjing told him much less than she expected.

Now Cheng Yujin had the free rein, she continued to complain in low voice, “This granddaughter really didn’t know what was going on. Until yesterday, our relationship was still good. But this morning, Marquis Huo suddenly came to the manor and coldly said that he wanted to cancel our engagement. This granddaughter was completely at loss, so I went to ask him why, but then he said to grandmother…..”

Cheng Yujin lowered her head even more. As if she couldn’t hold back her tears yet didn’t want to be seen by others, so she simply bowed her head and refused to show her sorrow. Cheng Yuanjing was smiling, but said nothing. He quietly watched Cheng Yujin’s tearful complaint, as if she genuinely cried.

Old Master Cheng became more worried, and asked, “What did he say?”

“He said, no reason, he simply didn’t want to marry this granddaughter. He later said that I was a hypocrite who was angling for fame and that after this engagement failed, no other man would be willing to marry me.”

Cheng Yuanjing raised his eyebrows, glancing at Cheng Yujin with half a smile. This sentence was aimed at him. He had just returned to the capital and wanted to visit the ailing old Master Cheng. As a result, he saw a couple quarreling in the walkway. Cheng Yuanjing was highly sensitive to his surrounding, so he stopped and planned to wait until the young couple finished their quarrel.

Although actually Cheng Yuanjing arrived there first.

Yet he never thought that he would see such a wonderful play.

Even now, this Cheng family’s eldest young miss was still scheming. Huo Changyuan indeed called her ‘hypocrite’ and ‘angling for fame’. But after Cheng Yujin rearranged his words, the whole meaning was changed completely. Cheng Yujin wanted to conveniently gain some pity from her grandfather, but afraid that Cheng Yuanjing might expose her, so she deliberately played with her words.

Of course, Cheng Yuanjing wasn’t that idle either.

Old Master Cheng was completely furious after he heard Cheng Yujin’s ‘grievances’ and loudly scolding Huo Changyuan. Cheng Yujin happily listening, adding some oil from time to time. Her pupils, as bright as lacquer, moved around lightly, like two dazzling gems. Finally she looked at Cheng Yuanjing and said, “Marquis Huo had military merit, and the emperor personally helped him taking back his marquis title. His future is limitless, so it is normal for him to look down on me. However, although him humiliating me is nothing, but he has no reason to disgrace our Cheng family. Ninth uncle, don’t you agree?”

Old Master Cheng glanced at Cheng Yuanjing nervously. The crown prince was always in the position to give the command, who would dare to speak to him in this tone? Old Master Cheng expression sank and he scolded Cheng Yujin, “Eldest child’s daughter, don’t be impudent.”

Impudent? How did she act impudently? Cheng Yujin was completely baffled. When having a conversation, one would tit and the other would tat. Didn’t everyone was like this? But old Master Cheng scolded her for being impudent!

No wonder old Madam Cheng hated little Xue-shi to the bone, old Master Cheng’s favoritism was too obvious.

Cheng Yuanjing clearly felt that this Cheng eldest miss now seeing him unpleasant. Although she didn’t show it outward, inward she obviously rolled her eyes. Cheng Yuanjing didn’t take care and directly asked, “Huo Changyuan’s marquis title was bestowed by the emperor?”

“Oh, this.” Old Master Cheng explained, “This was the matter I told you before. At the celebration feast, when the emperor saw that Huo Changyuan and the crown prince were of similar age, the emperor asked him a few things, and not long after the people below quickly gave back Huo family’s marquis title.”


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