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GNU Ch.54 Part 1 – Farewell (I)

This time, Cheng Yujin was truly stunned. She subconsciously raised her head to look at Cheng Yuanjing. But after speaking, he once again gazed outside. From Cheng Yujin’s perspective, she could only see his side profile and his sharp chin.

Cheng Yuanjing is about to leave?

Of course Cheng Yujin knew what Cheng Yuanjing’s ‘leave’ meant. He wasn’t a real Cheng family member. Cheng Yujin didn’t think that the crown prince would stay peacefully as the shu son of Cheng family forever. Cheng Yuanjing stayed here simply to use this identity as a cover to facilitate his actions. When the time was ripe, he would leave sooner or later.

There was only one Cheng Yuanjing in the world. After His Highness the crown prince returned to the Eastern Palace, the Ninth Master of the Cheng family would naturally disappear forever.

Cheng Yujin remembered that in her previous life, she married Huo Changyuan on the sixth month of this year. At the end of the month, Old Master Cheng passed away from illness. Because Cheng Yujin’s engagement wasn’t getting canceled, she got married just before the Old Master’s death and didn’t encounter the dilemma of the mourning period. Not long after, she heard that Ninth Uncle had traveled out the capital and died of illness during the journey.

Calculating the time, it should be around this time.

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For a moment, Cheng Yujin fell into a trance. After she accidentally peeked into the events of the previous life in her dream, she woke up, broke off the engagement, and started to choose for the next husband candidate. Because too many things were different from the previous life, Cheng Yujin almost forgot that it was the world inside a book. Until she finally heard that Cheng Yuanjing was about to leave, she suddenly realized that even if the two lives were completely different, some things never changed.

In other words, the big trajectory of the world’s development had never changed. Cheng Yujin was just a little girl. In the movement of the vast world, her life events were insignificant, let alone created some effect. Therefore, in this life, the ninth son of the Cheng family would still die, Huo Changyuan would still become the powerful Marquis Jingyong, and he and Cheng Yumo would still become the acclaimed immortal lovers.

The only difference was that Cheng Yujin’s name would no longer appear in the Huo family’s genealogy.

Regarding Cheng Yuanjing’s previous question, Cheng Yujin didn’t need to give an answer, because she was completely clear of her own situation. Although this analogy wasn’t appropriate for their relationship, as the proverb said, to love was to plan for the long-term. If parents really loved their children, they would not do everything for the children, but would build a good relationship and leave enough space. It was easy for Cheng Yuanjing to rebuke Ruan-shi and Old Madam Cheng today and used his power to forbid them from touching Cheng Yujin’s dowry. However, it was actually the worst solution for her.

Since both Ruan-shi and Old Madam Cheng were in the wrong, they wouldn’t dare not to comply. But this way, she completely offended these two people. When Cheng Yuanjing was here, he could deter them from doing anything unfavorable towards Cheng Yujin. But what if Cheng Yuanjing was ‘died’? Old Master Cheng was the head of the family. He had just passed away two months ago, and his last words no longer carry any weight in the family. What about Cheng Yuanjing? After Cheng Yuanjing ‘died,’ Cheng Yujin, who had offended Ruan-shi and the Old Madam and had no protection from her mother, wouldn’t be able to protect the property in her hand.

Cheng Yujin felt a kind of parental care from Cheng Yuanjing, and her heart was extremely touched. She thought that the crown prince didn’t care about the Cheng family, let alone treating her as a relative. She didn’t expect that after calling him ‘uncle’ for a few months, the crown prince actually regarded her as a niece and spared so much thought for her sake.

Cheng Yujin was very touched and felt that the crown prince was indeed a very good person. Cheng Yujin secretly made up her mind. Even if the Yang family could cover the sky with one hand, even if the second prince born from Empress Yang were famous for being smart and diligent, Cheng Yujin would firmly support the crown prince!

Cheng Yujin’s lips moved a bit. But in the end, she didn’t say anything. She didn’t question, didn’t try to ask him to stay here, nor did she even pretend to be ignorant. Instead, she looked up at Cheng Yuanjing and smiled brightly: “This is a good event. I wish Ninth Uncle a long and healthy life. May your future be bright.”

Cheng Yujin knew well that after Cheng Yuanjing left, her relationship with him would be completely broken. He was the high above crown prince. His words were decree, people followed him like countless clouds on the sky, but she was merely one individual among the masses. She would eventually get married, having children, and gradually disappeared into the masses. If her future husband had enough status, she might be able to visit the crown princess in the palace as a titled madam. If not, and her husband also didn’t have enough ability….she might never be able to get a court title by relying on her husband and had to put her hope on her son.

In any case, Cheng Yujin’s best opportunity was to meet Cheng Yuanjing’s wife, but it was impossible to meet him ever again.

Cheng Yuanjing didn’t know why he said it to Cheng Yujin. This matter had the utmost importance, especially in secrecy. His identity couldn’t withstand the slightest risk. Once Yang family became suspicious, he, his many years of efforts, the subordinates and courtiers behind him, would all face total destruction. Even the emperor in the palace would also be implicated. His current situation was no different than walking on a thin rope. Facing such terrible risk, Cheng Yuanjing himself didn’t understand why he would tell Cheng Yujin about this matter.

If Cheng Yujin accidentally leaked or deliberately informed others, he would be in great danger. After the words were spoken, Cheng Yuanjing couldn’t understand his own behavior and immediately glanced over the leaves outside. His face was cold and devoid of emotion, but his fingers were tense.

Leaves were rustling, and the breeze was blowing. There was a smile in Cheng Yujin’s voice as she said, “This is a good event. I wish Ninth Uncle a long and healthy life. May your future be bright.”

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Cheng Yuanjing’s heart sank suddenly. At this moment, he realized that he was expecting Cheng Yujin’s answer. He didn’t know what kind of response he wanted to hear, but it definitely shouldn’t be this, where she congratulated him in a happy voice, wishing a bright future for the Ninth Uncle.

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