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GNU Ch 61 Part 3 – Marriage View (III)

It made no sense for Cheng Yujin to pave the way for the future crown princess at her expense. She said tactfully: “Of course, this is just my own idea. Small families are different from large ones. Whether it is a scholarly or noble family, property and wealth are accumulated from generation to generation. For them, the most important thing is stability. They don’t ask the descendants to bring glory to the family and ancestors. As long as they have the ability to protect the family foundation, it is best to choose an heir according to orthodox rule. So, the eldest di son is the most suitable. But for the family who is even higher…this little girl’s knowledge is limited, and doesn’t understand this matter.”

Cheng Yujin subtly clarified her position. No matter which son Cheng Yuanjing chooses as the heir in the future, she would not express any opinion. Cheng Yujin didn’t want to intervene, nor she dared to. Cheng Yujin didn’t know if Cheng Yuanjing heard her words or not, but when she scrutinized his expression, Cheng Yuanjing nodded half-distractedly and said: “I understand.”

Cheng Yujin was stunned. What did he understand? She didn’t mean anything!

Cheng Yuanjing managed to hear about Cheng Yujin’s comprehensive view on marriage and husband criteria, and what she wanted from the union. An idea formed in his mind. He himself was the eldest di son. Although his position as the crown prince was precarious, it was in his best interest to promote the orthodox rule of succession and protect the inheritance right of the eldest di son. In other words, in order to further strengthen Cheng Yuanjing’s own position, his future eldest son must be born from his wife, and be treated as the heir the moment the child was born.

Cheng Yuanjing felt that his and Cheng Yujin’s core values and interests were exactly matched, and they were very suitable to marry each other. This result made him very satisfied. Cheng Yuanjing stood up contentedly and said: “You can be at ease. Don’t worry about outside affairs. I’ll leave now.”

Cheng Yujin had to send Cheng Yuanjing out. She wanted to say something, but stopped herself at the last moment. She wanted to ask Cheng Yuanjing, what on earth did he mean by “I understand” just now? But Cheng Yujin couldn’t get herself to speak, and finally watched Cheng Yuanjing departing figure with a sigh.

Lian Qiao saw her Miss was staring at the Ninth Master’s back for a long time. She frowned secretly and asked with a low voice: “Eldest Miss?”

Cheng Yujin returned to her senses and quickly answered: “I’m fine. Let’s go back.”

Cheng Yumo’s marriage was considered to be climbing high. As the daughter of a declining marquis manor’s second branch, she married into the main branch of a prosperous marquis manor, and the person she married was still Marquis Jingyong, the new rising star whose ennoblement was personally taken care of by the emperor. No matter how people looked at it, Cheng Yumo’s marriage was very profitable.

The wedding at the Huo family’s side was very lively. A crowd of friends and relatives coming in and out like clouds. Many high-ranking officials and noble families came to attend the wedding banquet upon Huo Changyuan’s face. However, the liveliness at the Huo family was contrasted with the situation at the Cheng family.

Cheng Yumo was married during the mourning period. Although Cheng family used the excuse of following the Old Master’s dying wish, many people still considered it a great taboo. People with a close familial relationship were also in mourning and were unwilling to attend the banquet. Those with high ranking and status chose to attend the banquet at Huo family’s compound; there was no need to be so festive at a family who was still in mourning. Therefore, the bridal procession that sent Cheng Yumo from her natal family to the groom’s house was really very few.

Many of the good friends whom she was close to before married were reluctant to come. Using the excuse of inconvenience to travel, they only send gifts. One or two people, it didn’t matter. But when so many did the same, Cheng Yumo felt very sad.

On the day of the wedding, there were no particularly high-ranking guests on the female banquet side. Cheng Yujin also refused to come on the ground of observing the mourning. With no one to entertain the guests, the female side was very deserted. This was the wedding Cheng Yumo had expected for two lifetimes. But when she finally got her wish, the scene was not even as good as her previous life.

Cheng Yumo couldn’t help feeling a little lost. But sitting in the sedan chair and listening to the fanfare outside, Cheng Yumo quickly dissipated the negative feelings. She assured herself. This time, everything was different. She would accompany Brother Changyuan until old age, and there would never be a third person between them. Her life in the Jingyong Marquis manor would be bright and full of happiness.

After Cheng Yumo left for Jingyong Marquis manor, the busyness at Cheng family still hadn’t stopped. After the guests left, they had to clean the banquet hall, pack the plates and cups and utensils, check the gift lists, made a record, and put it into the warehouse. In short, everyone was very busy.

Three days passed in the hectic, and finally, it was the day of Cheng Yumo’s return to her natal family.

Early in the morning, Cheng Yujin sat in front of the dressing table and put on her makeup. A voice came from outside. Cheng Yujin glanced at the door and asked, “Who is coming?”

“It’s the servant girl from second Madam’s courtyard. She came to remind Miss to come earlier today. Second Miss will arrive soon.”

Du Ruo nudged Lian Qiao from the side and reminded her: “Still calling second miss? It’s second young lady now.”

Lian Qiao suddenly noticed her mistake. Cheng Yujin didn’t comment. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and suddenly said: “Change this head ornament. Don’t use any red.”

Lian Qiao was startled, “But, today is the second young lady’s return to the natal house. It would be festive outside. Miss is already wearing plain clothes; cannot you use brighter accessory?”

“She is a newlywed woman, and her clothes are naturally bright and lively. If I wear the same red, won’t I be suppressed by her? Since I cannot beat her in colors, just avoid it completely and focus on other aspects.”

Lian Qiao understood. She quickly worked together with Du Ruo to remove the ornaments from Cheng Yujin’s hair and select another set. After a while, Cheng Yujin looked at the new set with satisfaction. Wherever she, Cheng Yujin, was, no other person could the number one. No matter what occasion, she must be the most eye-catching person in the place.

Eldest Miss Cheng’s competitive desire was indeed very strong.


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    1. Well, im not. It is her to be blamed with all of this. You see, she is the one who push everything to be happen like what she want without restrain. She lived in her own delusion. She should be have no right to blame others if things went away from her expectation ( and im sure she will still blame it to yujin ). In short, im not sorry nor pity her. Not at all

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