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MSRV Ch 120 – Not A Scandal

With the case concluded, a heavy burden finally left Fu Yunruo. Feeling much lighter, her entire demeanor cheered up and her smiles were brighter than ever. Many friends and relatives who were also following the case sent their regards, which she responded to one by one. However, there were also many teasing her about keeping her relationship secret, asking when she was going to invite them for a wedding celebration.

Fu Yunruo was puzzled. What wedding celebration? She was still single! She opened the social media platform and immediately saw the top trending topic.

??? What’s going on?!

Her and Mr. Yue? Did they hold hands when they came out? Why didn’t she remember?

Fu Yunruo recalled that Si Yue had held her hand while they were seated in the courtroom. Perhaps she got so used to it that she didn’t realize they were still holding hands?

She quickly scrolled through a few comments under the hashtag, feeling flustered. She then quickly contacted Tiantian, asking her to get the trending topic removed, but Tiantian replied that it had exploded in popularity and couldn’t be suppressed.

Indeed, in his more than a decade career as an actor, Si Yue had never been involved in any scandals. This was the first time he was openly linked with a woman, so it was just natural that the excited fans were growing in numbers. Before Fu Yunruo found out about it, the servers of two major social platforms had crashed twice.

She was able to access the site just now because the programmers had just resurrected the server, but within three minutes, it crashed again. The server crashing three times in a mere two hours was unprecedented. Given the popularity of the related parties, it was likely to crash a few more times. This level of fervor was only possible with Si Yue’s level of popularity, and, of course, Fu Yunruo also contributed significantly to the heat.

Seeing that the webpage soon became inaccessible, Fu Yunruo breathed a sigh of relief. However, she expected the overwhelming reaction once the server was back up and thought it would be best for Si Yue to help lower the heat as soon as possible. However she felt awkward discussing this in front of Wenwen, so she decided to message Si Yue instead.

[I heard you never get involved in scandals with women. This trending topic might not be good for you, right?]

[Should your team take it down quickly?]

Si Yue saw the notification and looked at his phone, his long fingers tapping a quick response.

[I never get involved in scandals with anyone.]

Before Fu Yunruo could feel relieved, she saw his next message—

[Except with you.]

Fu Yunruo gasped and looked up at Si Yue.

Si Yue was also looking at her, smiling, “Besides, this isn’t really a…” It’s not a scandal.

He started to lean in towards her, but before he could even tilt his angle, a chubby little body squeezed between them, forming an insurmountable barrier.

Wenwen, who had just been pacified by his mother’s gentle coaxing, became unhappy again upon seeing them messaging each other. What were they discussing behind his back? And what couldn’t he hear? Before Wenwen could peek, he saw Si Yue’s move and immediately wedged himself between them, pushing Si Yue away and glaring at him. What was this sudden closeness all about?

Si Yue: “…” He suddenly realized that this little chubby boy was the biggest obstacle in his pursuit of his wife.

Could he apply for a return?

Unfortunately, this little guy was unreturnable.

Si Yue mentally sighed and moved outwards in response to Wenwen’s challenging gaze.

Sitting between his parents, the little guy crossed his arms and huffed loudly.

Revisiting an earlier topic, Si Yue said again, “People might continue talking about Wenwen for a while, shall we go abroad to avoid the spotlight?”

Si Yue had protected the mother and son thoroughly. Even so, he couldn’t help but be cautious, mainly worried about the irrational fans of Fang Xueruo. Most of her fans had deserted, but a few still remained, irrationally claiming her innocence. Even after her conviction, some delusional fans were still crying injustice for her. Si Yue was concerned that Wenwen might still be targeted by these fans, even with his extensive protection. From previous attacks on Wenwen, it was clear their morals were solely aligned with Fang Xueruo.

This kind of people only targeted those weaker than them. No one dared to seek revenge on him, so their main target would be Wenwen.

There was also another compelling reason. Wenwen’s debut work, the sci-fi movie, had been a massive hit as this year’s summer blockbuster, making him the most famous child star at this moment.

Yuan Xin wasn’t exaggerating; Wenwen indeed had the potential. He didn’t even need to be specifically groomed as the top child star and had achieved it just with one role.

