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MSRV Ch 131 – Brother Chang, Let’s Get Married!

Seeing Wenwen’s gloomy mood, Fu Yunruo changed the subject. “The New Year is coming. How are we planning to celebrate?”

This year would be their first New Year since leaving the village, and Fu Yunruo had initially planned to take Wenwen back for the festivities. However, the village was currently undergoing significant changes due to the large-scale development project. With a deep-pocketed investor and government support, the progress went very vast, transforming what was formerly a remote village into a rural villa community.

With the village in the midst of a major overhaul and construction going everywhere, it would be inconvenient to celebrate the New Year there. Therefore, Uncle Mei and Aunt Mei suggested Fu Yunruo and Wenwen stay away until the construction is completed.

Uncle Guo also had no plans to return, so they decided to celebrate the New Year together in Beijing.

As soon as Wenwen heard the word ‘New Year,’ his eyes lit up. He loved the New Year the most and felt a mix of excitement and nostalgia. In the past, he enjoyed visiting house to house in the village with other children, collecting red envelopes and snacks, so he was disappointed when he heard they wouldn’t return this year.

More than anything, he was worried about his friends back in the village. Being children themselves, they surely almost forgot about him by now… who remembered their childhood friends anyway? Normal children had playful and forgetful natures, unlike him…sigh.

However, being with his mother made any place special!

Plus, this year there was a new family member!

Wenwen glanced at Si Yue, who suggested: “Let’s celebrate the New Year at home.” His own family maintained traditional Spring Festival customs and his parents had privately expressed a wish for Fu Yunruo and Wenwen to join them so they could formally introduce the two to the extended family.

However, Si Yue declined. He understood Ruoruo’s temperament well. He must never be impatient, taking it step by step, as rushing things could lead to her discomfort. This year, Ruoruo had just met his parents and accepted them, which was progress enough. Pushing for a family visit now might be counterproductive. He believed that once Ruoruo agreed to marry him, and she became the official lady of the house, it would be the right time to meet the rest of the family.

Fu Yunruo, touched by Si Yue’s understanding, felt a bit embarrassed but knew better than to suggest he take Wenwen to visit his grandparents for the New Year. Instead, she proposed, “If Uncle and Aunt Yun are available, they could join us for the New Year’s celebration.”

Si Yue smiled, “They would be delighted.”

While they had agreed on their plans, there was still some time left before the New Year started, and Fu Yunruo was quite busy. Her career might not be as prominent as Si Yue’s or even Wenwen’s, but she had been steadily progressing. This year she had made a significant amount, recently paying off her loan in full. Now, her assistant Tiantian was busy planning how to expand and improve the studio.

Everything was going well and heading in a positive direction. Since this was their first New Year in Beijing, Fu Yunruo wanted to make the occasion a lively and memorable one and encouraged Wenwen to plan how they would celebrate.

Suddenly filled with enthusiasm, Wenwen diligently wrote down plans every day, adding new ideas to his notebook whenever something came to mind, determined to make the most of the festivities.

Fu Yunruo was busy for a while, and when things finally calmed down, she suddenly realized that Fang Xueruo and Chang Zhuyou, who lived nearby, had never appeared again after their last encounter. She found this odd, as it wasn’t their usual style. She had braced herself to see them flaunting their presence from time to time.

Regardless of the reasons, their absence was a good thing, so Fu Yunruo stopped thinking about the disgusting couple.

In fact, Fang Xueruo wasn’t avoiding Fu Yunruo by choice. She was caught up in her own troubles. The Chang Group was currently under siege, with continuous scandals being exposed one after another. While such issues were common in businesses, the authorities often overlooked smaller transgressions as long as they didn’t cross the line. That’s why, when a strict investigation was suddenly launched against companies under the Chang Group’s name, it was clear they were being targeted.

The leaks were too many and big. As the Chang Group struggled to cope, many of their projects were taken by others. In fact, they were not stolen per se, but projects they had poured a lot of resources to prepare and were confident to secure ended up slipping through their fingers. Additionally, many major clients and suppliers terminated their contracts…

The vast Chang empire was facing a significant crisis.

Recently, Chang Zhuyou was out early and back late every day. He was visibly exhausted, with dark circles under his eyes, clearly lacking rest. Initially, he managed to return daily to see Fang Xueruo, but his returns became sporadic and then ceased as he started staying at the office.

