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GNU Ch 89 Part 2 – Vying (II)

Li Chengjing only mentioned Chang Yuanxian in passing. The real topic he wanted to say came after that. Li Chengjing said again: “Today, the imperial edict has been officially announced to the world. Although the six etiquettes1 have not been carried out, you have been publicly recognized as the Crown Princess. In the past few days, many people heard that you were sick and sent calling cards to Yichun Marquis Manor. But you need to recuperate, so I didn’t let them disturb you, not even Cheng family. Today, Marquis Yichun came to me saying that he wants to take you back to recuperate at home.”

Cheng Yujin was puzzled at first, but soon understood. No wonder her surrounding was so peaceful these past several days. It turned out that people did come to look for her, but they were all blocked by Li Chengjing’s order. Cheng Yujin nodded and said: “I am better now. I should go back to see my parents and grandmother so that the elders can rest assured.”

Li Chengjing seemed to pause for a moment, but in the end, he just said: “Alright.”

Afterward, he immediately added in emphasis: “If you feel unwell, don’t force yourself. Although this house is small, it is safe here. You can pack your luggage slowly. No need to haste.”

“It’s okay. I’m feeling well now, and my illness has basically been healed. I came bringing only one piece of clothing, and there is no luggage to pack. I can leave this afternoon.” Cheng Yujin replied very smoothly, refusing to add more trouble to the host.

Li Chengjing stared deeply at Cheng Yujin again. Finally, he only said: “Up to you.”

Having finished the conversation, the two fell into silence. Cheng Yujin felt a bit awkward and wasn’t sure what to do. She felt uncomfortable. In the past, the two often didn’t talk at all and were busy on their own, but there had never been awkwardness. Today, Cheng Yujin didn’t know what was wrong, but she was extremely uncomfortable.

Except for the first day when Cheng Yujin was burning with fever, Li Chengjing hadn’t stayed in this residence. Cheng Yujin had never seen him again following their conversation after she woke up. After all, they were not a real uncle and niece. Men and women had to pay attention to the separation of gender. Moreover, since Li Chengjing wanted to marry Cheng Yujin as his main wife, he had to protect her reputation even more.

Therefore, even though he was reluctant, he still had to let Cheng Yujin return to Cheng family manor as soon as possible. After all, there were elders in Yichun Marquis Manor, which was safer for her reputation compared with staying outside.

But, once she left, they might never see each other again until the wedding.

Li Chengjing suddenly felt fortunate. Fortunately, his age was no longer young. Both the Emperor and Ministry of Rites wanted him to get married as soon as possible. Coupled with his push, the wedding date had been set for the seventh month of this year. If he really had to wait for the six etiquettes to slowly be conducted over a year or two, he might not be able to stand it.

The two fell into silence once again. Except for the whistling wind outside, no sound could be heard in the room. Cheng Yujin repeatedly glanced aside, but finally, she couldn’t help but stretched out her hand to hold on to her cloak: “Your Highness, don’t pull it anymore. It will look ugly if all the fur falls.”

The position called Crown Princess was a very difficult one. Cheng Yujin was now the center of everyone’s attention. She obviously didn’t have the power of an Empress, but the demands were even higher. In Cheng Yujin’s case, her pressure was heavier than other Crown Princess candidates.

Obviously, her future mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law regarded her as a thorn in their eyes. Moreover, her engagement had been broken once by that stupid Huo Changyuan, which damaged her reputation. Therefore, Cheng Yujin couldn’t afford any mistakes and had to be extremely cautious. After she spoke with Li Chengjing, she immediately ordered her servant girls to pack her luggage, and at the same time, dispatched a eunuch to notify Cheng family to send a carriage to pick her up.

In fact, if Cheng Yujin was under a lot of pressure, then Li Chengjing’s situation was even worse. He was a Crown Prince who appeared out of nowhere, and the doubts and scrutiny he had to face were much severe than a female like Cheng Yujin. Today was the day when the imperial edict was announced to the public. It wasn’t hard to imagine how busy Li Chengjing should be. Even so, he specially made a trip out of the palace just to have a word with Cheng Yujin.

She only learned about the marriage today. Li Chengjing had an obligation to explain the matter to her. But from what he saw, it seemed that Cheng Yujin entered her new role very quickly, and his worries were completely unnecessary.

Li Chengjing was surprised at first, but he didn’t find it at all strange. Sure enough, this was Cheng Yujin, able to bend and stretch at moments’ notice and adapt very well.


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  1. Three Letters and Six Etiquettes (三书六礼): A complete set of Chinese marriage rituals from proposal to the wedding. They are (1) formal proposal, (2) giving of the eight characters of prospective bride to the groom’s side, (3) placement of the eight characters at the ancestral altar to confirm compatibility, (4) sending of betrothal gifts to the bride and return gifts to the prospective groom, (5) selection of an auspicious wedding date, (6) wedding ceremony.

8 thoughts on “GNU Ch 89 Part 2 – Vying (II)”

  1. I do not like how this chapter went. All things considered, they did not TALK/communicate at all. :V their relationship is rocky.. and it’s not because of external factors or their busy schedules…. But because these two think they’re so smart and so good at reading people (eg each other) that they don’t communicate……

    Many thanks

    1. I think the author intentionally wrote this to reference back the future misunderstandings. It can also be used to show how their relationship developed later on.

  2. I actually think they know each other well enough that words don’t need to be said. They both know the roles they need to play moving forward. I think it’s just awkward because they’re not used yet to this new relationship between them.
    Thanks for the update!

  3. chinesefanreader

    Yujin does what she does best… take real info and fill in the gaps by inferring what the info and actions mean… wait for more info if it’s not appropriate or necessary to ask more questions for now… she knows the CP is overloaded regaining his royal status right now

    … the marriage edict is publicized fast and her good for nothing dad is promoted so her status is done deal
    … CP took precious time to meet her and is obviously nervous (picking her fur cape bald😆)
    … the property is in her name (the servants told her) and he stayed away, both to protect her reputation
    … his past attentiveness to her as CP “uncle”, attempts to discuss marriage and allay her fears, and finally risking his life to save hers shows her that he has some feelings for her

    She wanted a rich & powerful husband so really can’t top a CP and future Emperor 😆

    Thanks for the chapter

  4. The reason they couldn’t communicate is because they have different thoughts about this marriage & they both know it.
    Yujing never saw him as a man before & it’s going to take some time for her to adjust but she did weigh her options & accepted the C princess position.
    The CP is in love with her but because he knows her well he isn’t expecting much at this point as long as she becomes his then he’s satisfied.
    They both want different things & even though the end result is the same it still makes it awkward to talk about it.

    1. Exactly that is the fact. He is content enough that she can accept her role this calmly. He knows that it will take time for him to completely win her heart.
      But he is already glad to know that she never had any romantic feelings towards anyone, not even for Compiler Lin. And that at the very least he knows that he holds a special place in her heart. She was sincerely caring towards him, and she trusts him.
      Soon he will be her husband.
      As long as they are alive, he could slowly pamper her and he certainly will be the first man in her heart.

  5. I like how abrupt this was and now both are equally suffering and working hard for the ideal best future, together. It’s not about a ML pulling up a FL one handedly and solving all the problems with a wave of a sleeve (as in settling the Yang family himself with the help of his father then make her the crown princess to make it in time for the end of her mourning period). The new trials ahead are going to be great emotional bonding chances.

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