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GNU Ch 79 Part 1 – Making it up to Her (I)

Cheng Yujin fell silent for a long time. She knew that she was too naive. She thought that if she rejected Zhai Yanlin, he would weigh the pros and cons, and finally retreated. But what if he didn’t? Zhai Yanlin was more powerful than the entire Yichun Marquis Manor, and his words held much more importance to the Cheng family than hers, a mere eldest miss. If he shed all pretense of cordiality and insisted on marrying Cheng Yujin, even if she was unwilling, what could she do?

The gap between the strong and the weak was too far. What’s more, her action might be backfiring this time. She rejected Zhai Yanlin so mercilessly, which anger him and made him deliberately wanted to marry her for revenge. After marriage, there were too many ways for a man to make a woman’s life miserable.

When Cheng Yujin heard about Zhai Yanlin’s proposal from Qingfu Junzhu, she was vaguely aware of her mistake. Now after Cheng Yuanjing pointed it out to her, she found herself too naive and ridiculous. She actually thought that she could convince Duke Cai by herself. In front of the absolute strength, what value did fairness and reason hold?

Seeing Cheng Yujin fell into silence, Cheng Yuanjing could feel her depression. He sighed slightly and reached out to straighten her hairpin: “You don’t have to blame yourself. You are still young, and you don’t understand men’s despicable thoughts. It’s normal.”

Cheng Yujin shook her head, “In the end, all of this happens because I am too weak. I have no idea what to do. Even if I got the news beforehand, I am still powerless to resist.”

Cheng Yuanjing was silent for a moment: “Actually, you can tell me.”

Cheng Yujin shook her head again. Her expression seemed to be indifferent, and she replied instantly: “Ninth Uncle’s identity is unusual, how can I always trouble you with my problems? After all, this happens because of my lack of thinking.”

Cheng Yuanjing’s smile faded. He looked at Cheng Yujin sternly and suddenly said: “Why not?”

Cheng Yujin was startled. She looked up at Cheng Yuanjing, unable to understand why he was suddenly angry again. Cheng Yuanjing stared deeply into Cheng Yujin’s eyes. After a long time, his displeasure finally turned into helplessness: “Forget it. You don’t have to worry about this problem. I will take care of it.”

Cheng Yujin frowned, obviously was not convinced: “Really?”

“If I let you try to solve it alone, maybe you will make the situation even more complicated.” Finished speaking, Cheng Yuanjing flicked Cheng Yujin’s forehead lightly. “Stop thinking about those messy ideas of yours. Wait obediently, I will solve it all.”

If His Highness the Crown Prince really lent a hand, his was obviously much more powerful than Cheng Yujin’s. She had no reason to disagree. Cheng Yujin glanced at the sun. It had been a long time since she left Shou’an Hall, and should be about time for the noon meal. Cheng Yujin reminded Cheng Yuanjing, and the two got up. When they walked out, Cheng Yuanjing asked, seemingly nonchalantly: “Do you mind that a man is older than you?”

Cheng Yujin thought that Cheng Yuanjing was referring to Zhai Yanlin, and immediately nodded vigorously: “Of course. The man is obviously very old, but still wants to marry a 15 years old girl. With his age, he can be an elder, yet still coveting a young girl. Moreover, he even uses his authority to force the girl to marry him. I hate this kind of person the most.”

Cheng Yujin very smoothly set up Zhai Yanlin’s position as far as possible from herself. She thought Cheng Yuanjing would be relieved, but when she looked up, she found Cheng Yuanjing’s expression had turned cold again, seemingly was upset.

What’s happen? Did she say something wrong? Cheng Yujin was utterly confused.

Cheng Yuanjing initially just wanted to test Cheng Yujin’s attitude casually, but didn’t expect to get such a response from her. He was five years older than Cheng Yujin. Although the age gap was not too much, he was more mature than his peers and held much higher authority. Coupled with his relationship with Old Master Cheng, he was actually one generation older than Cheng Yujin.

