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GNU Ch 78 Part 2 – All Men Are Selfish (II)

Cheng Yuanjing’s mood had improved, but his face was still cold: “Then you tell me, what is your mistake?”

Cheng Yuanjing’s ability to control his expression was first-rate, and even Cheng Yujin didn’t realize that he was no longer angry. Seeing Cheng Yuanjing’s cold face, she thought that his anger hadn’t calmed down yet, so she seriously admitted her mistakes and didn’t dare to conceal anything: “I shouldn’t leave the main hall alone, I should have come out to greet Ninth Uncle, and I shouldn’t say that the two books are in my room.”

As Cheng Yujin spoke, she carefully observed Cheng Yuanjing’s reaction. Seeing that his face was still as cold as before, she could only bite the bullet and continued admitting her mistakes, and her voice gradually became smaller and smaller.

Cheng Yuanjing didn’t intend to let her go: “Just those three?”

Cheng Yujin bit her lip in secret. Why was Cheng Yuanjing so ruthless? Did he want to warn her not to target Lin Qingyuan? Cheng Yujin gritted her teeth and said: “I shouldn’t stop to talk with Compiler Lin. Compiler Lin is an outsider male, and I should avoid meeting him. I shouldn’t stay alone with him just because I want to ask about Ninth Uncle.”

Cheng Yuanjing really admired Cheng Yujin’s ability to make up excuses and spout nonsense in a very justifiable way. Like this, didn’t she mean that she was alone with Lin Qingyuan because she cared about him?

Seeing that Cheng Yuanjing still refused to say a word, Cheng Yujin leaned closer and held the hem of Cheng Yuanjing’s clothing: “Ninth Uncle.” Her voice was so weak and pitiful.

Cheng Yuanjing sighed and finally turned to look at her: “Don’t repeat it.”

“Yes.” Cheng Yujin smiled. Her eyes were bursting with dazzling light. Cheng Yuanjing lost his mind for a moment, until a soft chuckle returned him to his sense: “Ninth Uncle, Happy New Year. This year, everything will go well for you, and your wish will surely come true.”

Cheng Yuanjing couldn’t help smiling back: “So you remember.”

“Of course.” Cheng Yujin saw that Cheng Yuanjing was no longer angry, so she stopped kneeling and sat back on the chair. The two sat side by side, with Cheng Yuanjing was on the edge of the tea table. Cheng Yujin put her arms on the table casually; her posture was slim and graceful. She sighed regretfully: “Unfortunately, I am not the first person who gives Ninth Uncle the New Year’s greeting. Later, I must be the first one.”

Cheng Yuanjing glanced at Cheng Yujin and smiled. His Highness the Crown Prince always maintained the most correct posture and manner. Although his every detail was elegant and beautiful, he was always like an immortal separated from the mundane world. But now that he was smiling, there was something deep in his eyes that Cheng Yujin couldn’t comprehend, but finally gave him a humane touch.

Cheng Yujin couldn’t understand the look in Cheng Yuanjing’s eyes and was made even more puzzled by his next words, which seemed to be full of meaning: “You surely will be able to. There are more opportunities in the future.”

To be the first person who exchanged the New Year’s greeting in the middle of the night was surely couldn’t be done if they were separated by distance. Except, of course, if they were a couple who shared the same bed.

When Cheng Yuanjing’s seemingly meaningful smile fell on Cheng Yujin’s eyes, she instinctively sensed danger, and her back was unconsciously straightened up. Cheng Yuanjing received the most pleasing sentence of this New Year and was in a good mood. He reached out his hand to gently stroke Cheng Yujin’s hair and said: “Don’t make trouble. Let’s finish the previous matter first. What is going on?”

Cheng Yujin was busy thinking about the meaning of Cheng Yuanjing’s smile. As a result, she was suddenly told: “don’t make trouble.” Cheng Yujin was dumbfounded, and even forgot to care about Cheng Yuanjing’s hand that was messing with her hair: “The previous matter? Does Ninth Uncle mean the joke we were talking about earlier?”

Cheng Yujin began to fluster again. She thought that she had finally passed the matter smoothly. But His Highness suddenly told her not to make trouble?

Cheng Yuanjing smiled slightly and asked, “What’s the matter with the marriage proposal?”

