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GNU Ch 88 Part 1 – Crown Princess (I)

Cheng Yujin coughed hard. Seeing this, her two servant girls were shocked and hurriedly stepped forward to give her water.

Cheng Yujin never expected to hear her own name out of a sudden while listening to gossip. When she finally calmed down, she no longer cared about other news. Her first sentence was to ask hurriedly: “What did you just say, who is the Emperor bestowing marriage to?”

Lian Qiao and Du Ruo exchanged a glance and replied in a low voice: “Bestowing the marriage between the Crown Prince and Yichun Marquis Manor’s eldest di daughter surnamed Cheng, named Yujin, as the Crown Princess. The imperial edict has been posted, and now people in the whole capital are talking about it.”

Du Ruo was more stable than Lian Qiao. Although she was very shocked at first, after a retrospect, she found the situation actually was not that surprising. Ninth Master’s relationship with their Miss had always been exceptional. Except for Ninth Master, Du Ruo had never seen their Miss be so affectionate to any man or even anyone else.

If Ninth Master was not of Cheng family’s blood, then there was nothing wrong with him marrying Miss. It was all logical and understandable.

Cheng Yujin couldn’t calm down. She was dumbfounded for a long time; her brain totally messed up.

Although Lian Qiao loved to joke around, she was not ignorant. Besides, who in the world would dare to make this kind of joke? Unless they no longer wanted to live.

Cheng Yujin didn’t know whether she should be shocked to find that Cheng Yuanjing had chosen a woman without a helpful family background as his Crown Princess or whether she should be more shocked to find herself as the future Crown Princess.

Neither Cheng Yujin nor Cheng family would ever dream of this.

When Cheng Yujin first learned Cheng Yuanjing’s real identity, she was both shocked and surprised. Yet, she had never once thought of him as a husband candidate. She deliberately approached him, carefully trying to please, all to obtain the Crown Prince’s favor so that he might bestow her some benefits in the future. However, she never had the slightest thought of taking the opportunity to become the Crown Princess.

Cheng Yujin never did anything that gave her no benefit, and she naturally believed others to be the same. What’s more, marriage was a major event in life, even more for the Crown Prince’s marriage, which directly related to the future of the country and the stability of the court. No one would make jokes out of this matter.

Cheng Yuanjing was not the kind of person who would ignore the overall trend for the sake of romance and love. At least, Cheng Yujin believed so. Because she thought it was impossible, she never considered the possibility between her and Cheng Yuanjing. Later, she fell into the river and was rescued by Cheng Yuanjing, and only then she realized how naive she was.

Just because she thought so didn’t mean the other party also had the same thought as her.

These few days, she had been ill and emotionally fragile. Under such an emotional state, she expressed her anger at Cheng Yuanjing and even cried in front of him. Recalling how she was at that time, Cheng Yujin didn’t want to admit the hysteric girl to be herself. However, she vaguely remembered that Cheng Yuanjing seemed to have said something to her and even denied that he wanted to take her as his side consort.

After that, Cheng Yujin slept for a long time and forgot many parts of the conversation. Moreover, she hadn’t seen Cheng Yuanjing for a few days, so she gradually forgot about the matter. However, it turned out that he was actually preparing to restore his identity and asking for a marriage bestowment?

Today, the imperial edict had been announced to the whole world. An Emperor’s words were sacred. Once the edict was released, there was no turn back. Acknowledging the missing Crown Prince was a national matter and not something the Emperor could have done by his will alone.

These days, the imperial court must have been in turmoil. Behind the curtain, Li Chengjing, Yang family, the cabinet ministers, and even the Emperor himself must have fought several rounds. What people saw today was the final result after the dust had settled and the fight was over.

No wonder she hadn’t seen him these past few days. He must have been extremely busy.

Cheng Yujin was dazed for a long time. Although the impact was great, everything had become established facts, and Cheng Yujin had no choice but to accept them. Besides, she didn’t think that this matter was bad for her.

