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MSRV Ch 10 Part 1 – Anger (I)

That night, Chi Wen’s sleep was extremely restless. He fell into a hazy dream that he couldn’t escape from. He struggled for a long time before finally getting rid of the nightmare and opening his eyes.

Chi Wen stared blankly into space. His whole body was enveloped in a gloomy mood. He couldn’t remember what he saw in the nightmare, but remembered the feelings at the time. It was fear, anxiety, helplessness…

Chi Wen didn’t want to cry, but a baby’s tear duct was not something he could control.

Not long after Fu Yunruo fell asleep, she suddenly felt the movement nearby. Before opening her eyes, she instinctively reached out and started to pat the baby’s small body.

“Wenwen, what’s wrong?” The moment Fu Yunruo heard the child’s short cry, she instantly became alert. She sat up and looked at her son. Wenwen’s face was flushed red. Tears rolled out from the corners of his eyes, and he was racked with sobs.

Fu Yunruo quickly picked up her son, got out of the bed, and walked around while rocking soothingly: “Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

She quickly changed the diaper and mixed the baby formula. But no matter how she tried to feed, Wenwen refused to drink and cried even more loudly instead.

Is Baobao feeling uncomfortable? Fu Yunruo became anxious, and gently rubbed his belly with her hand. “Baobao, are you uncomfortable? Mommy rubs it for you. Pain, pain, fly away~”

The cry paused. The baby looked at Fu Yunruo with his wet eyes. She had just sighed in relief when in the next moment, the thundering cry started again.

Hearing the woman’s soft voice, Chi Wen felt even more aggrieved. Maybe the nightmare he had just now suddenly broke his psychological defense, but he couldn’t stop crying loudly.

Memories from the past flashed: the days filled with hunger and neglect in the orphanage, his own sorry state when fighting with other children for a piece of steamed bun….at the age of twelve or thirteen, he heard that working in the entertainment industry made much money, so he went to join a low-level group performance. After that, it was the days of being bullied because of his young age, being bullied because he had no backing…

Since she was going to abandon him, why treat him so well? Why? Why?

Why make him reluctant to separate?

Since you don’t want me, I don’t want you!

You don’t want me, and I don’t want you either! 

Chi Wen cried heartbreakingly, his small hands gripping Fu Yunruo’s hair tightly, his teary cheeks were red, and his tender cries changed from loud to hoarse.

Fu Yunruo tried to coax him for a long time, but with no result. Seeing her son crying, her nose became sore, and tears rolled down.

“Baobao…don’t cry…Mommy’s here…” Fu Yunruo cried. “D-don’t be afraid…Baobao don’t be afraid…”

When Auntie Mei arrived, she saw the mother and son hugging each other, both with tears streaming from their eyes.

Baby Wenwen was born with a quiet and well-behaved temperament. He rarely cried. Auntie Mei saw that Fu Yunruo could handle him by herself, so she only occasionally came to help. But tonight, she was startled awake by a sudden cry from the old house Fu Yunruo rented. The baby’s cry didn’t cease even after a while, so Auntie Mei became alarmed and quickly came over to see the situation.

“Auntie Mei…uuu…Baobao cries so much…what—hic, what should I do…” Fu Yunruo asked for help. “What should I do…”

“It’s okay, let me see. It’s normal for children to cry in the middle of the night. Don’t panic.” Auntie Mei was about to hold Wenwen and take a look, but the child cried even louder.

Fearing that Wenwen might hurt his throat if he kept crying so loud, Auntie Mei didn’t dare to touch him again. Having no other choice, she instructed Fu Yunruo from the side: “Ruoruo, change your posture and hug him like this.”

“Ah!” Finally seeing someone she could depend on, Fu Yunruo quickly adjusted her posture according to Auntie Mei’s instruction. She changed her son’s position from lying to sitting and hugged his small body closer to her.

“Shoosh…shoosh…don’t be afraid…” Auntie Mei gently patted Wenwen’s back.