The success came so quickly it was almost unbelievable. Cinemas, seeing the movie’s huge success, not only extended its screening but also increased its showtimes to nearly 100%. Investors were making a fortune and laughed in their sleep.

Furthermore, the movie had signed many international rights deals and would soon be screened worldwide.

Fu Yunruo and Wenwen had always been under Si Yue’s protection, isolated from the outside world. As a result, Wenwen didn’t fully grasp his current fame and didn’t realize how popular he had become, reaching top-tier celebrity status.

Like father, like son — Si Yue was naturally extremely proud. His debut role had also been a blockbuster, catapulting him to top-tier status, though he played the lead. Wenwen, on the other hand, was in a smaller role with less screen time than his, and yet he had achieved even more, outdoing his father.

Of course, Si Yue wouldn’t mention all this to Wenwen, not wanting to inflate his ego too much.

Fu Yunruo’s primary concern now was Wenwen’s safety. Hearing Si Yue’s words, she felt very anxious. She had been closely following Wenwen’s developments online, along with the case, and was acutely aware of his rapidly rising popularity.

Fu Yunruo never anticipated Wenwen would become famous so quickly. She remembered the ‘Chi Wen’ in the novel took many years to carve out a path in the entertainment industry. Still, such a stark contrast in life meant that they were now different people, weren’t they? Finally, she could feel relieved.

Rapid fame indeed brings many troubles, even adults struggle to cope with it, let alone children. During the summer vacation, many parents took their kids to see the movie, and Wenwen’s schoolmates could easily recognize him. She had received numerous cordial calls from other parents on the first day of the movie’s release. Children didn’t know their own strength; if they hurt themselves or others while trying to get a closer look at Wenwen, it would be a big trouble.

Fu Yunruo had considered the consequences of Wenwen’s debut, but she hadn’t expected this day to come so soon. Could he still have a carefree childhood?

Wenwen, snuggled up to Fu Yunruo, clung to her arm and cooed, “Mom, I want to be with you!” He no longer talked about not wanting to go to school. He actually found school quite interesting, even though the kids were a bit childish, they were generally well-behaved, and he was happy there.

However, given the choice, he would prefer to spend every day with his mom! He didn’t want to affect his studies, but he was still a child, after all, and clinging to his mother was nothing unusual. When he grew up, he wouldn’t be able to stick to her as unabashedly as he could now.

Under her son’s cuteness attack, Fu Yunruo wavered again. Looking down, she saw Wenwen’s bright, shining eyes, and looking up, she met Si Yue’s expectant gaze.

Si Yue said, “It’s a nice place, and the scenery is beautiful. If you’re really concerned, I’ll talk to them. You don’t have to meet them if you’re not ready. They will make sure you won’t accidentally run into each other.”

Fu Yunruo felt awkward and quickly waved her hands. How could she inconvenience Si Yue’s parents? “Why don’t you take Wenwen then? I won’t go.”

She trusted Si Yue and believed he wouldn’t take their son away from her, so letting him take Wenwen to meet other relatives seemed like a good idea. Her own relatives were no longer relatives, so all Wenwen had was on Si Yue’s side. Having more relatives could be nice.

Hearing they would be separated, Wenwen immediately protested, “No!” He didn’t want to leave his mom behind. That wouldn’t be fun at all!

Fu Yunruo hesitated. In fact, she still had some concerns. Because his parents were not married, Wenwen’s status was somewhat awkward. Would Si Yue’s relatives treat him well? The thought of Wenwen being mistreated out of her sight was unbearable.

“Ruoruo, if you really don’t like it, then we can go somewhere else,” Si Yue told her. He sighed inwardly, realizing he had been too hasty.

Fu Yunruo finally relaxed and nodded.

Si Yue immediately arranged the travel plans and booked a flight on a private jet for the next noon.

When Fu Yunruo learned of the hasty schedule, she hurried to pack, but Si Yue reassured her, “You don’t need to pack anything. The staff over there will have everything prepared.”

Fu Yunruo then let it go.

Wenwen was instantly overjoyed at the news—no kindergarten for him!


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