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MSRV Ch.1 Part 2 – Rebirth and Transmigration (II)

After her son was asleep, Fu Yunruo put him in the crib. Seeing the little baby’s pure and innocent sleeping face, she smiled satisfyingly.

Fu Yunruo was very grateful that she had decided to keep the child. It had been more than a year since she mysteriously transmigrated into this world. She began to recall the first day she occupied this identity. At that time, she was tortured by her body’s abnormal reaction and almost lost her reason.

She hid at the stairs, curled up on the ground, trying to clear out her foggy mind. When she heard the movement of an unknown man outside, and seemingly getting closer and closer, she subconsciously tried to climb the stairs. She didn’t know how long she climbed, but she vaguely remembered to have fallen into the arms of the stranger.

When she woke up again, she was shocked by this body’s original owner’s memory. She actually transmigrated as the vicious step-sister of Fang Xueruo, the female lead in ‘First Generation Movie Queen’ that she just read not long ago, and that her miserable life would soon begin.

A dignified young miss from a wealthy family was kicked out of the house and was scolded by the whole netizens. She fell into the mud, living a truly harsh life. Finally, she accidentally fell into the water when drunk.

At this moment, the plot was about to develop to the point when countless reporters broke in and took the moment of her embarrassing exit after losing the bait when trying to lure the chicken1 causing her to receive ridicule and abuse all over the internet.

Fu Yunruo recalled the fate of this body’s original owner. She reacted very fast. Her first instinct was to avoid being discovered by the reporters, so she ran away in a hurry and even forgot to take a look at the man with whom she had spent a chaotic battle last night.

Afterward, she went into a run, trying to find a place that wouldn’t get discovered by people with malicious intentions. Although this parallel world was a book setting, place names were the same as her original world, except that it had different people and lives.

Fu Yunruo had nowhere to go. She felt that no place was safe enough. Almost unconsciously, she remembered her hometown of her previous life, so she took turns and detour, using unregulated transportations that didn’t demand an ID, and finally returned to her hometown in her previous life—a small remote village in southern China.

All the way, she was in constant fear, awkwardly covering her tracks in fear of being discovered. Afterward, she began to feel even more frightened. In case the strangers she rode together had a bad intention, her end might not be better than the body’s original owner.

Fortunately, she arrived safely.

This world also had her hometown village. But her home was nowhere, and even the villagers were all unfamiliar to her. In the place where her family’s house should be located, there was the village chief’s house. That is, Auntie Mei’s family.

That day, Fu Yunruo knocked on the door. And when she saw that the one opened the door weren’t her grandparents, tears came down uncontrollably.

In that world, when Fu Yunruo was a child, she lived with her grandparents in the countryside, and later was taken to live with her parents in the city after she began schooling. Both of her parents were workaholics. It wasn’t that they didn’t love her, but they were people with a high sense of professionalism. Even though they lived together, Fu Yunruo rarely saw her parents, so her relationship with them wasn’t deep.

Grandpa and grandma were worried about her, but they weren’t accustomed to living in the city, so they frequently visited her at her parents’ house. When she entered the dormitory in high school, the visits became scarce.

Her grandparents were already over seventy. She suddenly transmigrated here, and she wasn’t sure whether her body in that world was dead or not. If her body died, how sad her grandparents would be? What if the sadness took a toll on their body? Maybe because of her lingering worry, she began to have a dream.

In that dream, this body’s original owner transmigrated into her original body and accompanied her grandparents, looking very happy. Having dreamed like this for several nights in a row, Fu Yunruo had a feeling, maybe their souls had been exchanged. Seeing the loved ones in her original world was not devastated, she finally was at ease.

At that time, Fu Yunruo’s mind was full of worries. She was still afraid that her whereabouts would be tracked, ending herself in the same predicament as this body’s original owner. She deliberately never thought about that night, pretending nothing has happened with that stranger. Because of that, she didn’t notice the abnormality of her body.

When she found out, she was already three months pregnant.

Fu Yunruo suddenly remembered. Because of the popularity of the book ‘First Generation Movie Empress,’ the author serialized the sequel ‘Second Generation Movie Empress.’ The new female lead was the daughter of the first book’s main couple.

