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GNU Ch 76 Part 2 – Reunion (II)

Huo Changyuan watched Cheng Yuanxian making an accusation before rounding it up in an instant. Without others helping, he skillfully performed a one-person series of the complete process of being surprised, questioning, finding reasons, and finally rounding it all up.

Cheng Yuanxian clearly had done this exact process many times before.

Huo Changyuan was totally speechless. Cheng Yuanxian, the dignified Marquis-to-be and the supposed eldest brother, was so inferior in front of his youngest brother. Huo Changyuan couldn’t bear watching anymore, so he spoke to help: “Cheng Yuanjing, I heard that you didn’t come back for the New Year’s Eve? Did something happen at your official job?”

With Huo Changyuan’s initiative, the topic immediately shifted to officialdom, saving Cheng Yuanxian from further embarrassment. Cheng Yuanjing was blocked on the way. He endured his impatience and replied indifferently: “No. A personal affair.”

Now even Huo Changyuan was also a bit embarrassed. Cheng Yuanjing really cherished his words like gold, refusing even to say a single unnecessary word. Huo Changyuan had no choice but to take further initiative to say: “It’s not my turn to inquire about your personal affairs. Since you are back now, it’s good. Both the Old Madam and Uncle-in-law mentioned you several times in private. Now that you are finally back, they can finally rest assured.”

As soon as Huo Changyuan finished speaking, he immediately felt something was wrong. Just now, he thought how embarrassing Cheng Yuanxian was when making excuses for Cheng Yuanjing. But now, wasn’t he doing the same thing?

Huo Changyuan’s expression turned dark for a moment.

Cheng Yuanjing didn’t follow the conversation, and the scene instantly fell into a freezing silence. Huo Changyuan had saved the situation for Cheng Yuanxian, but unfortunately, no one saved him this time. Cheng Yuanhan also stared at Huo Changyuan with dissatisfaction.

Huo Changyuan this kid was truly ignorant. Cheng Yuanhan, his father-in-law, was still here, yet he spoke for Cheng Yuanxian. People who didn’t know would think that Cheng Yuanxian was Huo Changyuan’s real father-in-law!

The two groups stood in a stalemate, blocking the road in silence. For a long time, no one was speaking. Fortunately, at this time, Cheng Yumo’s voice came from the hall, followed by her rushing figure.

Old Madam Cheng’s residence was heated with a sophisticated earth dragon, making it warm throughout the day. Most of the windows were half-opened for ventilation and dispersing excess heat to prevent the temperature inside from overheating. When Cheng Yumo passed through the windows, she saw a familiar figure outside. In her joy, she rushed out like a startled butterfly.

“Marquis, you are here!”

Cheng Yumo didn’t bother to put on her cloak and rushed out impatiently. Once outside, the cold temperature immediately made her shiver. When Cheng Yuanhan saw it, he hurriedly called: “Mo’er, you aren’t wearing your cloak. Go back and put it on!”

Cheng Yumo ignored his father’s distress. She rushed to Huo Changyuan’s side and hugged his arm affectionately. In front of so many in-laws, Huo Changyuan couldn’t push Cheng Yumo away. He could only follow the situation and took Cheng Yumo into the long cloak he was wearing.

Cheng Yumo’s servant girls reacted one step late. They hurriedly ran out and yelled in panic, only to saw this scene. The servant girls stopped at the door, at a loss of what to do.

Ruan-shi heard that Cheng Yumo ran outside without wearing a cloak. Taken aback, she hurriedly chased after her daughter. Ruan-shi was carrying Cheng Yumo’s cloak in her hand, but after seeing the scene outside, she was startled for a moment before smiling immediately. Huo Changyuan was hugged by Cheng Yumo in public, but he didn’t scold her for being improper and instead covered her inside his own cloak, showing his deep love in front of everyone to see. Ruan-shi was very satisfied. She no longer rushed to deliver Cheng Yumo’s cloak. Instead, she said: “Second Master, Changyuan, are you finished talking? You are back in time. Just now, mother said that it is almost time to prepare the noon meal. Let’s come in. It is cold outside.”

When the servant girls in the building heard the movement outside, they leaned over the windows to take a look. They covered their mouths and secretly laughed. Even Cheng family’s men and second master Xu had a teasing look on their faces. Huo Changyuan was very embarrassed. In fact, he was not used to Cheng Yumo’s intimate action in public. Having Cheng Yumo glued herself to him in private was nothing, but Huo Changyuan felt extremely embarrassed when she kept doing it regardless of people’s eyes.

However, Cheng family was Cheng Yumo’s natal family after all. In the presence of so many in-laws, Huo Changyuan couldn’t push away their family’s daughter. He saw Ruan-shi standing on the steps with a bright smile, not showing the slightest intention to pass Cheng Yumo’s cloak over, clearly wanted him to keep hugging her daughter for longer. Helpless, Huo Changyuan took off his cloak and draped it on Cheng Yumo’s shoulders.

Soft waves of laughter came from the servant girls of both sides. Cheng Yuanjing was shown a couple’s public display of affection at such a close range. Before, he was too lazy to give these people a glance, but now, he felt a bit eyesore.

What was there to show off? Cheng Yujin had also worn his clothes before, and it wasn’t merely a cloak, but a coat.

However, it made Cheng Yuanjing wanted to see Cheng Yujin even more. At the end of last year, he was busy outside and forgot about New Year. It was not until the noon of New Year’s Eve that he was reminded by his attendants. But at that time, it was already too late to return to Yichun Marquis Manor. Cheng Yuanjing hurriedly finished the matters in his hands and immediately departed at the fastest speed.

He returned to Cheng family’s house, not because of his Cheng Yuanjing identity, nor was he acting for outsiders to see. He merely wanted to see Cheng Yujin.

Since he could remember, Cheng Yuanjing had never spent the New Year with a complete family. His mother passed away when he was three, and at six years old, he was also ‘dead.’ In the past, he never felt that New Year was more special than any other day. But this year, for some reason, he could no longer stand being alone.

When he finally returned, it was already the second day of the New Year. As soon as he was back, Cheng Yuanjing immediately went to see Cheng Yujin. After watching Huo Changyuan’s display of affection, Cheng Yuanjing somehow wanted to see Cheng Yujin even more.


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Translator’s note:

Cheng Yuanjing is like: when you do PDA everywhere, but don’t allow others to do the same…

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          She also thought that a man’s love and affection is too hard to obtain and maintain so she strives for the husband’s respect and the MIL’s good regard instead.
          She wants to marry someone rich and powerful so she cultivates her own skills and abilities to be worthy of such people.
          So much better than her sister who only brings “I’m cute and lively and I have a life saving grace and we are in love” to the table.

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