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MSRV Ch 10 Part 2 – Anger (II)

That night, Fu Yunruo’s sleep was not good. She slept uneasily, and when she woke up suddenly, Auntie Mei was no longer in bed.

Fu Yunruo stayed in bed for a while. Her mind was not fully awoken yet. For a moment, she stared at the ceiling dazedly. Fu Yunruo heard a slight movement outside. She was about to get up, but found that a bunch of her hair was still grasped by Wenwen.

Wenwen was still asleep. His chubby little hand clasped tightly, and he was snoring peacefully. Fu Yunruo touched his face. Feeling the baby’s normal temperature, her mood was slightly relaxed.

After pondering for a moment, she lay down again.

But soon, there was a movement from the side. Fu Yunruo turned her head. Wenwen’s eyelids quivered. His eyes blinked a few times and quickly regaining their focus.


Wenwen stared at Fu Yunruo. His voice was soft and tender, seemingly was not affected by his heavy crying last night.

Fu Yunruo lowered her head and rubbed his little cheek, “Little rascal~”


Chi Wen flailed around and babbled in a language incomprehensible to adults. Maybe thanks to his venting last night, Chi Wen felt much more relaxed, and the fact that he would eventually be abandoned no longer frustrated him as before.

Anyway, he now had an adult’s memory. He already remembered the address of this woman’s house. Even if he would be abandoned later, he could still come back to find her!

After he grew up and made a lot of money, he would throw that money in front of her, so she would cry and regret to have abandoned him in the past, humph!

At that time, the power to choose would be in his hands.

Fu Yunruo didn’t know the grand calculation in her son’s heart. Seeing Wenwen was energetic, she picked him up and walked out of the room.

Auntie Mei was in the kitchen. Seeing Fu Yunruo mother and son came out, she smiled and said: “Ruoruo, I have made breakfast. Eat it.”

“Yes. Thank you, Auntie Mei.” Fu Yunruo smiled. She cried for a long time last night. Her eyes were still a bit red and swollen, arousing a pity.

“Come here, I will hold Wenwen.” Auntie Mei carefully touched Wenwen. Seeing the child wasn’t repelling her this time, her smile brightened: “What a little rascal!”

Fu Yunruo went to wash her face. Auntie Mei smiled happily and cleaned Wenwen’s body. After Fu Yunruo came back, she looked at the breakfast Auntie Mei just made, which was a pot of sweet and fragrant millet porridge. She took out two bowls and handed one to Auntie Mei: “Auntie Mei, let’s eat.”

After eating, Fu Yunruo went to the bedroom to feed Wenwen. She then put him in the stroller and watched him for a long time before asking Auntie Mei: “Auntie Mei, why did Wenwen cry so hard last night?” She was still very worried.

“He was not hungry, nor was he uncomfortable or unwell…”

“This is normal. Except for being unwell, children will cry if they are frightened. I think Wenwen was frightened and looking for safety. Because he still cannot speak, he can only cry.”

Frightened? Fu Yunruo blinked, “Did Wenwen have a nightmare?”

“Maybe. See the situation tonight. If he cries again, I will come to help.”

“Okay. Thank you, Auntie Mei.”

“Are you going to the flower garden today?”

“Yes.” Fu Yunruo hesitated. Yesterday, Brother Chi said that he would take Uncle Guo for a physical examination. She didn’t know the situation yet, but the flower garden couldn’t be left empty. She confirmed again: “Wenwen is really alright?”

“He is all right, don’t worry.”

Fu Yunruo was finally feeling relieved. After finishing breakfast and bidding farewell to Auntie Mei, she rode the electric scooter to work. When they arrived at the flower garden, Uncle Guo was already there, together with Chi Weicheng, who arrived early.

Chi Weicheng was still in a suit, but he was ordered by Uncle Guo to water and fertilized the flowers. Seeing his skillful hands, Fu Yunruo was surprised. Wasn’t this person an entertainment agent? Why was he this good at tending the plants?

“Yunruo, you are here!” Chi Weicheng smiled and waved his hand.

