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GNU Ch 72 Part 2 – The Emperor’s Grace (II)

The Emperor didn’t ask why Huo Changyuan’s wife had already been married while her elder sister was still unmarried. The Emperor didn’t care about such trivial matters. He asked enthusiastically: “Huo Changyuan, your wife is twins. Wouldn’t it be easy for her to give birth to twins children in the future?”

Cheng Yumo was extremely embarrassed. For a woman, these kinds of words were not a blessing, but a blatant pressure. Everyone looked forward to her giving birth to twin sons. But what if she gave birth to no twins?

Even Cheng Yujin lowered her head in silence, pretending to be non exist. Huo Changyuan was also very embarrassed. The Emperor had spoken, so he didn’t dare to not answer. But who could guarantee the matter of future children?

Huo Changyuan didn’t know what to say. Cheng Yuanjing couldn’t just stay silent on the side and finally had to interrupt with his calm voice: “Your Majesty, Marchioness Jingyong is a young girl who just came out from the boudoir and had a thin face. It’s not good to ask this kind of question.”

Cheng Yuanjing’s tone implied a warning, indicating that the Emperor was almost overstepping. When Huo Changyuan heard it, he turned at Cheng Yuanjing surprisedly.

Is Cheng Yuanjing crazy? He dares to speak to the Emperor like this?

Huo Changyuan was about to plead for Cheng Yuanjing’s rudeness, but he saw the Emperor smiled and didn’t pursue it anymore. Huo Changyuan became even more surprised. The Emperor was the honorable supreme ruler of the country, but actually was so kind in private?

Cheng Yujin watched silently. She fully understood Huo Changyuan’s mood at the moment. Of course the Emperor wasn’t so kind. He was not angry because the one who interrupted him was his own son. Changed to other people, if they dared to do the same, they might be kneeling in fear now.

The emperor saw that the time was almost up. He stood up and said: “You young people just continue admiring the garden. If Zhen is here, you cannot go anywhere. It is true that young people always want to serve the country, but the family has to come before the career.”

Cheng Yuanjing chuckled softly. It was evident to whom the Emperor was saying this.

After secretly urging his eldest son, the Emperor felt relaxed and walked away, surrounded by numerous servants and guards. After the Emperor left, the people in the pavilion no longer had the mood to admire the garden. Huo Changyuan hastily said a few words to Cheng Yumo before going outside.

When the Emperor walked into the roofed corridor, he looked back and saw the four people who had just come out of the pavilion. Huo Changyuan and his newly married wife were standing side by side, facing Li Chengjing and Cheng family’s eldest granddaughter on the other side.

After a few years of absence, Li Chengjing has grown taller and became more and more like an ideal crown prince. With the beautiful Eldest Miss Cheng next to him, they looked more like a couple than Huo Changyuan and his wife, the real married couple.

“Your Majesty?” One of the eunuchs whispered softly. The Emperor quickly returned to his sense. He withdrew his gaze and resumed his walk. Soon, the entire entourage disappeared from the sight.

On the other side, Cheng Yujin and Cheng Yuanjing also bid farewell to Huo Changyuan. Meeting the Emperor was not a trivial matter. Huo Changyuan had many things to discuss urgently with his confidants and had no time to waste. He quickly said: “Rendong, you go to escort Madam and Eldest Miss Cheng back. If you see my mother, say a word on my behalf.”

The servant boy called Rendong bowed his head. But Cheng Yuanjing interrupted: “Marquis Jingyong should take care of your wife. I will send eldest girl back.”

Huo Changyuan was startled: “There are many people inside. There are also many urgent matters regarding the meeting with the Emperor just now. Just let the sisters go back together.”

“I know.” Cheng Yuanjing nodded, “There are many people inside. That’s why I have to send her back personally.”

Cheng Yuanjing spoke calmly, but with an indisputable tone. Huo Changyuan looked back at Cheng Yuanjing for a while, but in the end, he said nothing: “Okay.”

