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GNU Ch 61 Part 2 – Marriage View (II)

What made him so happy? Cheng Yujin was totally puzzled. The crown prince wanted to recruit a person, and she ignorantly badmouthing the said person. But His Highness was actually very satisfied?

Cheng Yujin couldn’t believe it. She began to have doubts about her previous perception. Cheng Yuanjing finally heard the answer of his liking. The previous frustration and irritability dissipated from his eyes, and he even smiled: “Hearing your words, you seem to feel a pity for Duchess Cai?”

“It’s not a pity. I don’t even know the late Duchess Cai.” Cheng Yujin pursed her lips and smiled. In fact, she was very egoistic. If it had nothing to do with herself, Cheng Yujin wouldn’t care about other people’s lives and deaths. But once her own interests were involved, Cheng Yujin couldn’t bear it. Cheng Yujin’s low evaluation of Zhai Yanlin was not for the sake of the court and country, but because Old Madam Cheng had the idea to make her Duke Cai’s second wife.

Cheng Yujin heard how second Madam Cai told other madams the so many demands for Zhai Yanlin’s second wife. Before even getting married, the woman would be looked at with suspicious eyes. Who would be willing to serve those arrogant idiots?

Thinking of this, Cheng Yujin’s mood also fell. She sighed and said, “In any case, with Duke Cai’s status and position, he doesn’t lack candidates to be his second wife. Many young and beautiful women of decent family status are willing to marry him. I am not even as good as them. It’s ridiculous for me to pity the future Duchess Cai.”

Cheng Yuanjing put down the teacup on the table with a small ‘thump’ sound. He lowered his eyes and looked at her solemnly: “Don’t look down on yourself.”

“I know.” Cheng Yujin took a deep breath and quickly smiled again. “Ninth Uncle, on the day of grandfather’s forty-ninth day ceremony, I met Zhai family’s second Madam at grandmother’s place. The second Madam talked about their family’s criteria for choosing the second wife. The shizi for the duke title has been decided and wouldn’t be changed. Therefore, the second wife must pour all of her effort to raise shizi to adulthood and cannot fight for the family property for her own children. In addition, she also has to be young and beautiful, virtuous and filial, skillful at managing the household, and has a good temperament and reputation. In short, a sky-high requirement.”

Cheng Yuanjing suddenly became curious: “Then, what is your view about this?”

“Me?” Cheng Yujin looked at Cheng Yuanjing, and gradually became vigilant, “Ninth Uncle, if I said honestly, would you feel offended?”

“No, I have to go through this step sooner or later. I would like to listen to your view in advance.”

Cheng Yuanjing deliberately said this. But in Cheng Yujin’s mind, she thought that Cheng Yuanjing meant that he would marry a crown princess sooner or later. Knowing in advance a woman’s opinion about the heir and property inheritance would be beneficial for him. Since it was the crown prince’s question, Cheng Yujin didn’t hesitate to say: “My opinion? The Zhai family is thinking too highly of themselves. They made numerous demands for the future second wife. Why don’t they think of what their family can offer to her? Men want their wives to be gentle and kind, not arrogant or jealous. But if men pursued status and wealth, women also have their own demands. Women work hard to manage the family property, take care of concubines for their husbands, and raise the children. All those efforts are to enjoy the blessing in old age. If they have nothing to gain in the end, who are willing to bear the hardships?”

This was the first time Cheng Yuanjing heard of a woman’s views on marriage. His education only consisted of the way of governing the country and the duty of a ruler. None of his tutors ever taught him how to manage a family and household. It seemed that everyone agreed that it was the crown princess’ duty. As the crown prince, Cheng Yuanjing only needed to take care of governmental affairs. The inner side of Eastern Palace was the domain and duty of his crown princess.

Then why did the crown princess perform her duty? No one seemed to have mentioned it.

Of course, Cheng Yuanjing didn’t think that after he got married, he could throw all of the household matter to his wife. The front court was his office, and the inner palace was where he lived. Cheng Yuanjing felt that both sides should be grasped in his own hands. However, Cheng Yujin’s words still shocked him.

Cheng Yujin understood it too clearly, too smartly. Cheng Yuanjing asked again: “Then, what do you want?”

“Of course I want the rewards for my efforts.” Cheng Yujin raised her eyebrows and said with a smile: “Aren’t we talking about Duke Cai? Why does the topic suddenly shifted so far?”

Cheng understood what she meant: “So, you want the right to manage the household and family property. Even if you don’t have the right temporarily, it has to be yours in the future. The most important thing is that the future heir should be your own child.”

Cheng Yujin really thought so. That’s why she ruled out the Zhai family from the beginning. If Duke Cai still didn’t have a son, she might still put him into consideration. But the Cai Duke manor already had an heir. In the future, both the title and family property would belong to Zhai Qing. Why should she do such a thankless and arduous job with no return?

