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GNU Ch 60 Part 2 – Provocation (II)

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Cheng Yuanjing at this moment was completely different from what Cheng Yujin usually saw.

Seeing Cheng Yuanjing’s change, Zhai Yanlin smiled coldly. He also fully released his murderous aura and responded with an equal amount of hostility: “Cheng Yuanjing, you deliberately send her away. What do you want to say to me?”

“Nothing, just want to give you a reminder.” Still with indifferent eyes, Cheng Yuanjing said: “Cai Duke manor and Huo family are not in the same army camp, and you usually have rare contact with Huo Changyuan. Although you and Huo Changyuan don’t have a particular friendship, you suddenly decided to become his groomsman today. I think you have another purpose.”

Being exposed so blatantly, Zhai Yanlin didn’t get angry and instead admitted very openly: “Yes, I have no friendship with Huo Changyuan, and just want to take the chance to see one person.”

Immediately, the atmosphere between the two men tensed to the extreme with undisguised hostility. Cheng Yuanjing and Zhai Yanlin glared at each other, neither was speaking.

People with different characteristics were attracted to each other, and people with the same characteristics repealed each other. Two men who had the same thoughts were the most sensitive towards each other. From the first time he met Cheng Yujin, Zhai Yanlin had harbored a good impression of her. At that time, he also saw the interaction between Cheng Yujin and Cheng Yuanjing, and felt that something was not right with this uncle and niece. To be precise, there was something wrong with the way Cheng Yuanjing treated Cheng Yujin.

As an uncle, Cheng Yuanjing’s eyes, gestures, and tone towards Cheng Yujin were all too excessive. Those weren’t the way an elder looked at his junior.

And the opposite was also true. The moment he saw Zhai Yanlin today, Cheng Yuanjing immediately noticed that the other man had an impure motive for coming.

When Cheng Yujin was still here, they still restrained themselves. But the moment she was gone, the two men no longer hid the hostility towards each other.

Zhai Yanlin said: “Eldest Miss Cheng’s marriage contract has been nullified. Now she is an unengaged young miss. What prevents me from proposing to her?”

Hearing the word ‘proposing,’ Cheng Yuanjing’s eyes glinted dangerously. With an icy tone, he asked: “You? On what basis?”

“Just because I am Duke Cai, a third-rank military commander appointed by the imperial court. The moment she walks into the threshold of Duke Cai manor, she is the Duchess. She will be prosperous and wealthy for the rest of her life and will never lack anything.” Zhai Yanlin had high self-confidence. He was tall, handsome, was also a titled Duke. Over the years, countless women rushed for him, so Zhai Yanlin always thought that no woman would reject him. He intended to marry Cheng Yujin as the main wife. If Cheng Yujin knew, surely she would happily agree.

Zhai Yanlin smiled confidently: “She is smart and virtuous, knowing rules and etiquette, and can get along with Zhai Qing. She will become a good wife and a good mother. As long as she marries me, she will forever live in prosperity and wealth without having to worry about making a living. As soon as she joined the family, she is the matron in charge of the household, and doesn’t need to please others to live.”

Cheng Yuanjing chuckled lightly, obviously looking down on Zhai Yanlin’s remarks. Zhai Yanlin was irritated by Cheng Yuanjing’s response. He squinted his eyes and said, “What do you mean?”

Cheng Yuanjing’s smile quickly faded. Like an icy blade, his look was extremely cold and distant: “Of course she would be a good wife, but why should it be yours?”

“What did you say?” Zhai Yanlin’s face was dark.

“Your so-called wealth and status are not worth mentioning. What can you give her? A six-year-old son, a handful of concubines, and a complicated family environment. You have nothing. On what basis do you think you can take her?”

Zhai Yanlin was furious. If these words came from someone else, Zhai Yanlin wouldn’t hesitate to scold the other party for not knowing how to differentiate the good from the bad. But the one who spoke was Cheng Yuanjing. Although Cheng Yuanjing usually was low-profile, almost everyone who saw him secretly agreed that this youth shouldn’t be underestimated. His future was limitless. The wealth and status Zhai Yanlin so proud of was nothing in front of Cheng Yuanjing and the huge potential he represented.