Cheng Yumo watched Cheng Yuanjing and Cheng Yujin’s departing figure with envious eyes: “Ninth Uncle is so attentive. He even personally send eldest sister back.”

Huo Changyuan dismissed it with a sneer: “A real man stands upright with an indomitable spirit. With so many important affairs outside, how can he have such idle time to accompany a woman in the house? Before, I saw Cheng Yuanjing became an official at such a young age and thought he has great potential. Unexpectedly, he is no different than that feminine guy Xu Zhixian and indulges himself with a woman. In the future, he may accomplish nothing.”

A trace of disappointment flashed through Cheng Yumo’s eyes. She lowered her gaze and said: “Marquis is right. This wife knows the way back. How can I delay you? Marquis, you should hurry up and do your affairs.”

After walking for a while, Cheng Yujin saw that they were out of anyone’s ears and whispered to Cheng Yuanjing: “Ninth Uncle, I know the way back. You don’t have to send me. People are waiting for you. You should hurry.”

“It’s okay.” Cheng Yuanjing said, “They will wait for me anyway. Xiangji Temple is full of people of various ranks today. I have to personally send you back. Otherwise, I will be uneasy.”

Cheng Yujin knew Cheng Yuanjing’s character, so she didn’t persuade him further. Despite his cold demeanor, whether accompanying her to go shopping last time or sending her back this time, Cheng Yuanjing had always been patient and accommodating. He was clearly the dignified crown prince, but compared with those half-baked noble sons, he was much easier to get along.

After walking for a while, Cheng Yuanjing saw Cheng Yujin was not speaking and glanced at her amusedly: “What’s wrong? What are you thinking about?”

Cheng Yujin answered seriously: “I think that Ninth Uncle is benevolent and dignified, has high integrity and self-discipline, also gentle and patient with women, children, and old people. You will definitely be an excellent crown prince.”

Cheng Yuanjing’s people had cleared the surroundings, so Cheng Yujin wasn’t afraid of being overheard and spoke honestly. However, Cheng Yuanjing didn’t expect her to say this suddenly. After being stunned for a moment, he said: “Why are you saying this all of a sudden? What do you want now?”

Cheng Yujin had always been good at bootlicking, so Cheng Yuanjing naturally thought that she wanted something from him. However, Cheng Yujin still looked at him with the same earnest and bright eyes: “This is my true feeling. To have a crown prince like you is a blessing for me and all other people in this country.”

The corners of Cheng Yuanjing’s mouth tightened. Cheng Yujin had never been stingy with her words. Fortunately, she no longer pretended in front of him and had a bit of her true self revealed. But this was the first time she praised him so earnestly.

And unlike her usual flowery language full of winding rhetorics on the par with seasoned officials, she spoke very straightforwardly today. No one disliked being praised, especially by the woman they liked.

Cheng Yuanjing glanced at her slightly, and simply said: “Look on the road properly.”

However, his expression visibly softened. It seemed that his forbearance over the years, the hardship he endured late into the night day after day, suddenly had meaning. No wonder there was always a woman’s figure behind any highly accomplished man. Who could stand such soft tone, gentle words, and adoring eyes?


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  1. Cheng Yuanjing got his priorities right – the future wife must be escorted back personally 😉
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  2. I thought the fact they were twins was supposed to be secret to outsider/other than the immediate family people don’t know about it.

    I thought the Marqus only know they were sisters and not twins?

  3. Leave it to the FL to just absent mindedly flatter him to the high heavens without realizing it. The one time she wasn’t greasing her mouth for favors, he is gonna take it and roll all the way to the baizi.

  4. It’s good Ah Jing knows well his priorities. What if some guy try to steal his wife again?
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  5. Even the Emperor knows the true couple. I’d laugh if he wants FL as his son’s wife without knowing his son’s feelings.

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