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Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 75 Part 2 – New Year (II)

Thanks to Zhai Yanlin’s unexpected action, Cheng Yujin was now in a big dilemma. Old Madam Cheng was very satisfied with Cai Duke Manor. Cheng Min married the second young master of Cang Duke Manor, yet she was still considered to be marrying high. Although Cheng Min was not the duke manor’s head madam, her marriage was enough to make Old Madam Cheng proud. Now, her granddaughter had the opportunity to be the head madam of the more powerful and prestigious Cai Duke Manor. How could she be unwilling?

As for Zhai Yanlin had been married once and Cheng Yujin could only become the second wife, the Old Madam didn’t care at all. Anyway, the previous Duchess Cai was dead, what could a dead person do? Even if Zhai Yanlin already had a son and heir, Old Madam Cheng didn’t take it seriously.

Using the Old Madam’s words, one could achieve anything with effort. Even though Zhai Yanlin presently determined to pass the duke title to Zhai Qing, what about in the future? What if the eldest son grew up to be crooked and without talent, but the second son was particularly outstanding? What’s more, what if Zhai Qing never lived to reach adulthood?

There were too many variables in the future, and many could be controlled by human effort. Old Madam Cheng was very satisfied with Cheng Yujin. She wholeheartedly believed that as long as Cheng Yujin entered Zhai family’s gate, the rest of the matters would not be a problem.

If it was Cheng Yujin, she would be able to solve the problem quietly and perfectly.

As for whether her granddaughter would do well in such a difficult and malicious environment…this was not within Old Madam Cheng’s consideration. In her mind, which bride never suffered? Even Cheng Yumo, who married well, was also facing a harsh mother-in-law. As a second wife, it was normal for Cheng Yujin to meet difficulties.

Cheng Yujin laughed ironically. Both Old Madam Cheng and Zhai Yanlin really planned everything well. Zhai Yanlin knew that he couldn’t provide anything for Cheng Yujin, but still wanted to force her to marry him to be a free household manager and convenient stepmother. Old Madam Cheng was even more so. She didn’t care whether her granddaughter was dead or alive, as long as she gained enough profit. She even secretly hinted at Cheng Yujin to destroy or even kill the obstructing stepson, dreaming of sitting back and enjoying all the benefits without doing anything.

These two people, even if they were totally unrelated, their way of thinking was so similar.

Because Cheng Yujin had no right to speak, they were unscrupulous. Obviously selfish to the extreme, but still had to drape on the skin of morality and righteousness. It was a pity that Cheng Yujin was not a selfless Boddhisatva. If they wanted to make a deal with her, they must follow her rules.

What kind of gaming table was it without all sides putting on their chips? Both Zhai Yanlin and Old Madam Cheng thought too beautifully. Would Cheng Yujin really follow their intention?

Dream on.

Cheng Yujin quickly opened her eyes. Under the hustle and bustle of New Year’s Eve, she made the riskiest decision in her life.

Without entering the tiger’s den, one couldn’t get a tiger’s cub. She originally planned to play safely, slowly nurturing the feeling with Lin Qingyuan prior to engagement and marriage. But now, she no longer had the luxury of time.

New Year’s Eve was the time to say goodbye to the old and welcomed the new. On the first hour of the New Year, the whole family flocked with endless auspicious words to Old Madam Cheng, who smiled from ear to ear.

At this moment, Cheng Yujin arrived in Shou’an Hall silently, as if her absence just now had never happened. With a warm smile on her face, she gracefully gave New Year greetings to her grandmother and parents.

The first day of the new year was particularly lively. On the second day, the married daughters returned to visit their natal family, making Yichun Marquis Manor even more lively.

Cheng family was not particularly prosperous with descendants. In previous years, only Cheng Min alone returned. This year, there was also Cheng Yumo. The two married daughters came home bringing loads of gifts, with Cheng Min also brought her children together. After Cheng Min and Cheng Yumo arrived one after another, Yichun Marquis Manor suddenly became very lively.

The two sons-in-law talked with Cheng Yuanxian and Cheng Yuanhan in the front yard, while the womenfolks gathered in Shou’an Hall, chatting happily. When children gathered, the place immediately became even more festive. Cheng family’s children and Xu family’s cousins mingled together; clamoring, running back and forth, especially lively.

Old Madam Cheng smiled happily at the scene before her eyes. Perhaps all the elderly shared the same wish, looking forward to prosperous children and grandchildren under their knees. Old Madam Cheng was no exception.

Cheng Yujin was also present in Shou’an Hall. However, her situation today was still awkward. Cheng Min and Cheng Yumo were already married. As the visiting married daughters, they naturally became the center of attention. Moreover, the conversation topics among married women were completely different from that of girls who have not yet come out of the boudoir. Cheng Yujin listened to Cheng Min, Cheng Yumo, Qingfu, Ruan-shi, and the others talking about managing servants, arranging concubines, and other marriage affairs. Sitting here, Cheng Yujin was in a very awkward position. She wondered whether she had to move from the place or not.

But if she went to mingle with Xu Nianchun and other cousins, she wouldn’t feel at a place either. For many years, Cheng Yujin was a nightmare shared by all relatives and family friends of her generation. She was beautiful and had a perfect manner. She usually acted the role of the eldest sister and took care of her siblings and cousins. If now she went to other girls and join their talk, not only Cheng Yujin would feel awkward and unfamiliar, but Xu Nianchun and other girls would equally be so.

Moreover, Xu Zhixian also came today. Although he was a boy, he always liked to play with his sisters and young cousins. Now he was playing chess with Xu Nianchun on the front enclosed porch, surrounded by Cheng Enci and Cheng Enbi. If Cheng Yujin walked away from the adults’ gathering to seek out her peers, she was bound to meet Xu Zhixian.

At Cheng Yumo’s wedding, Xu Zhixian expressed his feeling to Cheng Yujin. She was very surprised and refused him firmly. Afterward, the two had never met again. Now they suddenly gathered in the same hall, and the situation was a bit embarrassing.


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Greetings, Ninth Uncle
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