Cheng Yujin’s each and every word just hit the bullseye and perfectly fit Cheng Yuanjing’s situation. After Cheng Yuanjing learned about Cheng Yujin’s opinion, his mood became very complex, and the aura around him gradually turned colder.

Cheng Yujin had no idea, so she asked cautiously: “Ninth Uncle, what’s the matter with you?”

“Nothing.” Cheng Yuanjing replied shortly. “Let’s go to eat first.”

“Oh.” Cheng Yujin responded in a low voice. She couldn’t understand why Cheng Yuanjing was angry again. His patience seemed to be exceptionally poor, and he was always so easy to get angry. Sure enough, no one liked to be troubled. His Highness must be irritated that she always troubled him with her problems.

Although His Highness did tell her to talk to him anytime she needed help, she should keep a distance and tried not to bother him too much.

The two walked in silence, passing through several small gates and pathways. Halfway, when they passed through a roofed corridor, a gust of wind blew fiercely. The corridor was narrow and relatively closed, and the wind blowing through it was very strong. Cheng Yujin’s cloak was blasted by the wind. She quickly pressed her hood and turned her head to avoid the wind. When Cheng Yuanjing saw it, he moved forward and blocked the wind for her.

Cheng Yujin tidied her cloak and whispered softly: “Thank you, Ninth Uncle.”

Cheng Yuanjing waited for her to finish before moving forward. The two had just walked a few steps when Cheng Yuanjing suddenly asked: “The 20th of the twelfth month is your birthday?”

Cheng Yujin paused in surprise and replied quickly: “Yes.”

Cheng Yuanjing asked in a heavy tone: “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Cheng Yujin didn’t seem to expect Cheng Yuanjing to ask this kind of question. She was stunned for a moment and couldn’t help but chuckle: “Why should I mention this kind of trivial matter? Ninth Uncle, where did you hear about my birthday?”

Cheng Yuanjing knew she detested hearing Huo Changyuan’s name, so he skipped the detail and casually said: “I heard it just now. Did the manor celebrate your birthday?”


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12 thoughts on “GNU Ch 79 Part 1 – Making it up to Her (I)”

  1. Thank you so much for the chapter. I can’t wait to read how Yuanjing flick this Zhai Yanlin housefly away. This chapter is also funny in that Yuanjing is trying to get Yujin to rely on him as the prince on the white horse while our dear Yujin is thinking he is so temperamental and that she should stay away and not bother him…. total backfire!!.

  2. I hope he will think better about her answer and don’t impose himself to her.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!

    1. “Of course. The man is obviously very old, but still wants to marry a 15 years old girl. With his age, he can be an elder, yet still coveting a young girl. Moreover, he even uses his authority to force the girl to marry him. I hate this kind of person the most.”

      YES! Bullseye. He deserves it. I don’t care if he’s the high-spec male lead. Using one’s power to force someone to marry is scummy. Period.

      She constantly has to monitor his mood and cater to it because he is in a position of power. That’s gross.

      Moreover, he’s not being upfront with her about his intentions, hasn’t proven that he will look out for her in the long term, and yet gets angry with her for trying to solve her own problems. He somewhat self-aware about this but still.

      I hope he will respect her wishes.

      Thank you for translating, koffeam

  3. Isn’t 15 years old usually got the coming-of-age ceremony? Anyway, maybe different period reference from author.

    1. the age difference is just 5 years😅 when fl just 1yo, the uncle come to cheng manor for the first time at the age 6.

  4. even though he is not so different from other men, I appreciate his effort of trying to accommodate her and her needs, discreetly inquiring about her thoughts about men, and checking if he fits the criteria…
    and frankly speaking in those times these kind of men were rare as they were raised since childhood being told they were god’s gift to women and that there is no way he would not be wanted and he need not think about women only about his career, a pretty wife to take of his house, children and elders is enough, and about how she suffers, it has nothing to do with him, it is the woman’s fault for not adjusting properly and not following virtues.
    so even though he admitted he is no different from other men, I appreciate his efforts to chase after the woman he likes in a manner that wouldn’t frighten her.

  5. If crown prince can’t handle his shit and confess then I will drop this novel, the mc is good but the ml

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