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MSRV Ch 11 Part 2 – Chi Weicheng (II)

Fu Yunruo blinked in surprise: “Then the gap between your college degree and your job is a bit too wide!”

A botanical science major actually went to the entertainment industry to become an agent, and even a successful one.

“It cannot be helped. Although this is my major, I really don’t have the talent needed to work in this field, so I changed my career.” Chi Weicheng said with a helpless tone. Life was indeed very unpredictable. At that time, he chose botanical science as his major was indeed because of his interest in this field. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the talent.

Besides, he was just an ordinary person. He wanted to make money and lived a good life. He once envied his teacher and peers who cultivated rare and exotic plants. Once cultivated, those plants could get them rich overnight. But to achieve such a success, one had to endure a long research time, and most importantly, also had enough talent.

In the two years after graduating, Chi Weicheng also plunged himself into the pit of cultivating and raising orchids, but he had never achieved success and was too poor that he could only eat instant noodles.

It was a coincidence that he later entered the entertainment industry.

Unexpectedly, he seemed to be quite suitable for this job. The first few artists he brought up became popular, and he quickly gained a root in the circle.

Listening to Chi Weicheng’s story, Fu Yunruo understood. It was like many of her former college friends. They studied a major, but many of them didn’t engage in a work-related to their major. Moreover, just because they liked a job didn’t mean they could earn enough money. There were actually very few people who could engage in an industry they liked, matched with their education, and also earned a satisfactory income.

“Brother Chi, you are very suitable to work in the entertainment industry!”

Chi Weicheng smiled: “Fortunately, I manage to get by with some effort.” He then said again: “You are also very suitable for the entertainment industry. Have you think about it?”


Chi Weicheng said seriously: “My vision of people is rarely wrong. You have a very distinctive and beautiful face. It is easy for the audience to remember your face. On top of that, your face is also suitable for any kind of drama…you have a lot of natural advantages, and I can see the potential to have a big break in you.”

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help touching her face. Was she really that good?

In fact, her current facial features were somewhat similar to her previous life. But her appearance now was much more refined, with all advantage points being enhanced and strengthened. The original Fu Yunruo had been wearing heavy makeup since junior high school—the type of makeup that looked scarier rather than pretty. But since she was transmigrated into this body, Fu Yunruo no longer touched any beauty products. At most, she used a bit of natural skin moisturizer, the same kind of product Wenwen could also use.

Her face right now was totally untouched and natural. Anyway, she felt that she looked better without any particular makeup.

In fact, the original Fu Yunruo had also appeared in the entertainment circle. However, because of the female lead, the original Fu Yunruo’s reputation was very bad. Fu Yunruo believed that Chi Weicheng must have heard her name before or even saw ‘Fu Yunruo’ appeared in public. But perhaps because of the extreme contrast, he didn’t connect her with the previous ‘Fu Yunruo.’

“As for the acting skill you are worried about, the company especially hires professional acting teachers for our artists. You don’t have to worry about it.” Judging from her appearance alone, Fu Yunruo already had half the capital to be popular. Polished carefully, she would definitely shine.

Fu Yunruo realized that Chi Weicheng’s tongue was truly skillful. She was moved by his words. However, after wavering for a while, she still refused reluctantly: “I’m sorry. At least for the next two years, I don’t have this intention.” Her life was the most important thing. Everything else was superficial.

Fu Yunruo remembered her idea last night, and she said again: “But I want to try to do a livestreaming, the kind that doesn’t need to show my face. But I don’t have any particular skill to show, and still don’t know what to do.”

Because of Wenwen’s cry last night, Fu Yunruo completely forgot about this matter and only remembered it now.

Fu Yunruo was at a loss. She didn’t know what kind of livestream should she do. She could play the piano, but definitely not at the professional level.

Livestream? Chi Weicheng replied: “This is a good idea.” He was very enthusiastic. “What about you livestreaming the process of raising flowers?”

Fu Yunruo hesitated: “Can this be done?”

“Of course. The current livestream industry is very diverse in content. There are many streamers focusing on pets like cats or dogs, and there are also livestreams about flowers. Orchid has always been one of the most popular flowers in our country. Choosing it will be good.”

Chi Weicheng’s suggestion was not without a basis. Fu Yunruo worked in a flower garden that specialized in raising orchids. Livestreaming about orchid would be very suitable for her.

Fu Yunruo nodded her head enthusiastically. Her eyes were gleaming. As expected of a professional, his suggestion was convincing and well-founded.

“If you want to do a livestream, choose Panda Live App. I am familiar with this company. Their contract and treatment are relatively fair, and I also know the person in charge.”

Chi Weicheng carefully thought about it. Although livestreaming and traditional entertainment circle were still two separate industries, they already had a mutual integration. It was common for popular livestreamers to accept various jobs from the entertainment circle, and it was also common for celebrities and artists to maintain their popularity using the livestreaming platform.

Fu Yunruo doing a livestream could be regarded as stepping into the entertainment circle. Of course, Chi Weicheng couldn’t let such a good seedling be picked by another company. Both Panda Live and Apple Entertainment were subsidiaries under the same group. By joining Panda Live, Fu Yunruo would have a connection with Apple Entertainment.

Fu Yunruo nodded, “I’ll consider it carefully.”

Chi Weicheng knew he couldn’t be too pushy. He didn’t pursue any further and changed the topic naturally: “I will take Teacher Guo to the city tonight. We may come back the day after tomorrow. Please take care of this place.”

“Of course. This is my job after all.” Fu Yunruo replied. She then asked concernedly: “Uncle Guo’s body has no problems, right?”

“It’s not a big deal. But Teacher is getting old after all, and he needs a more regular check-up.”

“I see.” Fu Yunruo was relieved.

“You see, Teacher’s temper is a bit stubborn…”

Fu Yunruo understood what he meant and replied tactfully: “Don’t worry. I will take care of Uncle Guo.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” Fu Yunruo didn’t feel troubled. After all, this was originally part of her job.


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  1. lol CWC really is fitting for the entertainment industry, he skillfully guided FYR into still technically joining his company while still seeming like he agreed with her not entering the industry.

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