She just couldn’t believe that a golden pie was really falling from the sky, and happened to fall on her hand.

For the first time, she looked at the role of the Crown Princess from her own perspective. Although Li Chengjing had been living in the capital for more than one decade, he only made his real comeback in the past few days. The fanfare following his return was not small. His experience was far more bizarre than any other imperial scandal. It was farfetched enough that screenwriters didn’t even dare to write such an unbelievable plot. It was conceivable that the Crown Prince would become the focus of both civil and military officials and even the common people in the capital for a long time.

At this timing, the Crown Princess was naturally pushed to the front stage along with her husband-to-be. Compared with other popular candidates prepared for the role since childhood, the present quasi Crown Princess Cheng Yujin literally popped out of nowhere. Before Li Chengjing came back, the second prince was the Crown Prince in everything but name. Many people had secretly guessed which family’s daughter would be lucky enough to be the second prince’s wife.

Some people even speculated. Yang family had produced one Empress and one Empress Dowager. Would they produce another future Empress?


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11 thoughts on “GNU Ch 88 Part 1 – Crown Princess (I)”

  1. Hahahahaha can’t wait for all the bowing and scraping from that neglectful “family” of hers 😏 oh and the extreme jealousy from that bush half sis😁

  2. The first action of the Crown-Princess-to-be was invigorating national porcelain industry!

    What a fighting spirit, and with her intelligence, focus, and energy, anyone looking down on her for coming from a declining useless family would receive a great shock.

  3. You know at first I was frustrated with the back-and-forth misunderstandings going on bw the main couple these past couple of chapters, but I feel like the author rationalized it quite well through Yujin’s narrative (especially her side of things). It makes sense that she wouldn’t see 9th uncle as a husband candidate since he’s so far above her in status, and how she acted dense a couple chapters ago about his feelings (especially since she hasn’t been thinking with her heart, but with her head and thus has been disabusing romantic notions).
    This whole plot of her falling into the water was not just a test for the other dude, but also 1) cemented the main couple’s feelings in each other, 2) opened up much-needed discussion, and 3 (most important to me)) opened the door for Yujin to heal. These past days recuperating in 9th uncle’s place has been both a physical and mental break from the burdens of her fam. I feel like she got super sick to make up for all the times in the past she’s had to stay healthy and upright to not show any weaknesses against the fam that doesn’t take care of her. That moment where she accused 9th uncle of stuff and started crying was really vulnerable as she was basically letting out pent-up emotions. I hope it provided some kind of a catharsis, and after these imperial edicts she can really heal with 9th uncle to support her. :’)

  4. Come to think of it Li Chengjin taking her as a side consort was a pretty real possibility that she should absolutely have been worried about. If he’d had more of a Zhai Yanlin personality he would probably have seen it as a good way of “honoring” her.

    1. Late to the party, but I don’t think it was a real possibility in her mind. From her ‘dream’ she knows the plan is for the 9th Uncle of the Cheng family to die and Li Chengjin be ‘found’. Having her as a side consort would serve as a potential reminder to people and a source of rumors and potential scandal. She gets fixated on what is the logical thing to do and neglects that people have an emotional side to them too.

  5. Yujin would never have fit in with Compiler Lin’s family. She is constantly scheming and disregards emotions – not her fault. But in the long run she would have been stifled in such a ‘normal’ family. And the Lin family would never have reconciled to her scheming ways. Recall that in her previous life and in this Huo wassname thinks of her as ‘vicious’. Though it never occurred to Yumin to ‘fix’ a potential step child aka the Shizi of that old perv. And she still doesn’t connect the advice her grandmother gives her about dealing with the step child and how the son in her previous child meets a tragic end.
    Yumin is not vicious but she is so focused on survival that she forgets that people may actually have POSTIVE feelings about her and that makes her seem like a villain

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