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MSRV Ch 15 Part 2 – To Raise a Flower (II)

After announcing the starting time for tomorrow, Fu Yunruo ended the livestream. The time she chose to broadcast her livestream was not a popular one. She started before seven in the morning and ended at around ten o’clock. At these hours, the majority of people were still dreaming in bed or rushing to work. This also the time when students were at school, so the traffic in general was the lowest. The peak time for a livestreaming platform was on weekends, public holidays, and after 6 pm on weekdays.

The hour Fu Yunruo casually chose to start her livestream was out of the peak time. People who watched her channel so early mainly were office workers on their commute to work. However, because the flower room she used to livestream was at her workplace, Fu Yunruo couldn’t take advantage of the night peak period, so her choices were only the smaller traffic around 7 o’clock in the morning and 12 o’clock at midday. Because Fu Yunruo thought that morning was more suitable to take care of flowers, she decided to keep this schedule for the time being.

After closing the livestream interface, Fu Yunruo started another voting in the forum and then returned to check today’s statistics. Today’s result had been more than tripled compared to yesterday, and the barrage of comments were also a lot more lively.

Her followers today were close to four hundred, and she also received gifts again! Yesterday’s gift was a small bamboo that was rewarded for free by the platform every day, but today, not only she got free bamboos, she also got a few paid gifts!

She looked at the gift menu and found that after being converted into real money, the gifts were worth a total of twenty yuan! It had to be known that this money was to be shared between her and the platform with the ratio of 3:7. However, this small amount of money was enough to make Fu Yunruo overjoy. She became more interested in livestreaming and was even more motivated to do better.

In a city far away, in an upscale villa located inside a highly-secured community, Yuan Xin stood outside the door, yelling into the intercom while ringing the doorbell aggressively: “Si Yue, open the door! I know you are here. If you have the ability to hide inside the house, open the door right now!”

Yuan Xin shouted outside the door for a long time before the door finally opened, and he immediately rushed in like a mad bull.

Si Yue walked out with a lazy face: “Who made our family’s Yuanyuan angry? Look at you; your hair has blown out. Your hair is already thin. If you are not careful, you will really become bald.”

“You still have the gut to speak!” Yuan Xin angrily yelled. “The filming is going to start tomorrow, yet you, the male lead, are still so lazy here. Are you going to skip working, ah?!”

Si Yue frowned, “I’m not in the mood…”

“My lord, my ancestor!! What happens with you again?”

Si Yue moved his gaze towards the flower shed in the yard: “My flower died…”

Si Yue’s flower shed was specially built for raising flowers. It had the complete equipment and facilities, but the inside was totally bare. Let alone blooming flowers, it didn’t even have a single seedling.

Yuan Xin: “…” The orchid that was obtained with a great effort, after 12 days of persistence, was finally unable to withstand the poison gas attack of the great Movie Emperor Si and died tragically?

Yuan Xin said coldly: “No wonder. You are a plant killer.”

He was really made astonished by this guy’s crazy ability to kill every flower he raised.

Si Yue’s acting spirit seemed to be aroused. Bitterness and unyielding resentment appeared in his eyes, mixed with love and yearning, which made people feel heartache: “Why? I poured all my mind and gave it my utmost care every day. I paid so much, so why it still left me so decisively?”

Even Yuan Xin, who had seen this dog man’s acting countless times, couldn’t help being led by the nose. But this time, he hardened his heart and avoided looking at Si Yue.

“Is it because I am handsome? So handsome that it felt ashamed facing me and chose the road of no return?” Si Yue switched to the narcissistic mode in an instant. He touched his face, worrying again about how handsome he was.

Shameless! Yuan Xin sighed, feeling too tired to be sarcastic.

“Let’s talk first. What will it take for you to be willing to work?” Yuan Xin folded his arms in front of his chest, resisting the urge to tie this guy and drag him to the filming site immediately.

“I want to raise flowers…”

People said that something unattainable was even more desirable.

Since Si Yue was born, anything he wanted was immediately provided by people around him, and there was nothing he couldn’t obtain. But when he was in kindergarten, the teacher assigned homework for the children to raise a flower with their family.

That was the only homework he couldn’t complete. Si Yue was very stubborn and refused to accept the reality. At that time, the flower he chose for the homework was an orchid, which started his life-long obsession with it. Growing up, he was used to raising an orchid from time to time.

Facing this problem, Yuan Xin had no answer. He didn’t know how to cure Si Yue’s plant killer disposition. Since he couldn’t raise it himself, was it possible to let someone else raise it for him?

Yuan Xin’s eyes suddenly brightened. That’s it!

“As long as you can raise flowers successfully, you are willing to go to the filming site obediently?”

Si Yue raised his eyebrows and nodded lazily.

Having gained an inch, Yuan Xin asked for a foot: “There is also a talk show…”

“As long as I can raise a flower, I will go.”

“This year’s New Year Gala?”

Si Yue looked at Yuan Xin suspiciously. This guy suddenly demanded so much. Did he really have a way?

“I will go.”

Yuanxin suddenly smiled. He took out his mobile phone and opened an app: “Alright, you can raise flowers here.”

“What do you mean?”

“There is a livestreamer growing orchids in real-time. You can do online flower raising here.”

Yuan Xin saw Chi Weicheng watch a video two days ago. He listened from the side, and found it quite interesting. After asking casually, it turned out to be a livestream about raising orchids, and Chi Weicheng also taught him a bit.

Wasn’t this just right?

Since Si Yue couldn’t raise a flower in person, just let him join an online flower raising community. This guy surely couldn’t kill the orchids hundreds of miles away, right?

Yuan Xin searched for the name of the channel he watched that day. After confirming that it was the right one, he shoved the phone to Si Yue.

“You can raise orchids here in the future. The streamer grows orchids from seeds, and her goal is apparently to try to cultivate a mutated variety. Maybe you can raise not only living orchids, but also a mutated one.”

Si Yue raised his eyebrows.

Yuan Xin said straightforwardly: “Online flower raising is still flower raising. Are you going to turn back on your words?”

Si Yue glanced at Yuan Xin and thought: since when was this guy’s mind so bright?

Yuan Xin kept babbling: “I usually don’t like to watch this kind of livestream. But I have to say that this streamer is naturally talented. She is not at all boring and makes the process of planting orchids interesting. She even opens a voting every day, letting the viewers choose the species to raise. This kind of activity is very attractive to people who want to raise flowers but unable to due to various constraints.”

Si Yue was a bit interested, but there was no livestreaming at this moment. He put the matter on pending for the time being and said: “I hope this will be as interesting as you said. Otherwise, don’t think about those talk shows and gala.”

Si Yue then went back into the house and came out with the luggage he had packed beforehand.

Yuan Xin wiped the sweat from his forehead. One day he would go on a strike! Who liked to serve this dog-like man?!


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