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GNU Ch.52 Part 3 – Implicated (III)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 52 Part 1.

Cheng Yuanjing initially thought that he still needed another two to three years to fully grasp the extend of Yang family’s power.

Unfortunately, it now seemed that he didn’t even have the luxury to wait. Since the Yang family intended to tear up their skin and pointed their sword at the Eastern Palace, Cheng Yuanjing could no longer act slowly. Many of his plans had to be re-arranged. In other words, it was almost time for ‘Cheng Yuanjing’ to die.

Cheng Yuanjing made a decision in an instant, and quickly gave out orders.

Cheng Yuanjing and his subordinates were discussing the secret plan when a cuckoo’s voice suddenly came from the door. This was the pre-designated signal. Cheng Yuanjing immediately stopped talking, and Liu Yi and his colleagues’ expression also tensed, their arms pressed on the sides.

The cuckoo sound was the signal when an outsider was coming. Who would come at such a coincidental timing? The sound of footsteps quickly approached from the yard, and the guards disguised as Cheng family’s servants raised their voices to remind the people inside: “Ninth Master, someone is coming.”

The veins on Liu Yi and his colleagues’ arms were almost burst open, but Cheng Yuanjing was still as calm as usual: “Who is it?”

“The servant girl who served the eldest miss.”

Cheng Yuanjing’s subordinates were surprised. What was eldest miss Cheng coming for? But since it was her, there was no threat. They immediately relaxed.

The subordinates relaxed their vigilance, but Cheng Yuanjing’s face became colder instead. Just now, even when he heard that Yang Fucheng was going to force the Emperor to appoint the crown prince, Cheng Yuanjing’s expression didn’t change. But when he heard that Cheng Yujin sent someone over, his expression sank.

Cheng Yujin was calculative and good at pleasing others. If she wanted to convey good things, she would definitely come in person. Only when she sent bad news that she would let others do it. And that Cheng Yujin was now sending her trusted servant girl to look for him. What happened?

Cheng Yuanjing’s face was dark. He said: “Let the person in.”

Liu Yi frowned and quickly persuaded: “Your Highness, our goal is still far away. The road ahead is difficult and dangerous, yet we don’t have much time. Your Highness will leave the Cheng family soon. At this important junction, it’s not appropriate to have too much involvement with Cheng family.”

“I know.” Of course Cheng Yuanjing understood this. But what if something really happened to Cheng Yujin?

Such a strong girl had to send her servant girl to ask for his help. She probably had no other way.

Cheng Yuanjing said: “Tell her to come in.”

Liu Yi still wanted to persuade again. But Cheng Yuanjing had already stood up, and his face was cold and imposing. Seeing this, Liu Yi could only sigh and swallow back the words into his stomach.


At this time, Cheng Yujin was sitting inside the Shou’an Hall. Seeing that Qingfu Junzhu has not arrived yet, her heart gradually became cold.

Walking from Shou’an Hall to Qingfu Junzhu’s courtyard took no longer than one cup of tea worth of time1. Du Ruo was steady in work and would never be delayed on the road. But since no one has come back, it only meant that Qingfu Junzhu would not come.

Ruan-shi’s words became stronger and stronger, and Cheng Yujin knew that pretending to be stupid couldn’t last long. Cheng Yujin couldn’t really tell what kind of feeling she had right now. After a while, she laughed at herself.

Even if it just to come out and said a few words, Qingfu Junzhu was unwilling.

Although Cheng Yujin and Qingfu Junzhu had the name of mother and daughter, what was their relationship actually? Qingfu had her own son, and all of her wealth and effort were naturally devoted to her son.

Cheng Yujin’s heart sank rapidly. She couldn’t rely on Qingfu. Who else was willing to help her? Maybe Cheng Min’s would. Last time, Xu Zhixian’s words affected Cheng Yujin, and Cheng Min felt guilty at her. Taking advantage of this matter, perhaps Cheng Min would be willing to help her keep her dowry. Cheng Min was Old Madam Cheng’s only daughter, and the Old Madam might listen to her words.

However, this method was basically an alternative among alternatives. Cheng Min has been married and rarely returned to Yichun Marquis manor. Counting her hope on Cheng Min was tantamount to gambling on luck. Cheng Yujin frowned. Her mind quickly skimmed over every person in Cheng family, but she found out that there was no one else she could ask for help.

Her heart sank uncontrollably.

Ruan-shi said: “The dowry is originally from the public account. Since Mo’er is about to get married soon, it’s reasonable to let Mo’er use it first. Although rules are fixed, people are alive. We cannot be too stubborn about rules and let Mo’er and our manor fall into an embarrassing situation.”

Old Madam Cheng finally spoke. She said in a heavy tone, “However, it’s Old Master’s last words after all. He personally said that the dowry is prepared equally for two granddaughters. If we violated his will, it won’t be good.”

It’s finished. Cheng Yujin knew, since Old Madam Cheng had said so, she basically had made her decision. Now, she only lacked the person to bear the bad reputation on her behalf.

Sure enough. Hearing this, Ruan-shi hurriedly said: “When father said that, only our own family was present. As long as no one among us says it, who else will know? I think if father is still alive, he will support us.”

Old Madam Cheng’s expression was relieved. Anyway, these words were said by Ruan-shi and had nothing to do with her. Old Madam Cheng was about to speak when a man’s voice suddenly came from outside: “Who said no one would know?”


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  • Greetings, Ninth Uncle
  1. Around fifteen minutes.

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  1. Yay CYJing to the rescue❣️(I just realized that Jing’er and Jin’er have the same initials 🤔) even over his subordinates objections at such a critical time 😍😍😍

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  2. That Junzhu is truly disappointing. Doesn’t she think that if Yujin has less dowry, her face will be affected as well? Ah but it’s true they don’t think she’ll ever get married. But still. Way to cut the bridge. 😠

    1. Yeah. Like, Yujin would even tolerate laidback and absent-minded parenting. But to be truly uncaring? That’s some next level brainlessness.

  3. Welp qunzhu or whatever showing us again why she wears that scum title with such pride.

    You know I hadn’t particularly liked the crown prince, especially that one time he was casually joking about making Yujin disappear, but he’s helped out now with the while taking her out that one time and letting her be happy for a little while and helping her with her shops and giving her some time to be herself around him, and now when things are as always with no one stepping up for her someone finally helps Yujin, what she’s always wanted, to have someone have her back ….. How nice Yujin, I’m happy for you.

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