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MSRV Ch 16 Part 1 – Signing a Contract (I)

On the first day on the set, the filming had not yet to be officially started. The crew was busy preparing for the opening ceremony under the deputy director’s supervision. The opening ceremony started on time at eight o’clock, but the venue had been full of people more than one hour prior.

Si Yue arrived in a low-key manner just before seven o’clock. He was now sitting in his exclusive lounge. As the male lead, he didn’t have to be busy, and simply needed to come out to show his face when the time came.

In front of his agent, Si Yue might seem to be lazy and sluggish. But in fact, his image on the outside was perfect. First of all, he was dedicated to his work and never played the temper of a big actor. He had memorized the script by heart, and he had also rehearsed the interpretation many times in his mind. Now that he was idle, Si Yue lazily played with his mobile phone when he suddenly remembered the orchid livestream that Yuan Xin highly recommended.

Si Yue opened the app, logged in with his alternate account, and found the specified channel. He seemed to come at the right time, because the current broadcast had just started two minutes before.

At first glance, he noticed a pair of very beautiful hands. They were slender and white, lustrous and smooth.

Si Yue didn’t consider himself a hand fetish, but he still couldn’t help look more. Apart from being attracted by the flowers, many fans must be attracted by the streamer herself.

The comments were very lively.

[When will Yunyun upload the recording of previous broadcasts?]

[It hurts my heart to miss our precious streamer.]

[In order to watch your livestream in time, I specially set the alarm clock to wake me up!]

[Me too, me too!]

[Me too, me too! +1]

[I just want to see when our seventh child will be born]

[Mom is looking forward to it, looking forward to it…]

Si Yue closed the comment display and concentrated on watching the livestream. At first, he was only casually, but soon he became attracted, and watched it with full interest.

Although Si Yue killed every single plant and flower that fell into his hands, his theoretical knowledge and practical ability did not lose to many professionals. At least, he could see at a glance that the streamer’s techniques were very professional. She should be properly trained under an expert, not just mimicking to gain popularity.

“Brother Yue, Sister Ning is here. She wants to greet you.” Si Yue’s assistant, Xiao Gao, knocked on the door and said.

Si Yue nodded casually. He was just about to close the app, but was attracted again by the streamer’s voice.

Soon Xia Wanning walked in with her assistant. She took off her sunglasses and said apologetically: “Sorry, Brother Yue, I’m late.”

Xia Wanning was a star from Crabapple Entertainment. She was the last Movie Empress awardee, and one of the top-rate female stars. Her status seemed to be equal to Si Yue, but in front of him, she had to respectfully call him ‘Brother.’1

Si Yue nodded casually and said: “You are not late. I’m here early.”

Si Yue was the actor with the highest status in this movie. Because he came early, other actors and actresses, except for a few with solid backing, also arrived earlier than usual.

Xia Wanning and her team rushed over as soon as possible after receiving the news, but she was shooting an ad in another province yesterday, which took them time on the road.

This was Xia Wanning’s first time working together with Movie Emperor Si, which made her nervous. This opportunity was very important to her, and she didn’t want to leave a bad impression.

When Xia Wanning saw Si Yue was busy with his mobile phone and treated her as nonexistent, she became more nervous. She wanted to say something, but afraid that she might disturb him and make him even more unhappy.

Xia Wanning recalled her and her agent’s discussion. Taking advantage of this filming occasion, she should try discussing with Movie Emperor Si’s team whether they were willing to create a couple shipping together.2 If done well, her fame would definitely rise to overwhelm that woman Xueruo.

However, as an actor who maintained zero scandal since his debut, would Movie Emperor Si agree to put on a couple shipping with her? Xia Wanning had a hunch that their plan wouldn’t go.

Indeed, Si Yue suddenly forgot about Xia Wanning’s existence. For him, the streamer’s hands who were checking the temperature of the soil while talking to her viewers were more attractive than anything else.

Si Yue watched the streamer suddenly say: “Soon. I will upload it after I buy a computer.”

“No, I have enough money, so you don’t need to send me gifts.”

Si Yue opened the comment display again and saw a bunch of comments asking the streamer to upload all the recordings of her previous livestream broadcasts. Some urged her to buy a computer quickly, and then sent a wave of gifts.

Si Yue had come to like this channel and wanted to watch the previous livestream broadcasts. To raise a flower, one of course had to raise it from the beginning; joining in the middle wasn’t as fun or interesting.

Si Yue sent a bunch of gifts. He was not short of money, and chose the most expensive 9,999 yuan gift. On top of that, he sent it in the bundle of 100—totaling almost 1 million yuan in one go—which truly demonstrated what was called ‘flaunting wealth unintentionally.’

At this time, the assistant came knocking in to inform him that the opening ceremony was about to start. Si Yue clicked the follow button and then exited the app. He stood up and was about to leave. Only then did he notice Xia Wanning, who was sitting on pins and needles. After a moment of surprise, he inwardly complained about women being troublesome, before smiling friendly: “Movie Empress Xia, let’s go.”

Xia Wanning smiled back in relief. It seemed that Movie Emperor Si didn’t neglect her on purpose.


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  1. In China, and many other Asian countries, calling someone with older honorifics (i.e., uncle/aunt, brother/sister) is a polite way to do.
  2. Couple shipping: When fans are shipping two stars in real life, usually after they act together as a couple in a film. Sometimes, CP ships can be created artificially, usually to gather attention to the stars and the film they work in.

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