Cheng Yujin was stunned. After a moment, she straightened her back and pursed her lips: “Nothing. Ninth Uncle doesn’t need to worry about the small matter in Cheng family.”

“Is it Zhai Yanlin?”

Cheng Yujin originally didn’t want to talk about it, but hearing the name from Cheng Yuanjing’s mouth, she opened her lips slightly and finally couldn’t help sighing helplessly: “Yes.”

Cheng Yuanjing carefully observed Cheng Yujin’s reaction. After a long time, he also sighed and patted Cheng Yujin’s head gently: “Since you are calling me Ninth Uncle now, I will naturally do my duty as an uncle to protect you. You are facing such a big crisis, but would rather tell Lin Qingyuan than asking for my help?”

“That’s not it.” Cheng Yujin quickly retorted. Seeing Cheng Yuanjing’s face, she sighed again: “It’s just that this kind of matter is unsightly. I still want to maintain a good image in front of Ninth Uncle. I really don’t want to bother you with such an unsightly matter.”

“It’s okay.” Cheng Yuanjing took the opportunity to steal another chance to stroke Cheng Yujin’s hair. While enjoying the touch, he still maintained a serious tone: “Since I already know, I naturally won’t ignore it. If you have any problem, just tell me directly.”

Cheng Yujin didn’t notice Cheng Yuanjing’s small action. Since she was a child, she had already been burdened by heavy duty and had never enjoyed the warm care of an elder. At this moment, in front of Cheng Yuanjing’s genuine care and upright words, she was very touched and finally started to talk: “It’s actually nothing. The previous time I disciplined Zhai family’s little shizi in the garden, it happened to be seen by Duke Cai. Ninth Uncle was also there and knew the situation at that time.”

Cheng Yuanjing nodded. Cheng Yujin continued: “Later, in Xiangji Temple, Old Madam Zhai came to chat with grandmother and happened to meet me there. She spoke about how their family lacks a head madam to discipline the shizi, and my condition was just right. I was also without a marriage contract, and so Old Madam Zhai wanted to marry me to Duke Cai as his second wife. Afterward, I met Duke Cai in the garden. I didn’t want to enter such muddy water like the Zhai family, so I took the initiative to clearly explain my stance to Duke Cai. I thought I had made it clear to him. Unexpectedly, Duke Cai still expressed his intention to marry me to grandmother. Grandmother fancies this marriage. After knowing about the matter from mother, I went to persuade grandmother, but she turned a deaf ear on me.”

Because the person facing her was Cheng Yuanjing, Cheng Yujin didn’t hide her unwillingness and Cheng family’s calculation. After Cheng Yuanjing listened to Cheng Yujin’s narrative, he squinted his eyes slightly.

He didn’t even know that Cheng Yujin had met Zhai Yanlin on the Xiangji Temple garden that day. It seemed that he needed to add some personnel to Cheng Yujin. As for Zhai Yanlin this messy person, he naturally would deal with him.

After finally vented out the problem that troubled her these few days, Cheng Yujin loosened a bit. She gritted her teeth and complained: “Duke Cai truly has no credibility! At Xiangji Temple that day, I clearly explained all my thoughts to him. He cannot give me what I want, and I also don’t want to become what he wants. Isn’t it the best that we separate ways peacefully? Yet he went back on his words and directly went to grandmother.”

Cheng Yujin’s teeth were itchy with anger. Cheng Yuanjing listened to her rant in silence. His fingers gently fiddled with a strand of loose hair from her hairdo.

“Yujin, not everything in the world is reasonable.” Cheng Yuanjing looked at her deeply. “Especially men. All men are selfish. Seeing beautiful things, they only think about plundering, occupying, possessing. Even if you argue with one hundred reasons, they still couldn’t resist their selfish intention.”

Cheng Yujin looked at him dumbfoundedly. Cheng Yuanjing suddenly smiled: “No one is an exception.”

Men were all selfish. No one was an exception.

Including him.

The only difference was that he was more powerful than Zhai Yanlin.


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27 thoughts on “GNU Ch 78 Part 2 – All Men Are Selfish (II)”

  1. Lol he really admits that he is no different. I mean atleast he isn’t one of those hypocritical self righteous MLs. Btw thanks for the translation.

