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GNU Ch 83 Part 1 – To Make Clear (I)

When Cheng Yujin opened her eyes again, she was lying inside a canopied bed. She looked around. The curtains hanging around the bed were closed down. The drapery above her head was outlined with exquisite embroidery of butterflies and peonies, and the brocade sheet under her body was very soft and warm. Cheng Yujin moved her arm slightly. When the servant girl outside the curtain heard the movement, she gently opened the bed curtain and walked in: “Miss, are you awake?”

It was Du Ruo. Seeing the familiar face, Cheng Yujin secretly sighed in relief. She tried to sit up, and Du Ruo quickly stepped forward to support her.

“What time is it now?”

“The third quarter of the hour of the sheep (1:30 pm).”

So it was already the afternoon of the next day. She actually slept for so long. Cheng Yujin felt her throat hurts, her limbs weak, and her head dizzy. It seemed that yesterday’s incident was going to make her ill for a while.

Cheng Yujin sat up with Du Ruo’s support and saw that her clothes had also changed.

Du Ruo noticed Cheng Yujin’s line of sight and said, “Miss, you don’t have to worry. It was this servant and Lian Qiao who changed your clothes for you. When we arrived, Miss had fainted of exhaustion. It was Ninth Master who sent us here. After changing his clothes and ordered us servants to take good care of Miss, Ninth Master left. Ninth Master’s people had prepared everything, including hot water. This servant and Lian Qiao wiped Miss’ body with a hot towel, then helped you changed into brand new clothes. Afterward, an imperial physician came and took your pulse. He left a prescription to dispel the cold. Lian Qiao was now in the kitchen, supervising the kitchen staff to boil the medicine.”

Du Ruo meticulously explained everything that happened after Cheng Yujin fainted. Afterward, she put a soft pillow behind Cheng Yujin’s waist and sighed: “This servant was originally surprised at the timely manner in which the imperial physician appeared. Later, this servant learned that the imperial physician has long since arrived in the front yard and was waiting for us to finished changing Miss’ clothes. Ninth Master is really a capable person. Everything in this courtyard has been arranged even before we arrived. Otherwise, just waiting for the earth dragon to be heated and hot water to be ready will take a long time. Miss was still wearing wet clothes at that time, how could you wait for so long?”

After Du Ruo said that, Cheng Yujin realized that this warm bedroom had no charcoal brazier. It turned out that an earth dragon was used. Cheng family was a noble marquis. Still, in their manor, only the Old Madam’s residence was heated by an earth dragon. Other courtyards, including Qingfu Junzhu’s, had to use charcoal braziers for the winter. Cheng Yujin had previously sighed with envy. Being the Old Madam was so good; her life was much more comfortable than others in the family. But, unexpectedly for Cheng Yujin, she actually received the same treatment so soon.

An earth dragon was truly different than a normal brazier. The room was warmed evenly, and even the floor was slightly warm. With a brazier, even when using the best charcoal, the room would be filled with a smoky smell, and the area near the brazier would be dry and scorching. But there was no such thing with an earth dragon. Of course, the cost of fuel needed was also several-fold higher than a brazier.

As expected of the crown prince’s private residence. Even if this house was only one of Cheng Yuanjing’s various properties, it was very luxurious.

Cheng Yujin put down her hand and leaned comfortably on the soft pillow. The room was as warm as spring, which made her body felt refreshed. Although her head was still a bit dizzy, she felt much better than yesterday. Cheng Yujin’s eyes swept across the room. She could see that this room had been unoccupied for a long time. The appliances looked brand new and cold with no human touch. However, all necessities were ready, and the room lacked nothing.

After taking a look, Cheng Yujin retracted her gaze and asked Du Ruo: “What is the situation outside? Has the manor been informed about my situation? How about mother and second aunt?”

Du Ruo shook her head and answered slowly: “This servant doesn’t know. After we arrived here, this servant has never left Miss’ side. Even the clothes and hot water were brought by Ninth Master’s people. This servant and Lian Qiao haven’t gone out even once.”

So they were unable to go out. This situation could be said to be unexpected, but it also wasn’t surprising at all. Cheng Yujin tried to move her body. Then, feeling that her strength had recovered quite a bit, she ordered Du Ruo: “Help me change my clothes. I cannot always wear only a middle shirt.”

Du Ruo replied as she carefully helped Cheng Yujin up: “When Miss was sleeping, Ninth Master’s people sent five or six sets of clothes from outside. You are free to choose the one you like.”

Even though Cheng Yuanjing’s private residence had almost everything ready, there was no way that they would have prepared women’s clothing. A middle shirt was okay. As long as it was brand-new, Cheng Yujin could still barely wear it even if it wasn’t hers. But outer clothes must be brought from another place.

When Cheng Yujing thought about this, she finally realized that something was not right. Her eyes fell on the clothes she wore, and she found out that the sleeves were a bit long and the shoulder area was loose. Inner clothes were designed to be loose, so Cheng Yujin didn’t pay attention until now. But Du Ruo’s words reminded her of these peculiarities.


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  1. Ooooh if only Cheng Yuanjing can see how seductive and innocent she looks in his clothes 😉

  2. chinesefanreader

    Did he already have this room and clothes prepared for her🤔?

    Thanks for the chapter 🙃

  3. What is this earth dragon? I couldn’t find it in Google. Is it placed below the floor? What is it made of?

    1. In one of previous chapters it was mentioned that

      Earth dragon: Traditional Chinese floor heating system. A hole was dug on the ground outside to burn fire, and the heat was transmitted into the rooms via underground passages called earth dragon.

      Some related links I found when I was interested in what is that:



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