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MSRV Ch 11 Part 1 – Chi Weicheng (I)

Fu Yunruo never expected that her well-behaved and sensible son suddenly became so ‘rude.’ If she didn’t guess wrong, her Baobao was hostile towards Brother Chi. But why? In her opinion, Brother Chi was pretty good…

Fu Yunruo smiled awkwardly: “Wenwen is usually very well-behaved…maybe because he didn’t sleep last night, so he becomes a bit irritable today.”

“This child is very cute.” Chi Weicheng actually didn’t like children. He thought them to be naughty and mischievous. But seeing the little boy flaring his teeth and claw somehow amused him.

Even his frowning little brows and furious babyish voice were so cute.

Chi Weicheng couldn’t help trying to hold the baby’s chubby hand, but was slapped away.

“Ah, ah, aaaah!!!!” Chi Wen yelled fiercely. Don’t try to please me!

In Chi Wen’s imagination, he was frowning fiercely and looked angry and hostile. In fact, his puffy little face looked especially cute instead. He was so cute that people’s hearts melted upon seeing him!

Chi Weicheng’s smile deepened. He felt that this child was very pleasing to his eyes. Moreover, he also vaguely had an impression, somehow feeling that the child’s face was a bit familiar. But he couldn’t remember where he had seen it.

Seeing her son being so lively, Fu Yunruo was very happy, and she didn’t stop their interaction.

Chi Weicheng teased Wenwen for a while before withdrawing his hand in regret, feeling not enough. But he still had to continue tending to the orchids.

Fu Yunruo saw this and wanted to help. But the child was too clingy. She finally managed to put him on the crib, but when she was about to step out, Wenwen yelled hard.

Fu Yunruo tried several times, but failed to step out of the living room door.

Chi Wen sat on the baby crib, staring at Fu Yunruo with eyes full of displeasure.

They weren’t dating yet, but this woman already abandoned her son and went to the man.

But he would never let them enter the world of two people and left him behind!

If Fu Yunruo knew her son’s inner thoughts, she would be dumbfounded. She really didn’t have this kind of thought towards Chi Weicheng. Although the man was good, she never thought about romance. Besides, he wasn’t necessarily interested in her either. She just thought that helping Uncle Guo was her job, and it wasn’t good to let a guest doing it alone.

Fu Yunruo finally spent all morning trying to please her family’s little ancestor before cooking a sumptuous lunch at noon. She also made a steamed egg custard with minced meat for Wenwen. The six-month-old baby could already eat some supplementary food. For Wenwen’s sake, Fu Yunruo learned about baby nutritious meals and made them fresh every day.

Since Fu Yunruo began to feed him supplementary food, Wenwen had been particularly fond of it and drank less milk. He basically rejected breast milk now. Fu Yunruo was very proud. Other family’s babies might be very hard to wean, but her family’s Baobao didn’t need her to worry about it at all.

From experienced elders, Fu Yunruo heard that the best time for a child to be weaned started at eight months, and they were basically completely weaned between twelve to eighteen months old. Wenwen began to wean at the six months. Fu Yunruo occasionally gave him supplementary food during this period, but the frequency was not much, once or twice a day.

Chi Weicheng stayed at the flower garden for lunch. Uncle Guo’s face was very grumpy, but he let Chi Weicheng stay. After taking the lunch, Uncle Guo immediately threw Chi Weicheng out to tend to the orchids again while he went to take a nap.

After lunch, Fu Yunruo fed her son, then put him to sleep. Fu Yunruo put her mobile phone next to the crib, then took out another mobile phone and connected the two phones with a call.

This was the method she devised before. Although Uncle Guo didn’t require her to work at all time, she was paid after all, and she felt embarrassed about skipping work to take care of her child. Fortunately, Wenwen still took a lot of naps. She could do some work while he was sleeping. If she worked near the bungalow, she could still notice the movements in the living room, but couldn’t do so if she was far away.

Fu Yunruo thought for a way, and finally bought a cheap mobile phone for 100 yuan. She would put the phone on the call mode on the desk near Wenwen’s crib and let it be connected constantly with her mobile phone, so she could notice the child’s movement at any time. She didn’t need to do this very often, so her average monthly phone credit was enough.

At least, it worked well so far.

After putting Wenwen to sleep, Fu Yunruo connected the two phones and hurried over to Chi Weicheng. She really had no face to stayed by her sleeping son’s side while the guest was working hard outside.

When Fu Yunruo arrived at the flower shed, Chi Weicheng was tinkering with a pot of orchid. Fu Yunruo also brought some tools over and looked for something to do. But after looking around, it seemed that there was nothing to do. The only thing that needed a tend was the orchid Chi Weicheng was currently taking care of.

Fu Yunruo called, “Brother Chi, please take a rest. I will take care of that.”

“It’s alright. I’m almost done.”

Fu Yunruo didn’t have a choice but to stand nearby and watch Chi Weicheng skilfully trimmed the orchid’s leaves. She sighed in admiration: “Brother Chi, you are so good!” In fact, she was a bit embarrassed because Chi Weicheng did all the job.

“My college major is botanical science. Teacher Guo is my college teacher and mentor.” Chi Weicheng smiled and said.

Fu Yunruo blinked in surprise: “Then the gap between your college degree and your job is a bit too wide!”


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    1. I have to agree. I have to say it is rather crazy to think a six month old and a man’s face would remind someone of each other.

      1. honestly for people who don’t see babies all that often, it makes sense, but as someone who has ten-ish younger cousins at some point you can tell which traits the kids take after from their parents.

        It’s especially more obvious if you see the baby next to the parents. Considering that Chi Weicheng could’ve see the ML on a daily basis, and possibly have a chance of seeing his baby pics if he’s close enough not too far fetched.

  1. Ehhhhhhhh, but babies should drink their mother’s milk for as long as possible, there’s nothing better they could consume… if you have the opportunity you should let it drink breast milk for as long as possible.

    1. There is a lot of pseudo-science embedded in child-rearing that is taken as gospel and evangelized. For example, the American theory that children should be moving out of home at 18-22. For some reason humans have been doing something else for 10s of thousands of years but suddenly Americans “discovered” that children should be leaving home at that exact age group.

  2. Moreover, he also vaguely had an impression, somehow feeling that the child’s face was a bit familiar. THAT’S FORESHADOWING. HE HAVE SEEN WANGWANG’S DADY!

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