  2. Lol he admits he’s the same atleast unlike the hypocritical self righteous MLs. I mean he knows what he wants and who he is so thats a plus.

  3. Many thanks
    Well… At least he’s honest. But like… He’s scary. I’d rather him be the emotionless guy from the first few chapters. XD I’m also surprised he didn’t ask her want she wants but just automatically assumes he can provide it for her. Le sigh. He already knows she had her own mind and yet here he is scheming against her. Usually I find couples at odds entertaining. I’m just not sure why their relationship is throwing me off. Maybe it’s cause he’s taking advantage of her and expects her to make the first move (since that had been what she’s doing with others) but doesn’t bother to make a stand for her to break current stereotypes? Like he expects her to break the mold by acting, but he doesn’t want to break the mold as a person who is in a higher position?? Idk lol

    Oops got a little ranty. Sorry

    1. I bet he thought to mould her to like the kind of life he would provide. He chose to ignore Yujin’s desire for comfortable and simpler life, he saw Yujin having great potential to survive and win in muddier water such as the Palace, and that time Yujin would come to like such life with him.
      He also recognised it as his own selfishness. Not bad, this ML had self-awareness.

    2. Nah, the way I see it he understands her very well.
      She already told him that she doesn’t care much about feelings, that her objective in life is finding a rich and powerful husband. He knows that likes power and wants absolute control inside the courtyard. He also observed that she is a great actress, has fun manipulating others, and likes to portray herself as the best woman of her generation because she always strived to be the model of her peers. Who is the biggest model of the world at the time? Who had the most wealth and the most powerful husband? Who had the nominal authority of controlling the harem? The empress.
      He also expressed that a crown princess shouldn’t worry about anything other than dressing pretty and living well. He is not the kind of men who blames or believes that the incompetence of a husband is the fault of a woman. And he also sees himself as very competent.
      He also listened to her speaking about her views of dedicating herself to the husband only if she and her offsprings are the one to bear the rewards. He even remarked that they thought the same. It’s implied that he will make sure that she has the first Di son, at the least.
      All in all, it makes a lot of sense why he thinks he is the best match for her. We can even say that he is being very considerate.
      The only problem so far is that he can’t say clearly what he wants from her, can only imply — it’s an educational and cultural thing for him as the crown prince. He is implying even more strongly here. But she has not understood it yet.

  4. Men ah, whenever it comes to a prey that they are guarding, they can never be too straightforward nor lax.

    Cheng Yujin ah, Cheng Yujin.. Hehehe
    I wonder what her reaction would be once she realises that while she was looking for a husband, a certain Crown Prince has already laid claim on her..

  5. Well, he’s very honest and he knows himself well, so good job? Lol.
    He definitely feels something for her and he knows that Yujin is prolly the most practical person in the world so he needs to make sure that she chooses him.
    I think the mentality of the characters here are very much in line with their times and that’s one of the strong points of this story.

    Thanks for the update!

  6. i found it that since yesterday, lot of commentator commenting how ninth uncle bla bla bla and bla bla bla. i know that its ur opinion and you guys had a very right to speak up.. while my opinion is.. cant we just sit back and read this story with relax and laid back attitude? the author should have her reason to create this character and the translator also worked hard to deliver this beautiful story to us reader. if the development is not cater to ur cup of tea, just drop it once and for all.

    1. Hear hear!

      I get that people seem to think the ideal ML would recognize she wants a simple, comfortable life and then… I guess abandon the entire idea of pursuing her in order to benevolently watch her marry someone low-level, provincial official? Wait, that’s not an ML in a romance, that’s the role of the second ML.

      Seriously, if you aren’t into high-handed, arrogant MLs that selfishly pursue the FL then CNovels are not for you.

      1. You can like a story (or any form of art) and also criticize it. It doesn’t mean you like/enjoy it any less when you think critically about. It even makes it more fun because you are following along the with subtleties and development of the characters and the story. It shows that people are paying attention to what they’re reading. Being a fan doesn’t mean you have to like/agree with everything in the story. If you want to be laidback while reading this, that’s your prerogative, however, the people that leave comments are also having fun reading the story- just in a different way.

