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GNU Ch.54 Part 2 – Farewell (II)

Cheng Yuanjing could hardly control his emotions. He lowered his head. His behavior was almost entirely dominated by emotions—something that absolutely impossible to happen in the past.

Cheng Yujin’s congratulation was sincere. Afterward, she still wanted to say more, but when she happened to look up, she was startled by Cheng Yuanjing’s eyes.

Cheng Yuanjing’s eyes were deep and dangerous, with an intense aggressiveness, as if they were about to burn the object they were staring at. Facing such eyes, Cheng Yujin was very uncomfortable, and instinctively took a step back: “Ninth Uncle?”

Cheng Yuanjing realized that his behavior today was very abnormal. He didn’t pay attention in the beginning, but after seeing Cheng Yujin’s reaction about his departure, his emotion surged so suddenly and rampaged uncontrollably. It was something that he couldn’t explain with his usual logic. Cheng Yuanjing knew that something was wrong with himself right now, but he didn’t want to restrain it at all. Even just looking at Cheng Yujin’s puzzled and wary look almost made him lost control of himself.

Cheng Yuanjing restrained the emotion in his voice and asked: “If I leave, what will you do?”

Cheng Yujin thought this question was strange. She answered inexplicably: “Ninth Uncle, before you come back to Yichun Marquis manor, I’ve lived here alone for more than ten years. Ninth Uncle doesn’t have to worry about me. You have helped me a lot. I can handle the rest by myself.”

Cheng Yuanjing’s eyes were still cold. This was indeed Cheng Yujin’s style. She always depended on herself. But it wasn’t the answer he wanted. In fact, according to Cheng Yuanjing’s temperament, if someone came to cry to him pitifully, saying that she would be helpless after he was gone, Cheng Yuanjing would definitely feel impatient. Other person’s life and death, why did it matter to him?

But now, Cheng Yujin clearly gave him the most sensible answer, but Cheng Yuanjing felt uncomfortable instead. The sky gradually darkened, and the wind blew from the treetops also brought some moisture. Obviously, it was going to rain.

Cheng Yuanjing stared at Cheng Yujin for a long time. Finally, he turned his eyes away and walked towards the steps, his hands folded on his back. The moist wind blew upon his face, and his voice seemed to come from far away: “After I leave this time, I don’t know when I will return.”

Whether he succeeded or failed, afraid that it would be difficult for them ever to meet again.

Cheng Yujin was startled. She looked at Cheng Yuanjing’s back. For some reason, she felt a sense of heaviness. Cheng Yujin sighed softly. He was obviously the noble crown prince, the person destined to be high above. But he had to hide his identity and lived under Cheng family’s house using the name of a mistress’ son. But now, even the Cheng family could no longer become his shelter.

Cheng Yuanjing’s trip this time was to restore his identity. Cheng Yujin knew that the crown prince had succeeded in her previous life, so she thought his departure was a good event. But for Cheng Yuanjing, who didn’t know the result, he was going to take a great risk with his own life at stake. No wonder he was in a bad mood today. Changed to his position, Cheng Yujin also wouldn’t be able to feel relaxed.

Cheng Yujin wanted to cheer up Cheng Yuanjing, so she deliberately smiled and said: “Ninth Uncle is going to do a great cause. Although this niece has no chance to see it with my own eyes, whenever I think that Ninth Uncle is working for the sake of all the people in this world, as one of those people, this niece also feels very honored. Ninth Uncle, please rest assured. You are born a great talent, and you will surely get what you want.”

Cheng Yuanjing was surprised. He turned back and looked at Cheng Yujin. The heavy rain was approaching with blowing wind. In the dimness, Cheng Yujin smiled at him sweetly: “This little girl and grandfather are the same. We are both wishing for your success. Although I regret that I don’t have the chance to help you in any way, I will always miss my Ninth Uncle. Ninth Uncle, I am waiting for you to fulfill your ambitions as soon as possible.”

Maybe it was Cheng Yujin’s unreserved trust in himself, or maybe it was the phrase ‘I will always miss my Ninth Uncle,’ but Cheng Yuanjing’s expression finally turned better. Seeing that Cheng Yuanjing’s gloomy aura had slightly diminished, Cheng Yujin immediately seized this opportunity to say her real purpose: “Ninth Uncle, it is indeed this little girl’s blessing to know you. But I don’t know if I will have another chance to meet you again in the future.”

Cheng Yuanjing’s eyebrow moved slightly. He asked: “Do you want to meet me again?”

“Of course.” Cheng Yujin smiled. She blinked slightly, and with an implied meaning that could be understood between the two of them, she said: “Of course I also want to have a blessing to meet you again. But Ninth Uncle, you know that my status is too low. I am just a young miss of a marquis manor. Now outsiders see my grandfather and father’s nobility title, and call me the eldest miss of Yichun Marquis manor. But when I marry in the future, I will follow my husband’s status. Alas, at that time, I wonder if I even have the qualifications to meet Ninth Uncle’s wife and daughters.”

The slight warmth in Cheng Yuanjing’s eyes whirled and vanished instantly. Cheng Yujin was immersed in her bootlicking and didn’t notice this change. She showed a regretful face and said: “If my husband isn’t capable, then I can only wait for my son to get an achievement that enables me to be conferred with a court title. But I don’t know whether I can wait during my lifetime. If only my future husband has a higher official position…”

Cheng Yujin’s hint was too obvious, and she felt a little embarrassed. She pretended to cough, and looked up at Cheng Yuanjing expectantly: “Ninth Uncle, don’t you agree?”

Cheng Yuanjing looked down at her with condescending eyes. His gaze was extremely cold: “Then just wait forever.”

After that, he strode forward quickly.

Cheng Yujin didn’t even have the time to retract the smile on her face. She raised her eyebrow in surprise. Her eyes followed Cheng Yuanjing’s departing figure, extremely puzzled.

Obviously they were talking just fine now. She only asked Cheng Yuanjing to give a bit care to her future husband and didn’t directly ask for an official seat. Why did he become angry again?


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  2. They’re definitely not on the same wavelength here! XDDDDD All right, Your Highness, that’s an additional incentive for you to fight hard, snatch your rightful place back and then propose to the beauty.
    Thank you for the translation and happy upcoming New Year <3

  3. Ah Jing, isn’t the highest official position your’s? With it you can always see each other.
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  5. The undercurrent is of course romantic but what I saw was the parting of two souls that recognized each other. She secretly knew he would be leaving this identity and she’d probably never meet him like this. He knows he’s also leaving secretly but he’s wishing they had more time to talk.

    Kind of a “driveway moment” – that’s when you are listening to a radio show or song in the car but you’ve arrived home and you’ll have to turn off the radio. So you sit and enjoy the moment before exiting the car.

  6. Thank you for the update!

    In a sense, Yuanjing will be fulfilling Yujin’s request to find a husband of a high enough status that she can easily meet with Yuanjing again. XD

  7. Cheng Yujin was raised without love, in a household full of selfish and unhappy people, she is used to think of everything in terms of threats and benefits. Gauging and expecting others’ sincere feelings isn’t in her mental checklist, how could she when even the woman who raised her has no genuine concern of her whatsoever, she is bound to be disappointed again and again so some time in her formative year, she simply stopped having expectations at all.
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