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GNU Ch 58 Part 1 – Possesive (I)

When Cheng Yujin heard this, her eyebrows raised in surprise. Of course, having Cheng Yuanjing came forward was much better than relying on her amateurish knowledge. However, Cheng Yuanjing didn’t even join other Cheng family’s men at the outer gate today. Why did he suddenly want to participate in blocking the boudoir now?

Cheng Yujin raised her gaze inexplicably. Her eyes went back and forth between Cheng Yuanjing and Zhai Yanlin, trying to infer the reason. However, whether it was Cheng Yuanjing or Zhai Yanlin, both men had their own reputation and were very good at putting on a mask. Cheng Yujin couldn’t catch any clues at all.

Zhai Yanlin saw Cheng Yuanjing’s posture that was obviously guarding Cheng Yujin and how he put his hand on the girl’s arms. He felt an inexplicable eyesore. Zhai Yanlin frowned. He quickly suppressed the irritation in his heart and said with a smile: “Okay. Cheng Jingxing has long been known for his talent in both martial and literary, but unfortunately, we never have a chance to exchange advice. Today is a good chance for this Duke to be enlightened.”

Cheng Yujin’s eyes twitched. Why did she feel that there was a strong spark between Cheng Yuanjing and Zhai Yanlin? Did these two have an enmity?

No, it shouldn’t be. On Old Master Cheng’s forty-ninth day of passing, Cheng Yujin personally took Zhai Yanlin to stroll around the garden. At that time, they were normally polite and didn’t seem to have any enmity. Could it be that something happened in this period that she didn’t know?

Cheng Yujin became more confused. Cheng Yuanjing ignored Zhai Yanlin’s provocation. Instead, he held Cheng Yujin’s arm tighter and pulled her behind his back. He lowered his head slightly and glanced at her: “Stand still.”

Cheng Yujin nodded obediently. In fact, she wasn’t a weak girl who easily fell when walking. It was just the crowd rushed so suddenly. Cheng Yujin was an unmarried girl. Being physically too close with any non-relative males wouldn’t do good to her reputation. In her hurry to step back, she almost tripped accidentally. Now Cheng Yuanjing stood in front, these reckless young men were like rabbits that have seen an eagle and dared not to make troubles anymore.

Seeing Cheng Yujin’s obedience, Cheng Yuanjing turned around in satisfaction. Once his gaze was no longer on Cheng Yujin, the gentleness in his eyes quickly vanished, and he regained his cold and oppressive aura: “If so, then I won’t hold back.”

Zhai Yanlin raised his hand and said, “My pleasure.”

Once the experts made a move, it was indeed very different. Cheng Yuanjing’s questions were far more profound and broader than Cheng Yujin’s, and even the young men present felt great pressure. This kind of pressure was even worse than when they faced their teacher during examination in the school. Cheng Yujin originally planned to help when necessary, but after listening for a while, she obediently stood aside to be a wallflower.

In the meanwhile, Lin Qingyuan had also walked towards the door. He listened to Cheng Yuanjing’s questions with a wry smile and shook his head: “Ah, I asked countless times to discuss literature with him, but Jingxing never accepts it. Who knows that he will be so generous at his niece’s wedding?”

Hearing this, the colleagues who followed along were stunned: “Lin Qingyuan, you are the Zhuangyuan, the number one in your batch. Cheng Yuanjing’s rank is not as good as yours. Why do you still need to ask him for pointers?”

Lin Qingyuan shook his head: “It’s far from true. Speaking about real talent, no one in the 19th years of Jianwu is Jingxing’s match.”

The men initially didn’t believe Lin Qingyuan’s words. However, after three rounds, Zhai Yanlin obviously fell behind and couldn’t catch up with Cheng Yuanjing’s questions. Huo Changyuan’s other groomsman was a Jinshi from the same year as Cheng Yuanjing. The moment he saw Cheng Yuanjing came forward, he secretly cried bitterly, knowing that the situation was hopeless. Sure enough, the Jinshi groomsman reluctantly picked two questions, but he was totally defeated.

Cheng Yuanjing fought against a group of talented young men, but none of them was able to fight back. Cheng Yujin’s lips curled up in silence. At this moment, Lian Qiao stepped forward from the room and quietly pulled Cheng Yujin’s sleeve.

