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MSRV Ch 14 Part 1 – First Day of Livestreaming (I)

Panda Live was very friendly towards beginners. There was a special section on the homepage to promote new channels, and the duration of the promotion was fifteen days. During these fifteen days, new channels had the opportunity to appear briefly on the homepage. For two hours of livestreaming, maybe they only appeared for less than fifteen seconds per day, which seemed to be insignificant. However, it had to be known that Panda Live was one of the largest livestream platforms globally. It had more than 3 billion registered users, with average daily traffic of one billion viewers. Even counting domestic daily traffic alone, it still had more than 100 million daily viewers.

Therefore, for a channel to appear on the homepage for just one second meant that thousands of people would see it, and among them, maybe two or three hundred would click on the channel casually. To attract more viewers, a channel had to be attractive and eye-catching. Fu Yunruo’s channel used the picture of a blooming orchid as a logo, and the category she chose was also related to plants, which attracted many genuine flower lovers.

Among the viewers who clicked on Fu Yunruo’s channel, nearly half became followers. For the next livestream broadcast, these people would form the base of her viewers.

After looking at the statistics, Fu Yunruo hurriedly created a new thread on the forum and opened a vote. Like other livestream platforms, Panda Live also had a forum, which gathered quite a large amount of traffic and was almost comparable to a second weibo1. If fans of entertainment stars were mostly active in Weibo, then fans of livestreamers gathered in the forum. However, the two industries weren’t totally inseparable, and many popular stars had fans on both sides.

Finished with that, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help going back to reread the barrage of comments in her channel. During the livestream, she focused on doing things and delivering content, so she had no time to properly read every comment. Now that she finally looked at it again, she found that her viewers were very friendly.

Her channel’s viewers were roughly divided into two categories: people attracted by her livestream content and people attracted by her voice or hands. No matter what the reason, at least they were here for now. On top of that, she also received a gift, although it was just a free little bamboo given by the platform every day.

Fu Yunruo clenched her fist and bounced happily.

Afterward, she continued tending to the orchids with a beaming smile. Although she was not going to put them on the camera, flower seedlings that had been separated needed to be taken care of carefully.

Uncle Guo was looking after baby Wenwen outside. Knowing that today was Fu Yunruo’s first day doing a livestream, he accompanied the child to play quietly and tried not to make any noise. Hearing the movement inside, it seemed that the girl was very happy. Uncle Guo didn’t understand these things, but the result must be pretty good.

Uncle Guo sat next to a playmat, gently watching over the tender and plump little baby. When the interior of the flower shed was re-arranged, the old man also specifically prepared an open area for Wenwen. The area was not large, only enough to place a playmat on the ground, and was surrounded by wooden slats with a small opening for a person to pass through. However, for a kid who had just learned to crawl, it was enough for him to play and explore.

Chi Wen really wanted to know the result of the woman’s livestream. Did anyone say something bad? Would she feel sad when she saw it?

Chi Wen was full of worries. He absentmindedly played with building blocks while pricking his ears to the movements from the flower room. Finally, it went completely quiet inside, and the talking voice stopped. It should be over.

Chi Wen waited for a long time, but the woman didn’t come out.

He couldn’t wait any longer and raised his voice to babble a few times.

Why hasn’t she come out yet? Does she forget about him?

Old man Guo immediately gathered the small building blocks scattered on the side and tried his best to put on a gentle face: “Grandpa will play with Wenwen, okay? Let’s build a small house together.”

Chi Wen babbled in protest at Grandpa Guo. He didn’t want to play. He wanted to know the result of the livestream. In case the woman had no viewers at all, he would generously console her wounded heart. In any industry, everything was difficult at the beginning, but she shouldn’t give up easily because of a small setback.

Right after Fu Yunruo finished planting the flower seedlings into the pots, she heard her son’s little milky voice, which was full of presence. She immediately put everything away and ran out to find her son: “Baby, Mommy is here!”


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  1. Weibo: One of the most popular microblogging/social media platform in China, comparable with Twitter.

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