Fu Yunruo was going to put Wenwen on the crib and helped Chi Weicheng. However, the baby was so sticky to her today. As soon as she put him down, his small body would wiggle like soft noodles. His two chubby feet flailed wildly, and his little hands grasped her hand tightly, refusing to let go.

After a few failed attempts, Fu Yunruo gave up. She held Wenwen in her arms and watched Chi Weicheng working from the side.

Suddenly, Chi Weicheng seemed to remember something. He put down his halfway done task and went outside, then returned with a small toy car.

“This is my meeting gift to Wenwen. Yesterday I was too rushed and didn’t bring anything, so this is to make up for that.” Chi Weicheng smiled and handed the toy car over.

Although it was just a toy car, it was meticulously made and seemed to be a high-end brand. Fu Yunruo quickly rejected it: “This is too expensive. Your intention alone is enough. How can we accept such an expensive gift?”

“This is just a meeting gift for the child. Besides, I already bought it. If you refused, then my money would be wasted.”

“You can give it to your children…”

“I’m not married yet.” Chi Weicheng laughed.

Under Chi Weicheng’s persuasion, Fu Yunruo finally accepted the gift on her son’s behalf: “Thank you, Brother Chi.” She showed the toy car to Wenwen and said softly: “Wenwen, say thank you to Uncle Chi.”

Chi Wen glanced at the toy car. He pushed his chubby hand towards Chi Weicheng and yelled fiercely: “Ah, ah, aaah!!!”

Don’t think you can bribe me with a toy!


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11 thoughts on “MSRV Ch 10 Part 2 – Anger (II)”

  1. I swear if she enters entertainment I’m dropping this. It’s always a great novel, UNTIL they make the stupid decision of getting into entertainment. You are a cannon fodder in a novel and aware of it. You have tons of ways to make decent money and raise your child FAR away from the lead couple. Why would you throw yourself in the lion’s den by thinking that MAYBE, entering a ruthless and extremely harsh environment where all your moves are monitored 24/7 and you can’t even be in a relationship without others spitting on you WHILE being hated by the two leads of this world, who happen to be working in the same environment, was a good idea?

    Why is it that every single FL without a job at the beginning enters entertainment in Chinese novels? Is this the only job you can think about? Be more creative, the worst part is that they usually have higher education but litteraly never get to use it. Come on. You can find other ways to get the FL to meet powerful ML somehow. In modern setting novels I’ve read, about 90% of the FL were in entertainment. IT IS SO BORING. The drama is always the same, Actress or Singer A doesn’t like FL, sees her as threat for popularity, smears her reputation, eventually everything gets solved by some leaked footage of whatever the truth was or by love interest A or B. The netizens as well. They will litteraly swallow any kind of rumor without proof like some kind of idiots. Nobody’s even questioning it. That is an unrealistic thing you see litteraly everywhere. Not like anything’s realistic to begin with.

    If she does streaming, it’s okay, because she’ll probably (idk) hide her face or something to keep her identity hidden, but if she gets into entertainment my thoughts about this novel are going to drop from 5 to 3 stars extremely quickly. Seriously. Entertainment is annoying. I checked on Novelupdates before and there was the showbiz tag, I can only hope the #Showbiz doesn’t mean FL will become an actress or whatever. I REALLY hope so.

    1. Nah, don’t worry about it cuz she won’t lol. We have the exact same thinking regarding MCs always going to entertainment [Partially deleted due to spoiler!!]

    2. Yeah me too. I also have the same opinion. I will really dissapoint if the mc choose the entertainmen path. But for the streaming with anonymity is still acceptable.

      I really want to see mc be a free and independent woman who doesnt need ml helps in everything she did. Like seeing how she grow to become self sufficient and how she make a bonding with her cute little wenwen unti he grow up and become her support. Thats is the true ml for the mc. Ml doesnt mean to have romantic relationship with mc,he can also in a shape of a fillial son. Imagine how warm and beautiful will that be~

      1. Same like the plots are too similar. I have never read a novel about a streamer that sounds interesting. I’m exited for it.

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