Fu Yunruo quickly mimicked: “Shoosh…shoosh…don’t be afraid…”

“Mommy is here. Baobao, don’t be afraid…”

Fu Yunruo stopped crying and walked back and forth, softly soothing her son. It seemed to be worked. Not long after, Wenwen’s cry started to stop. Small sobs still came from his mouth, and tears were hanging on his eyelashes.

Fu Yunruo touched his small face. It was wet and cold.

“Here, wipe Wenwen’s face.”

When Fu Yunruo was calming Wenwen, Auntie Mei wasn’t idle. She filled a basin with clean hot water, soaked a small towel, then handed it to Fu Yunruo.

Fu Yunruo wiped Wenwen’s face and neck, and also wiped his little hands. She touched Wenwen’s back. This little guy cried so much that his body was covered with sweat. Fu Yunruo quickly wiped his whole body and changed his clothes.

“Let him drink some water.” Auntie Mei handed over a small baby bottle filled with warm water.

Fu Yunruo put the bottle into Wenwen’s mouth. The child was finally willing to drink. His red and soft lips puckered, and his teary eyes were no longer muddy and unfocused.

Wenwen held the baby bottle with one hand and tightly grasped Fu Yunruo’s hair with his other hand, melting people’s hearts.

After drinking for a while, he slowly closed his eyes, and his mouth no longer moved.

Fu Yunruo waited for a while before taking back the bottle. She leaned over and kissed her son’s face, then carefully lay down next to him.

After dumping the water in the basin, Auntie Mei came over and whispered: “Are you alright now? Should I come back?”

Fu Yunruo turned her head and said softly: “Auntie Mei, will you stay with us? It’s already so late, don’t go back. It’s too troublesome.” She added: “If Wenwen cried again, I don’t know what to do without you.”

“No, Wenwen won’t cry anymore.” Saying this, Auntie Mei decided to stay behind. She cleaned up a little and then lay down next to Fu Yunruo. The beds are large enough for two adults and one baby to sleep. Auntie Mei said gently: “Sleep. I’m here.”

“Yes.” Fu Yunruo replied softly and closed her eyes. But for a long time, sleep didn’t come to her. From Wenwen’s birth to the present, it was the first time Fu Yunruo saw her son cried so hysterically. It made her very sad and heartache.

Wenwen seldom cried. Even during the period when he was being fussy and demanding, he had never cried like tonight. He did cry occasionally, but his cries were superficial and would stop in no time.

—He had never been like tonight, crying so much that made her heartache.

That night, Fu Yunruo’s sleep was not good. She slept uneasily, and when she woke up suddenly, Auntie Mei was no longer in bed.


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12 thoughts on “MSRV Ch 10 Part 1 – Anger (I)”

  1. I can’t believe I cried in this chapter when I didn’t even tear one bit on other ‘heart wretching’ novels out there lol.

    Anyways, I just discovered this novel so thanks for picking it up! I headed off to mtl earlier and am now in chapter 18 and I am crying again! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA idk if there will still be chapters which would make me cry but! I will read your translations again even if I’m mtl-ing up ahead so thanks again~ Supporter here!!

  2. GiveMeAmericanoPls

    Idk why…but maybe because Wenwen’s mentality got somehow childlike (a bit)..he doesn’t seems to think that something could have happened to Yunruo..or maybe he doesn’t want to think the words..
    “Ignorance is bliss”
    Thinking too far will hurt you more and could probably give you anxiety

  3. Fear of attachment and fear of abandonment come in pair. So heart wrenching, I want to hug this pair of mother and son…

  4. Ugh i almost cry, it’s heart breaking and scary when babies cry like that, it makes u feel useless as you don’t know what’s going on to make the cry like that.

    BTW Thanks for the translation.

  5. Maybe original owner didn’t really abandon Wen Wen, maybe she just really loved the kid and just died making him stay at orphanage.

  6. That made me cry. When my baby brother was 4 month old he once woke up after a nightmare crying none stop for hours. He looked so scared. It mad me cry too. Whenever he cries a lot I get overwhelmed and cry too lol.

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