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GNU Ch.53 Part 3 – Cooperation (III)

Ruan-shi’s expression changed, clearly moved by the content of the box. Qingfu was on the verge of exploding. Seeing Ruan-shi’s reaction, she sneered sarcastically: “Eldest girl is filial, but does second sister-in-law really dare to take it?”

Having her mind exposed by Qingfu Junzhu, Ruan-shi’s face turned pale. Immediately after, her cheeks were blushed in red: “This is supposed to be Ninth Master’s share. Now that it has been given to the eldest girl, why does eldest sister-in-law think you have a say about it?”

“Why do I have a say?” Qingfu sneered. “I worked hard to manage this family, yet there are people who doesn’t appreciate it. Since it’s so, how dare I still manage other things? If second sister-in-law feels that I’m unfair, then just take the nameplate away. Anyway, my management is not good. What about you do it yourself?”

Qingfu Junzhu mocked Ruan-shi, who immediately retorted defensively. Both of them fought back and forth, and neither was willing to concede. Ruan-shi felt that Qingfu Junzhu was too overbearing, controlling the things that even wasn’t hers. In contrast, Qingfu felt that Ruan-shi was shameless. Both of them were burning with rage. Each of their words was full of anger. Soon, no one paid attention to Cheng Yujin anymore.

Cheng Yujin secretly smiled. Coincidentally, when she raised her head, Cheng Yuanjing also lowered his gaze to look at her. The two looked at each other. Cheng Yujin was taken aback, but soon she curled her eyes and smiled at Cheng Yuanjing.

Cheng Yuanjing’s expression also softened. The two of them didn’t have any communication beforehand, but just now, they cooperated very well.

The real valuable things were already in Cheng Yujin’s hands. There wasn’t much property left in the manor’s public account. The one-third share wasn’t amount much, but taking it would put her into a precarious situation with both the first and second branches. The losses obviously overweighted the gains, so from the beginning, Cheng Yujin didn’t plan to take it at all. But if she insisted on keeping the dowry she got from Old Master Cheng, Ruan-shi would get angered, Old Madam Cheng would lose face, and everyone was bound to stare at Cheng Yujin fiercely. Cheng Yujin was carrying a huge amount of secret wealth. It truly wasn’t wise to make herself into everyone’s target.

So, under the public’s eyes, Cheng Yuanjing gave Cheng Yujin the one-third share that the Old Master left to him. He also deliberately made a register so everyone could see at a glance how many things were included in that share. Cheng Yujin reacted quickly and directly gave Ruan-shi all of it under the reason of ‘helping the elder.’ Sure enough, it immediately lit another conflict between Qingfu and Ruan-shi.

Cheng Yujin leisurely watched Qingfu and Ruan-shi biting each other. In her opinion, Cheng Yuanjing was actually quite audacious. What would happen if she didn’t understand his meaning and really took the box as her possession?

Fortunately, Cheng Yujin guessed right. With this one-third property as bait, both Qingfu and Ruan-shi would be busy for a long time and wouldn’t be able to pay attention to Cheng Yujin.

Cheng Yujin had a complex feeling. Seeing the matter was resolved, Cheng Yuanjing walked out without looking back. When Cheng Yujin saw that Cheng Yuanjing was leaving, she quietly put the brocade box down and followed him.

Cheng Yujin hurriedly ran across the roofed corridor and finally caught up with Cheng Yuanjing at the corner: “Ninth Uncle.”

Hearing Cheng Yujin’s voice, Cheng Yuanjing stopped in front of a pillar and waited for her. Cheng Yujin ran up quickly to him, panting slightly: “Ninth Uncle, thank you.”

The adoptive mother, who had raised her for fourteen years, was unwilling to help her. Instead, it was Cheng Yuanjing, who had nothing to do with Cheng family and only knew her for a short time who came to protect her. After today’s matter, no one would mention ‘borrowing’ Cheng Yujin’s dowry again.

Cheng Yuanjing not only solved her problem, but also considered her situation and left a way out for her. This kind of kindness was truly incomparable to arbitrary help, and even a real uncle would hardly do this much for a niece.

Looking at Cheng Yuanjing, Cheng Yujin said in a rare sincerity: “Ninth Uncle, thank you for today’s matter. You have helped me so much, and I don’t know how to pay you back. Ninth Uncle, I owe you a favor. As long as I can do it, you can ask me for anything.”

Cheng Yuanjing smiled softly: “No need.”

“Ninth Uncle!” However, this time Cheng Yujin was very insistent. Regardless of propriety, she blocked Cheng Yuanjing’s path with her body. She said again with even a more serious tone: “I know that my words are worthless, and Ninth Uncle has a low opinion on me. But up to you if you need it or not, and up to me to want to repay your kindness. I will always wait.”

For the first time, Cheng Yuanjing saw Cheng Yujin being so serious. He stared at the girl’s shiny eyes but couldn’t say a word. After a moment, he turned his gaze away and said nothing.

Cheng Yujin was overjoyed: “If you don’t refuse, I’ll take it as acceptance. Ninth Uncle, I was sorry for troubling you with such a small matter. But why did you make that register book?”

Cheng Yuanjing has always looked down on Yichun marquis manor’s wealth. Although the Old Master divided the property into three equal shares, Cheng Yuanjing never planned to take it. Therefore, Cheng Yujin was genuinely surprised seeing him suddenly took the topic out today.

When did he make the register?

Cheng Yuanjing retracted his gaze. He glanced at the lush leaves outside the roofed corridor and said: “The tea cools down as soon as the person is gone, that’s how superficial a human relationship is. Your grandfather is the head of the house. It is only two months after he was gone, but below the surface, people already dare to act against his last words and refuse to obey his arrangements. I can speak for you now, but I’m afraid they will only get worse after I leave.”

Cheng Yujin thought she had misheard, and subconsciously said, “Eh?”

Cheng Yuanjing finally turned his eyes and gazed at her deeply: “I’m about to leave.”


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7 thoughts on “GNU Ch.53 Part 3 – Cooperation (III)”

  1. I love this story so much especially with lots of novels with greasy type lovers , “handicapped” mcs and “naive” fls (fed up with those) . This novel is just up to my appetite with restrained and understanding love .

  2. That squabble over the inheritance is pretty ugly… This time Yujin managed to forestall the disaster with Cheng Yuanjing’s help but how long will the status quo last?
    Thank you for the translation <3

    1. Well, by giving the 1/3 to Ruan-shi, Yujin managed to make it impossible for her dowry to be confiscated since now the argument is about how Ruan-shi has too much and should give some ‘back’ to Quingfu. Itemizing it just makes it that much more impossible because QF won’t let anything be taken from her ‘daughter’ until she feels she has the share of the inheritance she deserves. Yunmo is getting married in less than 2 months and after that the dowry can’t be touched. As long as Yujin manages to keep her wealth secret, she should be safe. Of course, she isn’t safe from the stupid duke and his mother’s intentions.

  3. Mhmhmh so hes gonna leave without taking her ? I thought he’d have realized by now that he wants to be with her …. So I’m guessing it won’t be until he takes his place as the crown prince and will come to save her before her family sells her off to that one disgusting Duke? Hell appear right before their marriage I guess? And royal words are law … Or something?

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