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GNU Ch 95 Part 3 – End of Mourning Period (III)

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The statement was made by people randomly speculated during small talks. It was totally baseless and unfounded, and thus quickly dissipated. However, for Cheng Yumo, this statement was like a devil’s whisper that she couldn’t forget.

If there was another unmarried daughter in Cheng family, if the Crown Prince had another choice…did it mean that if Cheng Yumo did not marry Huo Changyuan, the crown princess position should be hers?

Cheng Yumo hurriedly stopped this thought and didn’t dare to continue. She obviously knew that having this kind of thought was disrespectful to her and Huo Changyuan’s feelings, but…Cheng Yumo couldn’t help wondering if the possibility truly existed before.

Did it mean that she had personally let go of her chance of becoming the crown princess?

Ruan-shi saw Cheng Yumo’s expression was not good, and thought that she was unwilling to see Cheng Yujin marry into the Eastern Palace. That was the Crown Princess. Cheng family didn’t even have the honor to see a high-ranking imperial consort in the palace. Xu family flourished by having a daughter as Shu Consort, which was enough to make Cheng family look up to them with envy. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yujin became the Crown Princess in one thunderous swoop.

Before, none in Cheng family even dared to think of such an honor.

Ruan-shi comforted Cheng Yumo: “Mo’er, life is like drinking water. Only the person who drinks knows whether the water is warm or cold. Marrying high doesn’t mean that she can live well. The Crown Prince’s situation….well, I dare not say those things, but there are the Empress and Empress Dowager in the palace, along with the second prince, who has a high reputation and powerful backing. Who the final winner will be is still uncertain now. Being the Crown Princess is hard and dangerous. If something happens to the Crown Prince, she will die with him. If the Crown Prince succeeds, it doesn’t mean that she will definitely become the empress. It’s truly a thankless position. After suffering the palace intrigues, she may not even end well. How can she be compared with you? Marquis Huo is young and promising, and his family isn’t complicated. As soon as you married in, you are the Marchioness. There is only one family with no other branch to fight with, and you also have your husband’s love. You have everything. Once you give birth to a son, your life will only get better and better.”

Ruan-shi suddenly stopped talking and glanced at Cheng Yumo’s belly: “Mo’er, have you…”

Cheng Yumo shook her head. Ruan-shi sighed, unable to hide her disappointment. But she quickly comforted her daughter again: “It’s okay, you are still young. You are not in a hurry to give birth to a child. Giving birth too early is not good for your body. Just wait one or two years.”

This was the same as saying that the grapes were sour just because she couldn’t eat them. Cheng Yumo could only nod at Ruan-shi. Seeing her daughter still looked unhappy, Ruan-shi said again: “Don’t be too eager. Just follow the natural flow of events. But you must keep an eye on your husband and not let him stay in a concubine’s room. Even if he did, make sure that the woman drinks a child avoidance medicine afterward. Even the dowry servant girls mother gave you are also the same. You can’t be soft-hearted.”

Cheng Yumo nodded: “Mother, I understand.”

Ruan-shi stared at Cheng Yumo. Not only was her daughter obviously thinner than before, but her temperament had also become gloomy, which pained Ruan-shi’s heart. Ruan-shi hugged Cheng Yumo and said: “My daughter, it’s women’s fate to suffer throughout their lives. You are carefully raised with countless love and pamper at home, but you have to be sent to another family to work like a cow and a horse. Every day you are tired and suffer. Blame your mother for giving birth to you as a daughter. You are suffering after getting married, as your mother also did at that time. However, you must endure, for this is just temporary. After you give birth to a child, you will have hope. Moreover, your sister is the Crown Princess. Looking at your sister’s face, your mother-in-law won’t dare to make things too difficult for you. After you go back, you must let the Huo family know that you and your sister are deeply affectionate. Make your mother-in-law know that if you suffer any wrong, the Crown Princess will definitely seek justice for you. She won’t dare to treat you badly anymore.”

Cheng Yumo found it ridiculous. Right after saying that Cheng Yujin would definitely have a bad time after entering the palace, Ruan-shi instructed Cheng Yumo to use Cheng Yujin’s name to her advantage.

Cheng Yumo sneered at herself. After a while, she asked with a voice small enough that it was almost inaudible: “Mother, is it true that she is going to marry Ninth Uncle?”

“That’s the Crown Prince!” Ruan-shi frowned and quickly corrected.

“I know.” Cheng Yumo lowered her eyelids. Her expression was gloomy, and there was no expression in her eyes, “But they are the same person.”

Ruan-shi seemed to understand her daughter’s thoughts a little. She sighed and said, “Yes, I heard that the Emperor wanted the Crown Prince to marry as soon as possible and set the date in the sixth month. But the Crown Prince persuaded the Emperor and changed the wedding date into the seventh month. At that time, your sister’s mourning period would have ended, and nothing holds her back from marrying grandiosely.”

“The seventh month.” Cheng Yumo pursed her lips, “It’s so fast.”

It was indeed very fast. Before Cheng Yujin even noticed it, the time had soon entered the sixth month. Since the day when Cheng Yujin subdued Zheng Gugu and showed everyone that she wasn’t an easy target, the four female officials had been silent for a long time. A good person was easy to get bullied the same way a good horse was easy to ride. After Cheng Yujin made them lose face in public, the female officials no longer dared to test her bottom line.

After that, the two sides supervised each other in a delicate check and balance and lived together peacefully until the sixth month.

At the end of the sixth month, Cheng family held a grand ceremony to signal the end of Cheng Yujin’s mourning period. Cheng Yujin took off her mourning clothes and got changed into bright garments. The next few days, the palace dispatched rite emmisaries and guards of honors. Their procession went through the main street and stopped at the front gate of Yichun Marquis Manor.

The main entrance of Yichun Marquis Manor, usually only opened for weddings and funerals, was decorated with red silk and opened today for the whole capital to see.


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