Fang Xueruo initially didn’t take the Chang family’s difficulties seriously, thinking they were just small troubles that would pass like before. In her mind, the Chang family was an indestructible force, even more formidable than the Fu family. Now that she only had Chang Zhuyou left, she was determined to hold onto him no matter what.

However, things didn’t develop as Fang Xueruo expected. On the contrary, the Chang Group’s situation worsened day after day, until rumors about potential bankruptcy finally emerged.

Turning off the television with a grim expression, Fang Xueruo caressed her now prominently pregnant belly. She was seven months into the pregnancy now; her child could be born anytime soon, and she desired the status of Madam Chang. She must never let herself remain without status, let alone allow her daughter born illegitimate!

But if the Chang Group goes bankrupt, all her wishes would become delusions.

No — Fang Xueruo convinced herself — a family like the Changs couldn’t just collapse. She even suspected this might be a ruse by the Changs elders. What if they deliberately created a sense of impending bankruptcy to trap her? They must be looking forward to seeing her abandoning Chang Zhuyou!

Once that happened, Chang Zhuyou would definitely despise her for abandoning him in distress. He would think that her love for him was fake and completely give up on her.

But she was determined not to be fooled. She wouldn’t relinquish her almost-grasped status as Madam Chang!

Right then, the door opened with a click, and a weary Chang Zhuyou entered. His usually neat suit crumpled, and he looked like he hadn’t rested properly for days.

Fang Xueruo supported her belly and approached him with a worried look, “Brother Chang…”

Seeing his beloved, Chang Zhuyou rushed to support her. “Why are you up?”

“Brother Chang, I’m worried about you,” Fang Xueruo said as she turned to walk back slowly, frowning. “You haven’t been home in a while. I can’t sleep well at night, fearing something might happen to you…”

Chang Zhuyou reassured her softly, “I’m fine. It’s just the company keeping me busy.”

Fang Xueruo was supported to sit on the sofa, “You need to take good care of yourself, both I and the child care about you.”

Chang Zhuyou stroked Fang Xueruo’s belly, affirming with a promise.

Fang Xueruo took Chang Zhuyou’s hand and asked with concern, “Brother Chang, tell me honestly, is the company in a really bad state? I saw on the news that…”

“Xue’er, don’t worry, this is only temporary. I won’t let you and our child suffer…”

“I have some savings; it might not help much, but it’s all I can offer…”

Chang Zhuyou’s voice softened even more, “How could I take your money? Rest assured, this will pass soon.”

Seeing his firm refusal, Fang Xueruo’s brows furrowed with melancholy, “If only I were a well-matched lady from a wealthy family, then I could help you…” she said, tears welling in her eyes as she bit her lip. “Brother Chang, why don’t you consider marrying the person your parents suggest? It’s for your own good…”

“I don’t mind… As long you are good, I…” She didn’t finish her sentence before Chang Zhuyou embraced her with a pained expression.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I only want you. Those others are just kicking us while we’re down. Once the Chang family recovers, none of them will escape!”

A flash of fierceness passed through Chang Zhuyou’s eyes. He had been struggling to keep the company afloat, seeking partners amidst a storm of bad news and plummeting stocks, which evaporated billions in value. Even worse, many who were slighted by the Chang Group in the past now took their chance to retaliate.

Chang Zhuyou never thought he was wrong. Doing business was similar to stepping into a battlefield; since others were not as strong as the Chang Group, it was just natural that they had their resources and projects taken. Unexpectedly, these small companies who used to tremble under the Changs now dared to bear their fangs. Individually, they were nothing, but united, they were causing real pain. And those who left the company in its time of need…

One by one, they probably forgot what it would be like to offend the Chang family. Chang Zhuyou mentally noted each offender, vowing to settle scores once the crisis was over.

“After this is over, we’ll have a wedding of the century, and the entire world will know you’re the woman Chang Zhuyou treasures most.”

“I have always believed in you.” Fang Xueruo smiled through her tears. Suddenly, she seemed to have made up her mind, “Brother Chang, let’s get married!”

Chang Zhuyou seemed stunned, staring blankly at Fang Xueruo.

Holding his hand, Fang Xueruo looked earnestly into his eyes, “It doesn’t matter even if the Chang family can’t overcome this hurdle. I’m willing to endure hardships with you.”

“I love you, whether in poverty or wealth, I just want to be with you.”

After years of being together, Chang Zhuyou heard such a direct confession from Fang Xueruo for the first time. He breathed heavily for a moment, then excitedly lifted Fang Xueruo up, “Am I hearing this right? Xue’er, you’ve finally agreed to marry me!”

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