In the book, there was a villain, a boy named Chi Wen who grew in an orphanage. The villain repeatedly made trouble with the female and male lead. But because of his lack of power, Chi Wen couldn’t do anything to the main couple who had a strong and deep background. In the end, he was ruined and finally jumped off the top floor of a building.

Because of the vague words of the female lead at that time: “Although the previous generation…but after all…” and her initiative to bury the enmity and properly held a funeral for the villain, the female lead’s action brought countless praise, and everyone admired her kindness.

There was a discussion in the comment area that this villain might be the illegitimate son of the vicious step-sister who committed countless mistakes in the first book. This topic invited many debates, but the author never expressed anything.

Fu Yunruo also couldn’t be sure, because in the first part of the book, ‘Fu Yunruo’ went offline after being kicked out of the house and ridiculed by the netizens. Her name was last mentioned only two years later. Because of the cause of her death, she was once again ridiculed by the netizens, until finally Fang Xueruo stood up and asked everyone to give her deceased sister peace…

When she became pregnant, Fu Yunruo was finally sure. It seemed the ill-fated villain in the sequel was really the one in her belly. So, not only that she would be stepped on by Fang Xueruo even after death, but even her son would also be stepped on by Fang Xueruo’s daughter?

What kind of tragedy is this?

Fu Yunruo gritted her teeth. Although she read the novel, it didn’t mean that she agreed with the author’s three views2 No matter how well the author wrote, it couldn’t cover up some essential problems.

No need to mention other things. The male lead was ‘Fu Yunruo’ fiance. How could a woman who seduced her step-sister’s fiance be pure-hearted? The novel said that the female lead simply couldn’t restrain her feeling. But because she had her own bottom line, she was unwilling to be a woman who destroyed other people’s relationships. However, in the memory of this body’s original owner, this female lead was a perfect model of a green tea3 since childhood. As a result, this body’s original owner was stimulated to the extreme.

It could be said that this body’s original owner was played to death by Fang mother and daughter’s green tea act.

Back to the topic, after discovering that she was pregnant, Fu Yunruo did hesitate. She actually has no memory of that night. She woke up the next day and was shocked by the huge amount of information she received from this body’s memory, and ran away in panic. Looking back now, she must have avoided the man with malicious intent and accidentally ran into a passerby, and threw herself upon this stranger…But it was actually better. She would rather this pregnancy was an accident after doing a one-night stand carelessly, instead of being the product of a man who almost certainly was arranged by an unknown party.

Fu Yunruo pondered for a long time, but in the end, she decided to give birth to this child.

First, this child was initially destined for a miserable future. Therefore, she must give him even more love, to make up the debt to the child together with this body’s original owner.

Second, she was too unfamiliar with this world. The only blood relative of this body was too unreliable. Living alone was lonely. She wanted something that could bind her to this world.

Third, and most importantly, she couldn’t make up her mind to kill up a life.

From the moment Fu Yunruo felt her child moved inside her stomach, she knew that she would never regret this decision forever.


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Hello everyone! This is my lastest project, My Son is a Reborn Villain (MSRV). This novel will eventually replace My Whole Family Are Villains (MWFV) which is almost ended. Therefore, until MWFV ended, this novel will not have a regular update schedule (though I will try to post at least once every one or two weeks) and I also don’t open sponsored chapters yet. Once MWFV ended, it will be posted regularly every Monday and Wednesday.


Check this page for the status of sponsored chapters.


  1. Losing the bait when trying to lure the chicken: (fig.) To try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off.
  2. Three views: Three fundamental values of a person. Basically, how someone sees the world.
  3. Green Tea: A pure and innocent-looking girl who pretended to be pure and without ambition but actually aiming to hook people with wealth and status.

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  1. This sound promising ! I expect a lot of cute interaction between mother and son ! Thank you for picking this up!

  2. The first chapter looks promising. I always like a novel which revolved around a mother and her children’s cute interaction.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Woah. So her son is a reincarnated person, while she’s a transmigrated person!! This is interesting

  4. Actually, this kid is really her child bc she’s been transmigrated on the OG owner’s body even when the baby was still a fetus. She carried the kid and gave birth to him.

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