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GNU Ch 91 Part 2 – To Act Out (II)

When Liu Mama finally recovered her sense and realized what she had just done, she suddenly felt cold all over. Liu Mama fell to her knees, feeling the cold and hard floor tiles underneath. The seemingly extreme chillness almost paralyzed half of her body.

Liu Mama didn’t dare look directly at Cheng Yujin, keeping her eyes down on the floor tiles. Cheng Yujin sat on the luohan couch by the window. Liu Mama’s eyes fell onto the footrest by Cheng Yujin’s foot. The footrest was made of black wenge wood. The wood grain was exquisite and beautiful, and the footrest was clearly taken care of meticulously by Cheng Yujin’s servant girls. On top of the footrest was the hem of a girl’s long skirt and a pair of liuyun shoes, decorated with pearls, immaculate and shining. Today, Cheng Yujin was wearing a silver-blue skirt. Although the hem of the skirt fell on the footrest, it was still neat and tidy. The naturally stacked pleats continuously undulated like flowing mountains and rivers. Around the knee area was a three-inch-wide silver pattern, which seemed to be embroidered with an auspicious cloud motif. Liu Mama raised her eyes again and saw a pair of white and slender hands on the knees.

Liu Mama suddenly sobered up. Realizing that she had been impudent, she quickly withdrew her gaze and lowered her head in panic.

Cheng Yujin calmly said: “Fighting in front of me shows that you two don’t have any respect for me at all. Take back the things you deliver here, I cannot afford to accept those.”

Panzhi suddenly became panic. She raised her head and said: “Eldest Miss, this is the breakfast Second Madam personally cooked for you. This servant is indeed guilty, and you can beat or scold this servant as you like. But you cannot ignore Second Madam’s sincerity.”

“Presumptuous!” Lian Qiao yelled from the side, “As a servant, is it your turn to lecture our Miss?!”

Panzhi almost suffocated. Her complexion changed drastically, very spectacular. Cheng Yujin stretched her hand to neaten the folds of her skirt, then said again: “Second Madam personally cooked me a porridge, which is very touching. But the person dispatched by Second Madam has fought with the person from another branch in front of me. I tried to stop you a few times, but it was useless. Probably because both of you don’t think I deserve to drink this bowl of porridge. I dare not to accept the kindness of your two madams. Someone, send Liu Mama and Panzhi out.”

Finished speaking, Cheng Yujin got up and turned to walk into the inner chamber without looking back. Liu Mama felt bitter, but she knew that Cheng Yujin was now the quasi Crown Princess, someone she couldn’t afford to offend.

Liu Mama felt very wronged. She really didn’t hear Cheng Yujin speaking out to stop them. Otherwise, even with three times the courage, she still didn’t dare to ignore the current Cheng Yujin’s order. Having ended her errand in disaster, Liu Mama didn’t dare to return to Qingfu Junzhu. But she also didn’t dare to make any more commotion in Cheng Yujin’s courtyard, so she found a place outside the courtyard and knelt down, hoping that Cheng Yujin would be softhearted after seeing her kneeling for a while in the cold weather.

Seeing what Liu Mama was doing, Panzhi also imitated. After Cheng Yujin was back in her chamber, she continued picking up the hairpins, then sat at the dining table and took breakfast comfortably.

Cheng Yujin was washing her hands in the basin with Lian Qiao standing with a handkerchief on the side. Lian Qiao whispered: “Miss, those two are still kneeling outside.”

“Let them kneel.” Cheng Yujin carefully washed her hands, took the handkerchief in Lian Qiao’s hand, and then wiped them dry. She said nonchalantly: “No need to interfere. But let them kneel in the place where they won’t obstruct other servants working.”

Lian Qiao managed to suppress the laughter, but there was glee in her tone: “Yes, Miss.”

Want Miss to become softhearted? It will be faster if they find a place with a good Fengshui to reincarnate quickly.

Lian Qiao was elated, feeling immensely satisfied. She had long disliked these people. Before, Cheng Yujin had to be careful in all aspects and was even polite to these spoiled servants. Even though these women were lawless, they relied on their status as the madams’ close servants, so they had no scruples. Du Ruo saw Lian Qiao’s gleeful face and reminded her: “Don’t be above yourself. Be careful, or you may cause trouble to Miss.”

Lian Qiao gave Du Ruo a glance: “I know. I still have a sense of measure.”

The two women only kneeled for a while before they went back. Cheng Yujin stayed in her room, embroidering her dowry in relaxation. Not long after, Qingfu Junzhu and Ruan-shi rushed in.

Liu Mama and Panzhi didn’t dare to say that they had messed up the errand, so they tried their best to pour dirty water on each other. All the blames and faults were on the opponent, and none were their mistake. When Qingfu Junzhu heard Liu Mama’s report, she gnashed her teeth so hard that they almost broke. Qingfu Junzhu immediately rushed to Jinning Courtyard, and ran into Ruan-shi.

The two glared at each other, eyes full of hostility.

A servant girl came in to report their arrival to Cheng Yujin. Cheng Yujin put down the thread and needle and walked out with a smile: “Mother, second aunt, why are you here?”

She glanced down and saw that Cheng Enbao and Cheng Enbei were also there. Behind the boys were two servant boys, holding a study box in their hands.

Cheng Yujin’s original mood to watch the fun instantly diminished. She didn’t like to trouble others, and even more so, disliked being troubled by others. Seeing Qingfu Junzhu and Ruan-shi’s attitude, they seemingly were planning to fight a long-term battle and let her take care of their children for nothing?


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  1. To actually think of bringing their children….
    For what? For Yujin to develop somehow affection for them?
    That’s so stupid…. As if their sons the world’s angels
    Children are objectevely no fun to be around yet they use this kind of tactic…
    I wonder if they want to carry facour or to comepletley piss her off

  2. Honestly, the only thing they should do rn to get at her good graces is to wish her luck in her new role. These people. 🤦‍♀️
    Thanks for the update!

    1. Tbh, I could somehow tolerate the Junzhu. Yeah not the best adopted mom out there, immature and arrogant but I do understand her point somehow. Idk how she raised MC as a child, if she ever somehow at one point saw this baby as her daughter, but her eventual defensiveness towards MC wasn’t entirely on her being narrow minded. It’s definitely that second madam fault for being disgustingly selfish. Imagine adopting a child and yet her biological parents kept showing up pushing boundaries. Heck, you don’t know if after years of raising them, they’ll be taken away. I surely could not tolerate that no matter how mature you want me to be.

  3. I’m pretty sure they had the concept of karma back then since they have Buddhism…too bad they are so stupid…thx for the update!! Lol I started rereading cuz I couldn’t want for an update🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. “Want Miss to become softhearted? It will be faster if they find a place with a good Fengshui to reincarnate quickly.”

    Cryinggg lmao this savage

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