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GNU Ch 87 Part 3 – Two Edicts (III)

The Crown Prince whom the imperial court and Emperor had been looking for for many years actually had been living in the capital all this time. Without anyone noticing a thing, he passed the imperial examination and became an official. This twist and turn were even more bizarre than the plot of folk operas. People talked about it with great relish, and in no time, the story had spread wide and far.

Cheng Yujin repeatedly pondered the differences between the two lives and found that all the tracks were the same until the event in Xiangji Temple. In the previous life, she was not led to the garden by Zhai Yanlin and didn’t witness the ‘accidental’ encounter between the emperor and the Crown Prince.

After that, things were different. After returning from Xiangji Temple in the previous life, Cheng Yuanjing received a transfer order to a post outside the capital and never returned. After another six months, the agents tasked by the Emperor to find the Crown Prince over the years finally found the person.

In this life, Cheng Yuanjing also went out after Xiangji Temple, but the reason was to visit friends, not by a transfer order. It might be that father and son had a little disagreement in this life, so they choose a vague reason as a middle ground. It stood to reason that ‘Cheng Yuanjing’ should have faded out of everyone’s sight during this period, but for some reason, he appeared at the door of Cheng family’s manor on a cold morning on the second day of the New Year.

Then, he rescued her on the Lantern Festival, and immediately afterward, the Emperor declared that Cheng Yuanjing was the missing Crown Prince.

Cheng Yujin sighed for a long time. If one must compare, it was obvious that the Crown Prince’s appearance this time was much more dazzling and brilliant. The imperial examination was tantamount to a multitude of troops crossing a single-plank bridge multiple times. The Crown Prince could pass such a hellish ordeal and became a jinshi at a young age without noticing his identity. Obviously, this kind of story was very popular among common folks, especially grassroots scholars. He had also worked as an official for a few years, his performance was remarkable, and he had won himself a huge reputation. This situation was much better than the previous life, on which the Crown Prince was found living among the common people as a nobody.

Of course, since he won the favor of so many people, he had to sacrifice some other things, such as Yang family’s face. Now, the Empress Dowager in the palace was certainly not in a good mood.

But the Crown Prince and Yang family were originally enemies. From the beginning, only one of them was destined to live in the end. There was no difference between being moderately hated or greatly hated by an enemy. Compared with the great popularity Li Chengjing gained from this operation, the Yang family’s mood was simply not worth mentioning.

Cheng Yujin sighed. No matter what, she should congratulate Cheng Yuanjing for getting what he wanted. Watching the birth of a legend in real time truly couldn’t be compared to accidentally catching a glimpse of previous life’s memory.

Lian Qiao saw that Cheng Yujin was surprised at first, then her face became solemn. After a moment of contemplation, she sighed in delight before immersing herself in deep thoughts for a long time. Lian Qiao stood quietly without interrupting. A thought suddenly popped up in Lian Qiao’s mind. Her Miss didn’t seem to be shocked at all when hearing that the missing Crown Prince was actually Ninth Master, nor did she look surprised. She accepted the fact calmly, as if this was a matter of course.

Lian Qiao could not help but remember further. When Old Master was still alive, her Miss jumped through the Old Master’s window to secretly listen to the conversation between Old Master and Ninth Master. Was it perhaps that she already knew…no, she had to stop. She shouldn’t think further.

After Cheng Yujin thought for a moment, she suddenly felt that Cheng Yumo’s fate was truly excellent. In this life, the Crown Prince was found in the Cheng family. Borrowing this limelight, Cheng Yumo should be able to have a very comfortable life afterward. She was indeed very lucky.

However, this benefit was mutual. In the future, Cheng Yujin could also enjoy the benefits brought by the Crown Prince’s identity. Moreover, she even had a vested interest, so she wouldn’t be jealous of Cheng Yumo.

Lian Qiao saw that after Cheng Yujin finished scooping the story about the Crown Prince’s return in detail, she stopped talking and bowed her head to sip her porridge. Lian Qiao deliberately concealed the biggest explosion and had been holding it back for a long time. Seeing that Cheng Yujin didn’t ask anymore, she finally said aggrievedly: “Miss, this servant just said that she brought back two news, didn’t she? Why don’t you ask what the second news is?”

“Huh?” Cheng Yujin was very surprised, “With your temperament, how can you hold back for so long? I thought it was already all.”

Lian Qiao showed a complicated expression. As she spoke again, there was aggrievance mixed with beaming pride on her face: “Miss, you will definitely regret it if you don’t ask.”

Cheng Yujin had no choice but to follow up: “What is the second news?”

After Cheng Yujin finished speaking, she lowered her head to stir the almond porridge again. Lian Qiao suddenly had a headache. Who on earth made this porridge today? Why did Miss seem to like it so much?

But Lian Qiao’s excitement still overwhelmed everything. She quickly opened her mouth again, “Miss, besides the edict to grant tax exemption, there is also a marriage edict! The two imperial edicts are announced simultaneously, and notices are posted everywhere next to the major city gates. You see, the Emperor has bestowed a marriage edict between you and the Crown Prince, and you will be titled Crown Princess after the marriage.”

After Lian Qiao finished speaking, Du Ruo gasped in shock. Lian Qiao was very satisfied with this reaction. She stared at Cheng Yujin intently, waiting for Cheng Yujin’s response.

However, Cheng Yujin’s reaction was very bland. She just said “Oh,” flatly and then put some already-cold porridge into her mouth. She thought to herself. After Cheng Yuanjing, oh no, after Li Chengjing regained his status, it was natural for him to marry a Crown Princess. There didn’t seem to be a girl of the right age in the Yang family, but there were many candidates in other influential noble families. There were also daughters of powerful ministers. The choice was abundant. She wondered who did Li Chengjing choose…

Cheng Yujin didn’t realize that she actually hated this topic. That’s why she was inattentive and didn’t catch the most important keywords in time. After a while, she suddenly realized something was wrong.

Wait, what did she hear just now?

Cheng Yujin suddenly coughed. The porridge got stuck in the trachea, causing her tears to come out. But Cheng Yujin didn’t have time to bother about such a trivial thing. She grabbed Lian Qiao’s hand and asked hurriedly: “What did you just say? Who is the Emperor bestowing the marriage to?”

This news was indeed too shocking.


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