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MSRV Ch 112 Part 1 – Dad (I)

Wenwen stood by the bed, tilting his little head as he looked at Si Yue, and asked in confusion, “Where’s Mom?” He hadn’t seen his mom since he woke up. Where did she go?

Si Yue replied, “She went to get breakfast.”

Wenwen nodded, indicating that he understood.

Si Yue softly asked, “Would you like to come here?”

Wenwen considered for a moment, then pushed a stool over to the side of the bed, climbed up, and sat down. He had initially wanted to cross his legs, but his short and chubby little legs didn’t allow him to do so, so he settled for sitting normally.

Wenwen looked at Si Yue’s plastered limbs with a worried and guilty expression. Finally, he lowered his head and apologized, “I’m sorry.” He shouldn’t have been so stubborn, he was just a child, and he shouldn’t have done something dangerous that ended up involving others.

“And… thank you.” If it weren’t for Si Yue, he would have suffered more than just minor internal injuries. Si Yue had borne the brunt of the pain on his behalf.

Si Yue instinctively wanted to pat Wenwen’s head, but as soon as he moved his hand, it caused a sharp pain, so he had to give up. Still, he smiled gently and said, “Protecting the child is a father’s responsibility.”

Wenwen looked up. His lips quivered for a moment, but in the end, he couldn’t bring himself to say the words.

Si Yue wasn’t disappointed. Instead, he seized this chance to have a heart-to-heart conversation with his son. “I also need to apologize to you. When I found out you were my son, I didn’t immediately confess to you. Instead, I hid my intentions and approached you and your mother with ulterior motives. It’s understandable that you’re angry with me. I know I was wrong. Can Wenwen forgive Dad?”

“I will never take your mother away from you. We can protect Mom together, okay?”

Si Yue had always thought that Wenwen’s awkward rejection stemmed from his former deception and concealment. Furthermore, having grown up with only a mother over the years, Wenwen might be afraid that he would separate them from each other. From a child’s point of view, Wenwen might see the sudden arrival of a father as a threat.

“It’s not… just that…” Wenwen averted his gaze, feeling conflicted. The biggest hurdle in his heart was actually Si Yue’s absence from his and his mother’s lives in his previous life…

But all of that was in the past, and their paths had diverged from the moment he was reborn in this life. Now that all those misfortunes had never happened, he knew he couldn’t hold Si Yue accountable for what happened in his previous life. He needed to separate the two different lifetimes.

But old habits die hard. He had been so used to being awkward in front of Si Yue that he didn’t know how to reconcile. He nervously twisted his fingers, struggling to say the word Si Yue wanted to hear from him.

Seeing this, Si Yue comforted, “Okay, Wenwen isn’t angry with Dad; it’s just that you’ve never called me ‘Dad’ before. That’s why it’s hard to say now. That’s okay; whenever you’re ready to accept it and call me, it’s fine.”

Si Yue didn’t insist because he understood that as long as Wenwen regarded him as his father, that was enough. Although he felt a bit regretful, he didn’t want to force the child.

Wenwen kept his head down and remained silent.

When Fu Yunruo returned to the ward with three portions of breakfast, she almost panicked when she found the empty bed. Luckily, she remembered that Si Yue was in the other room, so she hurried over. After knocking on the door, she saw Wenwen sitting on Si Yue’s bed; the father and son were facing each other.

When Wenwen heard the sound, he turned to look. Seeing Fu Yunruo, his eyes instantly lit up, and he exclaimed, “Mom!” He tried to get off the bed and run towards her, but Fu Yunruo quickly stopped him, “Don’t move!”

The doctor had emphasized that Wenwen couldn’t move around for a while, as it could worsen his internal injuries.

Fu Yunruo hastened her steps and reached the bedside. “Don’t move around, okay?” She said softly.

Held in his mother’s warm embrace, Wenwen immediately became well-behaved. “Well, I’m staying still.”

“Yeah, Wenwen is such a good boy.” Fu Yunruo lifted her head and inadvertently met Si Yue’s smiling eyes. Suddenly remembering the embarrassing incident from earlier in the morning, her face flushed in an instant. She quickly averted her gaze, lowered her head, and asked her son, “Have you brushed your teeth and washed your face?”


So, Fu Yunruo carried Wenwen into the bathroom, squeezed out toothpaste, and filled a cup with water. She then thought about Si Yue, whose both hands were still immobilized. He likely hadn’t had a chance to freshen up yet. After some hesitation, she returned to the room and asked, “Mr. Yue, have you freshened up?”

Si Yue replied softly, “Not yet.”

So Fu Yunruo helped Si Yue to his feet and supported him to the bathroom, then unpacked a new toothbrush. Since Si Yue couldn’t use his hands, she held the toothbrush handle and assisted him in brushing his teeth.

It was the first time she brushed an adult’s teeth like this, and the technique was very unfamiliar, but with the cooperation of Si Yue, there was no embarrassment of accidentally poking his gums.

Wenwen, who was brushing his teeth nearby, noticed how close Uncle Yue and Mom were, and he wasn’t very happy about it. But when he saw the body full of bandage and plaster, his discontent immediately vanished.

Uncle Yue had been injured because of him and couldn’t move. Mom was taking care of Uncle Yue for his sake…

After finishing brushing his teeth, Wenwen called out, “Mom, I’m done brushing my teeth!”

“Alright, just a moment.”

Fu Yunruo finished brushing Si Yue’s teeth, put down the toothbrush and water cup, and then turned to wash Wenwen’s face with a small warm towel.

Wenwen tilted his head back, and his plump cheeks turned rosy after being wiped.

“All done.” Fu Yunruo then took a fresh towel and helped Si Yue wash his face next. Si Yue was much taller than her, so even with him lowering his head, Fu Yunruo had to stand on her tiptoes and reach up to assist with the face wash.

Wenwen, who had been happy with Fu Yunruo’s meticulous care, suddenly felt upset again seeing Si Yue receiving the same attention. He pouted, feeling like his mom was being taken away.

Fu Yunruo was unaware of Wenwen’s mood. After taking care of the father and son, she led them out of the bathroom and sat down for breakfast.

Not surprisingly, Fu Yunruo fed Si Yue again today.

As for Wenwen, he had to eat on his own. As he watched Uncle Yue being taken care of so meticulously by Mom, he suddenly felt that the breakfast in his mouth wasn’t as delicious as it should be.

Just as they finished breakfast, the doctor came for rounds, and Dr. Meng examined Si Yue’s condition and changed his bandages.

Two large bowls of pitch-black medicine were brought over afterward.

Traditional Chinese medicine was better for recovering from internal injuries, and basically wouldn’t leave any aftereffects.

One of the bowls was Wenwen’s. After finishing the horrible concoction, he lay down in defeat, feeling as if his entire being turned bitter with his tongue.

Dr. Meng advised, “Let the child rest and sleep more for a faster recovery.”

Fu Yunruo had no reason to disobey the doctor’s order, so she nodded in agreement.


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    1. A bacteria called plaque grows in your mouth so after waking up you brush your teeth immediately because if you do it after eating the plaque would get digested along with the food and can make you feel slightly sick

  1. I wonder why the author kept on trying to portray the MC’s father as someone who cares for his daughter and grandson? He basically abandoned his daughter because he believed the lies of the stepmother and sister duo but still he’s supposed to be forgiven? If the MC really ends up forgiving that scumbag, I will definitely question the 3 views of the author. He neglected the MC in his past life which caused her death and the only reason why he was given a chance was because of the rebirth and transmigration so he’s sins were unforgivable.

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