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MSRV Ch 13 Part 2 – Si Yue (II)

Fang Xueruo looked up at Si Yue, revealing a white and slender neck. She looked so weak and helpless, yet was stubborn in desperation: “Where is my elder sister?”

Si Yue sneered. He folded his hands and curled up his lips into a slightly cold smile: “Strange. Where Miss Fang’s sister is, what does it have anything to do with me? Why are you coming to ask me?”

Fang Xueruo’s face flushed with embarrassment, and she lightly bit her bright red lip: “You were also in the hotel that day, right? After my sister left the hotel, she disappeared and never contacted us again…Uncle is very worried about my sister’s safety. If you know something, please tell us. We are really worried about her…”

The next day after Fu Yunruo was missing, they let people investigate. Unexpectedly, they met a hindrance. They only found out that Fu Yunruo had left the hotel, but as to where she went afterward, there was no trace at all, as if someone deliberately erased it.

Except for Si Yue, who was also in the hotel at the time, Fang Xueruo couldn’t think of anyone else who could do such a thing. A reporter inadvertently caught Fu Yunruo’s sight that day, but in the end, the news was completely suppressed and didn’t cause any splash. A friend in the industry told her in private that it was Apple Entertainment’s doing.

She never knew when her elder sister met Si Yue. Why did he help her?

Si Yue’s gaze fell on Fang Xueruo, as if looking at a jumping clown: “There are dozens if not hundreds of people in the hotel. Why don’t you ask all of them? If you cannot find your sister, just go to the police, alright?”

“But… ”

Si Yue didn’t want to listen to her nonsense anymore. He forcibly opened the car door, sat on the driving seat, and then closed the door with a slam.

Fang Xueruo was pushed back by the momentum. “Movie Emperor Si! Movie Emperor Si!”

She tried to chase forward, but because she walked too hurry, she was accidentally tripped and almost fell down. In an instant, a figure rushed over and took her into his arms. Fang Xueruo exclaimed softly and fell into a broad chest. She had no time to see the low-key black car fumed its exhaust and drove away from the parking lot without stopping. She retracted her gaze in disappointment. Then, as if suddenly realizing something, she looked up in surprise: “Brother Chang? Why are you here?”

Chang Zhuyou looked at Fang Xueruo lovingly: “If I am not here, aren’t you going to be bullied?”

Thinking of what happened just now, Chang Zhuyou was full of distress. He came out too late, so the woman he put on the apex of his heart was still wronged.

Fang Xueruo stepped out of the man’s embrace. She casually tucked her loose hair behind her ear and said softly: “I can handle this matter.”

Chang Zhuyou snorted, “I think Si Yue doesn’t put both Chang and Fang family into his eyes at all!”

Fang Xueruo’s gaze darkened, and her tone became dejected: “After all, I am not a true Fu family member…”

Before she could finish her words, Chang Zhuyou hurriedly interrupted, “Why are you still talking like that? Uncle Fu treats you like a real daughter. Who dares to say that you aren’t Fu family’s young miss?”

Fang Xueruo smiled weakly, but there was no trace of unwillingness on her face. “You know, I don’t care about it.”

“I know that you are kindhearted, considerate, and strong. No one will dislike you.” Chang Zhuyou said lovingly, “Falling in love with you is the only thing that I will never regret in my life.”

Fang Xueruo blushed slightly, but she soon frowned: “Uncle Fu is so kind to me. I want to help him find my sister, but…”

Hearing Fang Xueruo mentioning that person, Chang Zhuyou’s face suddenly darkened, and he snorted coldly: “She treated you that way, why are you still care about her? She might not appreciate your kindness.”

Fang Xueruo said softly, “Whether she admits it or not, in my heart, she is my only sister. Now her whereabouts are unknown, how can I feel at ease?”

“You are too kind.” Chang Zhuyou felt distressed for his sweetheart, but couldn’t bear to say harsh words to her. Anyway, she had him to take care of everything, and he wouldn’t let her suffer.

Fang Xueruo was still sad, “But Movie Emperor Si refuses to reveal any information.”

“If nothing works, just call the police to report that Si Yue kidnaps and imprisons a girl.”

“Don’t!” Fang Xueruo refused, “This method is not good. Movie Emperor Si is famous, but his fame doesn’t come easy. If we blow up this matter, his reputation will be completely ruined.”

