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GNU Ch.56 Part 2 – Wedding (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 56 Part 1.

Because Cheng Yumo bit her lips to bleed, the makeup master and servant girls hurriedly redo her lips makeup. When the good fortune madam came in to comb the bride’s hair, the makeup has not finished yet. People in the room scrambled in to change Cheng Yumo into her wedding gown as quickly as possible, but before she was ready, there was a loud sound of firecrackers outside.

“The bride’s welcoming team is here. Marquis Jingyong is here!”

The people inside Cheng Yumo’s boudoir became even more flustered. Cheng Yumo was also panicked. Her attire was still unready and messy: totally unpresentable. If others saw her like this, she would completely lose her face. Seeing the chaos, Cheng Yujin finally said: “You people quickly put on second Miss’ gown. I will go outside and block the door.”

When the groom came to fetch the bride with the welcoming team, the new son-in-law would be blocked by the bride’s family. To pass the hurdle, the groom would have to show his intellect. However, in terms of scholarly aspects, none of the Cheng family’s men were dependable, and Huo Changyuan broke in earlier than expected. Thinking about the mess in Cheng Yumo’s boudoir, Cheng Yujin’s head suddenly hurt. In any case, she could only go out in person to buy more time.

The groom’s team easily broke through Cheng family’s men, making a lot of noise along the way. They were so proud and didn’t put the womenfolk into their eyes. There was no way those inner courtyard servants could stop these young men. They were about to rush over when a voice suddenly stopped them: “Wait.”

Cheng Yujin walked out from behind a screen. As soon as the crowd saw her, the scene instantly turned silent. There was a clear boundary between the inner and outer courtyard, and between male and female. It was rare for a male beside the relatives to see a girl still in the boudoir. Cheng Yujin was famous, but only a few Cheng family’s cousins had seen her in person. Now that she had come out, the group of young men invited by Huo family to be the bride’s welcoming team couldn’t help but whisper: “Who is she?”

Huo Changyuan was in an utter daze. Riding on the horse, dressed as a groom, he always felt a sense of confusion. He couldn’t even tell whom he was going to marry today. But now, when he saw the girl came out from behind the screen, his eyes suddenly brightened, and he almost blurted out: “She is my wife.”

Unfortunately, before Huo Changyuan opened his mouth, Cheng Yujin already replied with a smile: “I am Cheng family’s eldest daughter, the new bride’s elder sister. It’s not easy for our family to raise my second sister until today’s age. There is no reason for us to give her to Marquis Huo so easily. Marquis Huo, don’t you agree?”

Huo Changyuan’s mind finally returned to his body. He vaguely heard Cheng Yujin’s words and thought: Ah, she isn’t his wife anymore.

Their marriage contract had been broken.

Huo Changyuan looked at Cheng Yujin without a word. This scene made him confused. He clearly felt that Cheng Yujin wasn’t supposed to stand here. She wasn’t supposed to wear a plain dress. She obviously should be inside the room, wearing a phoenix headdress, a bright red gown, exquisite makeup, and sat on the bed, waiting for him. By no means was she standing outside the door, in the plain view of so many men, smiling and saying: “I am the new bride’s elder sister.”

Seeing Huo Changyuan didn’t reply, Cheng Yujin hatefully cursed “Scum bastard” inside her heart. Put aside the matter of him canceling their engagement, now that she spoke to him in front of so many people, and this bastard actually ignored her?

Good, very good. The angrier Cheng Yujin was, the brighter the smile on her face. She no longer waited for Huo Changyuan’s reply and directly said: “It’s not easy to marry our Cheng family’s daughter. Since I am the eldest sister, I have a few questions to test the groom. I wonder if Jingyong Marquis manor will accept?”

The welcoming team immediately answered vigorously: “Of course.”

With Cheng Yujin standing here, none of the men dared to step forward and rush into the room. They could only play by the rules, answering Cheng Yujin’s question one by one and passing her test before taking the bride. However, Cheng Yujin’s questions were tricky and unfamiliar. The group of young men couldn’t answer immediately. They gathered around for a lively discussion. One of them nudged Xu Zhixian and said: “Didn’t you make a lot of noise just now? Why do you suddenly become silent?”

Xu Zhixian waved his hand quickly: “How can I. That is my…biao younger sister. I cannot destroy her stage.”

“The second Miss is also your biao sister. Why didn’t you say the same thing before?”

Xu Zhixian glanced at Cheng Yujin and blushed inadvertently. He tried to argue: “How can they be the same. Second biao younger sister is already Marquis Huo’s family. She is different than elder sister Jin.”

Xu Zhixian accidentally changed back the address to ‘elder sister Jin.’

The men laughed. Lin Qingyuan, who was dragged to watch the excitement, also couldn’t help but laugh.

A few young scholars looked inside with interest. They stood outside and couldn’t see clearly, but even so, what happened inside still could be heard. One of them patted Lin Qingyuan’s shoulder and said: “Lin Zhuangyuan, these questions shouldn’t be hard for you. Why don’t you go inside and help?”

Lin Qingyuan smiled and waved his hand politely. When he was about to reply, Cheng Yujin seemed to hear their conversation and raised her head. Her gaze accurately fell on Lin Qingyuan. For a split moment, she looked surprised, but soon she smiled. It was a beautiful smile, like a spring on the land that brought flowers into full blossom: “Lin Zhuangyuan is a great talent. This little girl is uneducated. Ask Master Zhuangyuan to be merciful.”

At first, Lin Qingyuan wasn’t interested in the wedding’s hustle and bustle. But at this moment, when he saw Cheng Yujin’s smile, it was as if all the noise around suddenly silenced. There was only a plain-clothed young girl in front of him, who nodded and smiled at himself: “Ask Master Zhuangyuan to be merciful.”

There was a sudden throb in Lin Qingyuan’s heart, as if being hit by an unfamiliar thing.


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  1. Cheng Yujin’s beauty and poise are simply a WMD – nobody is spared! XDDDDD
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    1. Ew Huo Changyuan she’s definitely not your wife. Sorry boo you missed out.

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  2. As much as I’d like her to get her quiet life, this is why she can only marry our ML – nobody else is her match, even the talented scholar whose family doesn’t allow concubines.

  3. I wonder what crown prince told this man ? “Keep your distance or you’ll soon be able to learn the way of the eunuch” ? Or something.

  4. yes, she can make any man fall for her :’)
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