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GNU Ch 95 Part 1 – End of Mourning Period (I)

Cheng Yujin didn’t have much free time. She sat with Cheng Min and Cheng Yumo for a while before going back to continue her wedding preparation.

After Cheng Yujin and her entourage left, everyone finally dared to speak loudly.

After making sure that those people were no longer here, Xu Nianchun quietly said to her mother Cheng Min: “Mother, biao sister Jin is truly amazing. Even female officials from the palace don’t dare to do anything to her. She blatantly pointed the female official’s mistakes and gave the gugu no face at all.”

In Xu Nianchun’s eyes, the palace and its people were the most powerful and sacred existence. Her eldest sister from her uncle’s family entered the palace as Shu Consort. Every year on the Mid-Autumn and Lantern Festival, Xu family would receive the lanterns sent by Shu Consort from the palace. For other Xu family girls, these lanterns were a great topic of interest. The palace lanterns were far more exquisite than the lanterns sold outside. These magnificent and beautiful lanterns were all Xu Nianchun’s impression of the palace.

Because of Shu Consort, Xu family had always been proudful when they went out for social events. Having an eldest sister as an imperial consort was enough to make Xu Nianchun stand out among the peers in her circle.

Even though Shu Consort was not favored by the Emperor, she was still one of the four highest-ranking consorts. This position of hers was a backing for both Shu Consort herself and her natal family. Therefore, Chang Duke Manor had no regret about sending their eldest daughter to the palace. Shu Consort’s biological mother, Eldest Madam Xu, always tried her best to talk to Yang family. She hoped that if she could have a few good words in front of Madam Yang, her daughter could have a more relaxed life in the palace.

Eldest Madam Xu’s maternal love was touching, but unfortunately, she had never succeeded.

Xu Nianchun had been very familiar with the palace affairs since childhood, but what she knew was just superficial. But she knew that Chang Duke Manor had to pay a large sum of money to the eunuchs every month. Each time the eunuchs came to ask for money, even if Xu family knew that these people were blackmailing, they didn’t dare not giving it. After all, Shu Consort was living in the palace.

Just mere eunuchs dared to act arrogant in front of a ducal family. As for female officials who were more powerful and of higher ranking than those eunuchs? They were basically people above the cloud.

That was Xu Nianchun’s impression of the palace. But now, those powerful and inviolable people were actually taught back a lesson and made so docile in front of her elder sister Jin.

Really amazing. Xu Nianchun originally didn’t like Cheng Yujin. She felt that this eldest biao sister of hers was fake and empty inside, not at all as grounded and easy to get along with as Cheng Yumo. Xu Nianchun was the only di daughter of Xu family who still stayed in her natal home, so she grew up spoiled and arrogant. This temperament made her refuse to be convinced about a biao sister who was not much older than herself, but was always far ahead of their peers.

However, today’s scene had thoroughly convinced Xu Nianchun. She was now looking at Cheng Yujin with eyes full of worship. Anyone who could enter the palace was Xu Nianchun’s idol. Biao sister Jin could even subdue the female palace officials, which made her seem even more powerful than her eldest sister Shu Consort.

Cheng Min was equally shocked. When she heard her daughter’s words, she scolded helplessly: “Don’t talk nonsense. Misfortunes come from the tongue. The people from their palace are still here. Keep your mouth shut!”

“They have gone with biao sister and couldn’t hear what we are talking about here.” Xu Nianchun pouted and talked back to her mother.

Cheng Min watched her still childish daughter, who unscrupulously talked back to her, and sighed silently. In fact, Cheng Yujin was still young. She was fifteen this year, only two years older than Xu Nianchun. But comparing the two girls, their difference was like sky and earth.

If the same situation happened to Xu Nianchun, her daughter would be forced to swallow this wrong. However, Cheng Yujin was able to take advantage of the situation to stand up for herself and beat the group of old bullies. Cheng Min was clear. Even if it was her who was placed under the same conditions, she wouldn’t be able to react as well as Cheng Yujin.

“Mother, what are you doing? Why are you sighing while looking at me?” Xu Nianchun leaned towards her mother and asked coquettishly.

Cheng Min returned to her senses and flicked her daughter’s forehead angrily: “How old are you this year, don’t you know to sit properly? I don’t ask you to marry a rich and powerful husband. I will be content if I can find a down-to-earth and gentle man for you to marry, so you can go back to your natal home and visit me from time to time.”

Xu Nianchun has also reached the age of seeking marriage. This topic naturally made her very embarrassed. She covered her face and refused to turn her head. Cheng Min looked at this worrisome daughter of hers and sighed inwardly. Sure enough, destiny might play a role, but different people had different lives. If Xu Nianchun were to be placed in Cheng Yujin’s position, she probably wouldn’t be able to establish herself as the Crown Princess.

Her eldest niece was, after all, not a mortal, and would not take the path of a mortal.

After Cheng Yujin left, Cheng Min took Xu Nianchun and gathered around Old Madam Cheng to exchange small talks. Ruan-shi quietly took Cheng Yumo outside, found a quiet place, and sat down to talk.

Ruan-shi asked in a low voice: “Mo’er, how is your mother-in-law treating you recently?”

Cheng Yumo’s expression turned visibly gloomy in an instant. She lowered her head and said after a while: “Just the same as before. She has been a widow for half her life and is used to being mean. How can she change in just a few weeks?”

Ruan-shi sighed. She looked around, lowered her voice, and asked again, “How about the Marquis?”

Cheng Yumo bit her lip slightly and finally said in a firm tone: “Marquis is very good to me.”


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