Smart people only did things with a high probability of profitable return, and marriage was the most important investment in Cheng Yujin’s life. Marrying Zhai Yanlin was obviously not a good idea.

Seeing Cheng Yuanjing fell into deep thought, Cheng Yujin remembered his identity again. In the imperial family, the matter regarding heirs was a very sensitive topic with enormous influence on the whole country. Cheng Yujin certainly didn’t want to get involved in this matter. She didn’t know who was the future crown princess would be, and she didn’t want Cheng Yuanjing to misunderstand that she was secretly suggesting how he should choose his heir. It made no sense for Cheng Yujin to pave the way for the future crown princess at her own expense.


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For MWFV and THDP readers, there either will be no updates this week, or probably will be very, very late.

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Warning to all my readers: if you are going to wire money and sensitive data to a stranger you never meet, then go to sleep and wait for a day so you can cool your head first, and tell other people so they can give you an objective advice. And do a quick google search. Seriously. One minute quick browsing might save you from money loss, anxiety, and wasting time. After I become suspicious that this is a scam, I browse the name of the company+scam,  and the first result in google is a forum post literally warning everyone of this scam (yeah I’m just that stupid).

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  1. Thank you very much for the translation <3
    My friend was almost scammed some time ago and though she managed to catch herself, the scammers disturbed her for a long time afterwards. I hope your situation (and mood) will improve quickly.

  2. Totally got scammed about 5 years ago. Small town banks have some big downsides (limited hours, cheap outsourced customer service, and GOOD LUCK using your card on a road trip without calling first and hoping you got someone competent enough to actually write that shit down) but when the scammers tried to pull money out of my account (not just once, but 3 times AND then try to take out a loan with my info) they just shut that down. I got a call a week later and they were like “Ummm… so some sketchy stuff happened to your account and we stopped it. Until the loan request came through we figured we didn’t need to notify you.” 🤣 So, yeah… Changed my bank #, and still with them today.

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  5. Thanks for taking time out to put up this chapter – it’s an inspiring one when the FL knows what she wants and works toward it. Only – Ninth Uncle hasn’t told her that yet!

    Also, good luck with handling your scam – having had much of the same thing happening when I was moving once, I sympathize.

  6. It’s ok. Just take your time.
    It’s is good that now Ah Jing knows of her perspective.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

  7. Sorry to hear about the scam, but at least it is a lesson to learn… But hope it is too much?

    It happens that last night I couldn’t sleep thinking I was scammed too, bought something on ebay, I was strung for 4 months with false tracking numbers. I am still wondering if the seller is just very unorganised or it is a scam.

    Enjoying this chapter very much, it is one further step for him in understanding her position and women’s position in general.

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    Consider it as donation and let it all go – Otherwise it will drive us crazy and depressed! Cheer up! It is ok. Learn from it and be smarter next time. I do not read any scammy emails tonnes from so called IRS/UPS/Amazon. If they really want get in touch with me – they can call me or mail me a normal letter. 🙂

    Thank you very much for your beautiful translations. Chin up! Hang in there…

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    Don’t worry & submit whatever correspondence you have to a police station/cyber cell. Whatever small effort you can do, it will hinder these fraudsters.

    Thanks for the update! We’ll wait till next week, no issues at all <3

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    Thanks for updating the chapter! 🙂 it’s always nice when an ML’s perspective would change because they listened to the FL. 🙂

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    Always check what you want to buy – a picture or the status of the item, and if it is not correct contact the seller or the site (I‘m pretty sure it is in the terms of conduct for ebay that you give an accurate description of what you want to sell)
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  22. The situation of her knowing he’s her nominal uncle yet in truth the crown prince creates a very nice gap between the advantages of getting closer and know each other yet strengthens the prohibition of acting and thinking towards the person on the socially higher ladder.
    She’s no day dreamer and wouldn’t romanticise their relationship and this is something ML has to take greatly into consideration if he wants to win her over. He’s definitely the one who has to make the move. Despite her ambitions, she’s not insatiable and wouldn’t aim THAT high.
    Plus, she still probably thinks that he only takes care of her out of kindness and some sympathy like a troublesome weird little niece who’s shown nothing but her clumsy ugly sides and wouldn’t and couldn’t possibly imagine him being attracted to her romantically.

  23. Also, in regards to the Zhai’s, I feel like they treat their madam worse than a servant. Even slaves bought into servitude have to be won over because they’re obviously more motivated by rewards and you have to pay attention to them to some degree if they’d change allegiance due to various causes like bribery from enemies, bad treatment, or blackmail.
    As the madam of the Zhai, you’ve got to compete with a senile old madam, even when she’s gone there’s a power hungry sister-in-law (ew, imagine having Ruan-shi fused with the Qingfu junzu buzzing in your ear day in and out), a lecherous misogynistic husband and his feral son.
    Apart from the treatment you’d get as the madam in monetary sense, everything else is F grade.

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