Hearing Fang Xueruo defending Si Yue, Chang Zhuyou was jealous: “You care about him so much?”

Fang Xueruo shook her head, “It’s not that. But this matter really cannot be known to the public.” She reached out and took Chang Zhuyou’s hand into hers. “Alright. Let’s think of another way later. We should leave now. Otherwise, it will be troublesome if a paparazzi see us here.”


When the soft, delicate hand touched his skin, Chang Zhuyou suddenly forgot everything else, and there was only one thought in his heart: Xueruo took the initiative to hold his hand!

From the rearview mirror of the driving car, Si Yue saw a man rushed out and took the woman into his arms.

Si Yue sneered.

A dog man and a dog woman, what a natural pair.


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13 thoughts on “MSRV Ch 13 Part 2 – Si Yue (II)”

  1. i feel like she could be either a white lotus or a green tea but that might just be me being overly suspicious… thanks for the update!

    1. It’s not just a feeling. It’s already mentioned before that in the childhood memories, our MC was treated bad because of her.

      1. oh really? it’s been a while since i read the whole thing so i probably forgot a lot of stuff lol

    2. sorry for my bad english, can i ask a question? what is the difference between a white lotus and a green tea?

      1. This is a green tea woman meaning “An internet slang used to describe a young woman that likes to dress and act in a certain fashion in order to portray herself as pure and innocent”, for white lotus’ who are genuinely pure innocent and kindhearted I guess, but lately it’s used as a slang for villainess who are forgiven by their foolishness (saw that in a Novelupdates’ forum).

        1. I think white lotus is women who act kind in front of others when they truly are the opposite of kind. Like the villainess step sister throwing the FL in the water then puts on act of saving her from drowning in front of the public.

      2. Both are manipulative accomplished actresses (not in the movie/tv way, but in the putting on an act sort of way), but a White Lotus tends to be extremely passive aggressive (ala “oh woe is me, my sister did not mean to push me down, do not blame her, but woe is me, my sister pushed me down”), whilst a Green Tea tends to be openly bitchy & aggressive with a sarcastic side. Green Tea’s can make a wonderful protagonist or antagonist whilst a White Lotus is a terrible protagonist and a terrible antagonist.

      3. I would also note this, white lotus is based on basically: white lotus rising above the mire. Growing from the mud, it rises above and blooms pure and clean, unsullied by that which it grew from.

        So white lotus denotes someone often who is consider very pure and kind of like a “holy mother” or “virgin mary” and often depicted as someone innocent and kind. It is currently used ironically or sarcastically for some green teas who put on a white lotus persona.

        A green tea is someone who is good at playing at being “clean and refreshing” possibly good at many things and very good at arousing the interests and protectiveness of men. They’re generally considered scheming or manipulative and usually seem quite successful, clean, and refreshing on the surface while they might be good at seducing and maintaining ambiguity without necessarily crossing the line with many men around her.

        They’re a bit like a “King of the Sea” as well in that they might keep a guy on the hook with carefully ambiguous words that, if repeated could mean nothing to passerbys, but to a guy who is into her, sounds like he’s got a chance.

        At least, that’s my understanding.

        Tbh, either type can be an interesting and decent person if done right and they keep a strong bottom line. For example, if someone is scheming and persuasive but for the benefits of the people around them, and only retaliate or protects herself after someone provokes her, but without going too far… what’s wrong with that?

        Someone can also innocently be treated as either.

        Xuerou definitely looks like a (sarcastically) “white lotus” with her constant pitiful act while trying to act innocent and inadvertently seductive (description of her showing off “her white and slender neck” and “biting her bright red lips”) while looking innocent and crossing no lines, technically. If Si Yue was a perv or someone easily swayed by beauty, all of that might seduce him, but technically there are perfectly reasonable innocent reasons for all the above with tons of plausible deniability here. She seems like a rather high grade green tea good at selling purity, innocence, and pitifulness to arouse the interests and protective instincts of people.

  2. You can’t just accuse a person as perperator just because they’re in the crime scene, especially if you don’t have proof

  3. Those two are so cringe. The guy is a simp in a bad way, the girl is being an annoyance to Yu Si and he’s saying she’s getting bullied, clearly you don’t know what that means.

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