And the shortcomings that Cheng Yuanjing said were like muscles of steel and bones of iron. Nothing could be done about it.

Zhai Yanlin was furious. His eyes narrowed, and he suddenly said, “Cheng Yuanjing, you are only her uncle, not her father. When a girl grows up, she has to keep a distance from her father and brother, let alone an uncle? What does it matter to you who will marry eldest Miss Cheng? You overstep too much.”

The Zhai family’s previous generation had an old friendship with the late Old Master Cheng, so Zhai Yanlin also vaguely heard about Old Master Cheng’s messy family affairs. Cheng Yuanjing was brought back into the Cheng family when he was six years old. Although he was recorded into the Cheng clan’s genealogy, he might not be a Cheng’s blood. Judging from his attitude towards Cheng Yujin, Zhai Yanlin’s instinct as a man told him that Cheng Yuanjing most likely wasn’t a Cheng family’s descendant.

But so what? It was not easy for an outside mistress’ child with unclear parentage to climb into the noble Yichun Marquis family. Would Cheng Yuanjing be willing to change his surname? Since Cheng Yuanjing wouldn’t leave the Cheng family, whether he truly was Old Master Cheng’s son or not, he would forever be Cheng Yujin’s uncle. No matter whom Cheng Yujin would marry, it forever wouldn’t be Cheng Yuanjing.

Cheng Yuanjing’s momentum turned sharp in an instant. He looked at Zhai Yanlin and said: “You don’t need to take care of my business. She doesn’t like taking care of children, let alone be controlled by others. Your family is not suitable for her. In the future, I won’t allow you to harass her again.”

Zhai Yanlin was stunned. He still wanted to say more, but Cheng Yuanjing had already turned around and left without looking back.

This was simply a warning. From the beginning to the end, Cheng Yuanjing didn’t intend to negotiate with Zhai Yanlin.

After returning to her courtyard, Cheng Yujin had Du Ruo make a cup of hot tea for her. Holding the teacup, Cheng Yujin’s mind gradually drifted to the matter just now.

Ninth Uncle, oh no, His Highness the crown prince was talking with Duke Cai alone. There should be no problems, right?

Cheng Yujin was busy thinking when she heard a servant girl’s greeting from outside. Cheng Yujin was taken aback and immediately put down the teacup before hurriedly got up: “Ninth Uncle?”

Lian Qiao had already entered the door with Cheng Yuanjing. The man’s eyes, which were so cold before entering the room, instantly melted when he saw Cheng Yujin.

It was very rare for Cheng Yuanjing to visit her courtyard. Cheng Yujin hurriedly arranged hospitality. She ordered the servant girls to change the tea and rearrange the seat before finally sat opposite Cheng Yuanjing. She personally poured him a cup of tea and asked: “Ninth Uncle, why are you here? What did you say to Duke Cai?”

Cheng Yuanjing’s eyes fell on Cheng Yujin’s fingers. The teacup was white porcelain with a blue glaze. Exquisite and delicate. Cheng Yujin’s fingers were slender and white. With the blue glaze as the backdrop, it seemed as if her fingers slightly shone.

Cheng Yuanjing moved his gaze slightly and took the teacup. He lowered his head and took a sip on the tea before replying with a flat tone: “It’s nothing.”

After a pause, he spoke again, this time with a nonchalant manner, as if asking casually: “What do you think of Zhai Yanlin?”


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  1. Told nothing but the truth my man, good job.

    A man that’s always been deliberate in keeping a low profile goes all out for the girl he likes, see that’s why I like these guy, sure keeping his cool would have been the correct choice and all but this unclean and filthy thing tries to take away Yujin and act like he’s giving her the stars and Moon? I’m soooo glad crown prince told him exactly how matters are and to stop deluding himself.

    You know sometimes you want to see characters acting like this and protecting what they love, so this was good.

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