Having received the signal, Cheng Yujin coughed softly. She grabbed Cheng Yuanjing’s sleeve and pulled it gently before winked at him and said: “Ninth Uncle, your talent is truly outstanding. Duke and young masters, each of you also have your own unique skills. This young girl is truly convinced. Since Marquis Huo’s sincerity is clear to the world, our family no longer needs to worry. Marquis Huo, please. You may fetch your bride now, as not to miss the auspicious hour.”

Cheng Yuanjing knew that the people inside were finally ready. He didn’t come forward for Cheng Yumo, and since Cheng Yujin has said this, he certainly no longer wanted to linger. Cheng Yuanjing took a step back and gestured with a gentleman demeanor: “My niece is sincerely caring about her younger sister. I hope Marquis Jingyong understands.”

Cheng Yujin quickly added: “Yes, Ninth Uncle also wanted to verify Marquis Huo’s sincerity to my sister. If this little girl made some offenses, please don’t take it to heart. Now the auspicious hour has come, Marquis Huo should come in quickly. Second sister has been waiting for a long time.”

When Huo Changyuan saw Cheng Yujin was almost hit by the rushing crowd and almost fell to the ground, he was about to rush to help when another man caught her body. The hands that had just stretched out immediately were pulled back behind his back and clenched into a fist. Because he clenched too hard, blue veins appeared on his fists. Huo Changyuan watched with his own eyes how Cheng Yujin stood behind another man. He saw how she looked at that man with nervous, surprised, yet happy eyes. He saw how her eyes brightened when she talked with that man. Especially when she pulled that man’s sleeves just now and exchanging a glance familiarly in front of so many people with a tacit understanding like a married couple that had been together for years.

Huo Changyuan’s fists clenched even tighter. He kept telling himself that his wife was Mo’er. The gentle, kind, and innocent Mo’er. She was the goddess who really saved him on that snowy mountain night. Not Cheng Yujin, this vicious woman. However, for the reason that even he couldn’t comprehend, seeing Cheng Yujin and Cheng Yuanjing together made Huo Changyuan extremely irritable and eyesore.

It’s truly strange. Cheng Yuanjing was Cheng Yujin’s uncle. It was normal for uncle and niece to be close. But why did he find it unpleasant?

Before Huo Changyuan could think more, the crowd had pushed him forward. When passing by Cheng Yujin, Huo Changyuan saw Cheng Yuanjing pulled the girl behind him once again. Although the crowd was clamoring noisily, no one dared to mess around near those two. Cheng Yujin stood obediently behind Cheng Yuanjing, as if she was inside Cheng Yuanjing’s personal domain and that she was his possession that others couldn’t touch.

Cheng Yujin seemed to notice Huo Changyuan’s gaze. She looked over and gave him a dignified and polite smile that perfectly adhered to etiquette: “I wish Marquis Huo and second sister a happy marriage, May you give birth to a child soon and grow old together.”


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12 thoughts on “GNU Ch 58 Part 1 – Possesive (I)”

  1. It’s so touching how Cheng Yuanjing protects Yujin in a very natural (though not exactly unobtrusive) way.
    Thank you for the translation <3

    1. It’s a subtle but excellent touch that defines his character. It certainly makes him far more civilised than most MLs in historical c-novels.

  2. Veerrrryyy interesting how interested males are feeling a “love rival” vibe from dear old “uncle”🤔😆

    Thanks for the chapter 😍

  3. Hi!!! Thanks for the great work!! Also… when I clicked the next button it linked to c57p2… thank you!

  4. Strange, despite being possessive, i don’t feel hatred towards him like i felt towards other possessive MLs from other novels..his possessiveness feels pleasant. Maybe because he didn’t fell in love at first sight and his love feels real, who knows…

    1. To me, it has always read as him stepping in when she needs back-up, but not a moment sooner.

      It’s not “helpless bunny maiden, don’t move! This hero will clear all obstacles for you!” and closer to “I trust your ability, but I have your back when the situation is murky.”

      1. Yes… That’s the reason. He only steps in when she really needs it. He gives her room to grow. He wants to protect her and would do so because she indeeds doesn’t have anyone who supports her. She is still just a little girl afterall, many things can not be solved by herself just because she is a girl.
        she is like an orphan despite having 2 parents.
        But he admires her courage and ability as well as personality.

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