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MSRV Ch 13 Part 1 – Si Yue (I)

Yuan Xin opened the door. As soon as he came in, he saw a man in a casual shirt leaning on a black office chair, resting his long legs on the table and his head on the back of the chair. His upturned face was covered with a book.

Hearing the door opened, the man didn’t make any movement, as if he was in a deep sleep.

Yuan Xin was not in a hurry. He put the pot of orchid on the table, and then smoothly took out one, two, three script books from his briefcase. Only then he knocked on the table: “These are the good scripts I picked up recently. Take a look and choose one.”

After a brief moment, slender fingers took down the book, revealing a handsome face. The man lazily opened his eyelids and casually said: “My flower died…”

Halfway through, his eyes inadvertently swept across the pot of plant placed on the table, and the beautiful figure of an orchid came into his view.

The man very smoothly changed his rhetoric: “..so I especially need work to soothe away this sadness.”

Knowing that this ancestor was finally cured, Yuan Xin held his head high and pushed the script books towards Si Yue.

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Si Yue swept his gaze at random. He pointed at one of the scripts and said, “This one.”

Yuan Xin picked it up and took a look, then nodded in agreement. “Alright, I will contact this director and rejected the two others for you.”

“The filming will officially start in two weeks. You have to be there on time. Later, I will send the complete script book to you. Use this time to prepare well, and don’t make me lose face by making a fool of yourself.”

Si Yue clicked his tongue: “Can’t you say something nice?” Look, was this really his agent? He was the consecutive winner of the Golden Horse Movie Award. How could he do something like failing when filming and making a fool of himself?

Yuan Xin sneered, expressing his ruthless mockery.

Si Yue’s gaze stuck to the pot of orchid again, “Chi Weicheng is back?”

“He is back, you…” Yuan Xin was about to speak again when he was interrupted by the knock on the door.

Yuan Xin turned to the door and said, “Come in.”

A female secretary in high heels and beautiful makeup pushed the door open and walked in. “Movie Emperor Si, Brother Yuan, Miss Fang Xueruo is here. She wants to see Movie Emperor Si.”

The secretary tried her best to speak in a formal tone and maintain a business-like attitude. Even so, her eyes inadvertently fell on Si Yue’s face, and her face flushed slightly.

That handsome face of his was indeed very lethal to women, making them lost their soul at one gaze.

“Why is she here again?” Yuan Xin frowned upon hearing the name. His words indicated that this was not the first time Fang Xueruo came to find them and clearly showed their attitude toward her.

Impatience flashed on Si Yue’s eyes, “Not seeing.”

Yuan Xin had no objection. He said to the secretary: “Just say that Movie Emperor Si is not here. Let her make an appointment through me and come back later.”

“Yes.” The woman got the instruction and nodded in response. She couldn’t help but steal a few more glances at Si Yue before she left the door blushing.

Yuan Xin sighed, “You scourge.” Cannot these girls look at the essence? Appearances were truly blinding.

“It’s innate.” Si Yue stood up and walked around the table with his long legs. He passed by Yuan Xin, took the pot of orchid casually, and walked out of the office.

“I’m going back first. I’ll contact you by phone if I need something.”

Yuan Xin nodded and reminded Si Yue again: “Remember to read the script.”

Without looking back, Si Yue waved his hand in response.

To avoid paparazzi, Apple Entertainment had a special corridor for stars to enter and exit. Si Yue used it to go to the parking lot. After arriving at his car, he put the pot of orchid on the front seat and carefully fix it in place so it wouldn’t move on the way. He then closed the door, walk around to the driver’s seat, and was about to open the door.

“Movie Emperor Si.” A clear and melodious female voice rang from a near distance, followed by the clacking sound of the high-heeled soles on the parking lot’s ground.

“Please wait.”

Si Yue casually glanced. There was no emotion on his handsome face. He thought that he had left secretly, but didn’t expect the person he had driven away was setting an ambush here.

—It seemed that Apple Entertainment needed to give some warning to the employees.

Fang Xueruo lowered her head slightly. She took off her sunglasses and then looked up again. “Movie Emperor Si.” Fang Xueruo’s beautiful face was cold, “We need to talk.”

Si Yue sighed, “I don’t think there is anything to talk about.” He opened the car door and prepared to leave.

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Seeing that Si Yue really wanted to leave, Fang Xueruo hurried forward and reached out to hold the car door.

Si Yue’s lips curled up in displeasure: “Miss Fang, you are the pillar of a rival company. It seems that you aren’t supposed to appear here?”

Apple Entertainment and Orange Entertainment were great rivals. The pillar of Orange Entertainment appeared in Apple Entertainment and stopped him from leaving. If they were photographed by paparazzi, the commotion wouldn’t be small.

He didn’t want his name to appear in junction with this woman.


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  1. Fang Xueruo… isn’t she the original FL of the novel ? What does she want ? _ I don’t like her already…

  2. Guy who knows him sees the baby and thinks baby’s appearance looks somehow familiar. Check
    Incredibly handsome and talented. Check
    Evil green tea sister trying to get him to like her, but he’s not interested. Check
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    I do believe we have met the baby’s father!

  3. itsmachiavelliandcheese

    So, is The Flower Murderer going to learn how to cultivate flowers from MC when she starts live-streaming?

    And what does this hag want? If he don’t wanna be bothered, then leave him alone!

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