  7. That pit our Jin’er fell into is growing more and more and she didn’t even realize that she fell.
    It’s good that he at least has self- awareness.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

  8. Thanks for the chapter. A typo error in Paragraph 9 — ” Cheng Yujin lost his mind for a moment, until a soft chuckle returned him to his sense: “Ninth Uncle, Happy New Year. “. Do you mean Cheng Yuanjing>,

  9. Ah, at least we get rid of the nasty Duke!! Yay for that, bye bye Duke, you won’t be missed.
    Love our mc, she’s so quick witted… well, until our awkward crown prince comes and blows up her plans 🙄😅🙈

  10. I like how much of a foil the ML is to Yujin’s personality. Like, as much as everyone detests him for being like this, he’s already leagues above other men in that era to even acknowledge his flaws while not forcing the FL so aggressively. Yes, playing mind games until it’s checkmate and forcibly locking her into a marriage by abusing his right as a man to just have her marry against his will are different things. Less or of two evils at least.

    Not only has he considered his qualifications to be perfectly within the specifications for the FL, which probably another reason why he’s so righteous in seeing that no other man can compare, he also isn’t ashamed to admit he’s no better than those but at least he can at least keep that promise of stability the FL wants.

    And the people’s concern over the harem probably don’t know that there’s a way around it by having both the government and military power in the hands of the emperor alone. Harems are purely made to build ties like any other marriage in ancient china. If ML can grasp both government and military in one go, he has no need for concubines or even an imperial consort and can have the FL as the empress with her son as the reigning crown prince with no muddy competition. Though, that’s an idealized state, but given the ambition of the ML to meet her specifications, I don’t doubt he’d go that far to secure her and her childs role so she has no complaints within that marriage option.

    1. I absolutely agree with what you said.

      Most importantly, Yujin is now used to seeking Yuanjing and being with him. Since he started going out of the manor, she repeatedly missed him and as soon as she realised her grandmother wouldn’t give up the marriage idea between her and the duke, her first thought was to look for the Crown Prince. Like Shen Miao, who’s always been independent, she finally found a man she could rely on, subconsciously even.

      I don’t think there will be any forcing in Yujin marrying the Crown Prince, she’s already got feelings for him, though she can’t exactly interpret them, since she’s never been loved before or loved anybody in return.

    2. Actually they already discussed what she’s looking for in her mariage previously and it seems that he’s planning to give it to her.

      1. They complement each other so well. That is the sole reason his behavior is tolerable in this story.
        Honestly speaking, Yujin would never be able to feel completely free with any of the other male leads (not Lin Qingyuan, Xu Zhixian, Huo Changuyan and specially not Zhai Yanlin) she would reach a level of contentment being the perfect wife/mother/household manager and putting up a front her whole life for everyone around her. And that’s it. Strictly speaking, there is nothing wrong with that and in ancient times I’m sure that is already a dream for many women.
        However, being with the ML who she already relies on and trusts more with the thornier sides of her, who deeply understands the loneliness she feels and the struggles she suffers daily in her family, who sees her manipulations and schemes but still chooses to indulge her and, more importantly, who has the power to give her exactly what she wants is the perfect endgame for someone like Yujin.
        This type of dynamic is about the cold, logical but affection starved FML and the dependable, selfish but doting ML. Which I love.

  11. I so much like that both our MCs are shown deliberately imperfect, in a way often villains are, not heroes of a story. They even acknowledge their own imperfections, thus looking more humane to us.

  12. To be the first person who exchanged the New Year’s greeting in the middle of the night was surely couldn’t be done if they were separated by distance. <– was surely couldn't be done? maybe delete "was"…?

  13. I know you all want Cheng Yujin to have her dream. But. Truly, no man in that would appreciate her once they realise They are being manipulated. Only one to know Cyj’s manipulations and tricks and still is attracted to all of her is the CP.
    It’s great to want a man like Compiler Lin but he would resent CYJ once he comes to know her true self

  14. I would be mad if someone says that to me. What if there’s someone more beautiful? What about when I get old? What if something happens and I don’t look the same as before?

  15. He should have just told her to wait for him but no he is ohhh so high CP but mc is being a scheming bitxh as well although she is just doing it to get out of muddy water but nobody like to be schemed like this

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