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MSRV Ch 16 Part 2 – Signing a Contract (II)

After Si Yue left to work, he naturally didn’t know what kind of uproar was caused by the gifts he sent casually.

Today is the eleventh day after Fu Yunruo started doing livestream. She has just finished planting all ten orchid species. At this point, she no longer paid much attention to her channel’s statistics, and all her focus was on the seeds.

Different species of orchid seeds needed different requirements to sprout, including temperature, soil to nutrient’s ratio, and humidity. Fu Yunruo wanted them to sprout as soon as possible, so she needed to pay attention to the condition of each pot and made adjustments as necessary.

It was no wonder that Uncle Guo told her to focus only on the work in her little flower room. She really didn’t have leftover energy to do other things.

At this moment, only the eldest, second, and fourth child had germinated, revealing their tiny greenish sprouts. Seeing the little things poked out shyly from the soil was truly satisfying.

Today, as always, she started her livestream on time and occasionally answered the questions from the commenters.

Fu Yunruo thought that receiving a dozen or so flowers every day was already very good, but she never expected to suddenly receive a barrage of gifts from a local rich boss.

This surprise came out of a sudden.

Seeing the seemingly endless sea of flowers that appeared one after another on the screen, Fu Yunruo was totally dumbfounded. What’s going on?

The gift system of Panda Live was very user-friendly. There were varieties of gift sets that users could choose from. For example, the House set, the cheapest was a hut of one yuan, then a small studio apartment for five yuan…up until a skyscraper for 9,999 yuan.

For example, the Food set, one yuan was a steamed bun, five yuan was a meat bun…9,999 yuan was a full course imperial feast.

Fu Yunruo chose the Flower set. One yuan was a single flower, five yuan was a small bouquet…9,999 yuan was a sea of flowers.

When a rich fan decided to send a 9,999 yuan gift, the screen would be overwhelmed by a sea of flowers, a table of full course imperial feast, or a gigantic skyscraper. On top of that, the channel would also appear on the platform’s homepage. Once the gift’s special effect disappeared, a rain of red envelopes would fall on the channel, and other users could come to grab it.

Because of this long-lasting rain of red envelopes, in an instant, Fu Yunruo’s channel was flooded with users; many were passersby who had never visited before. Her follower number also soared in no time. From 5,000 to 10,000, then 20,000…30,000….

[Damn! Too lavish!]

[Come, come, let’s grab a red envelope. Miss Streamer, fight!]

[What a rich tycoon!]

[The streamer is stunned, LOL.]

The barrage of comments was endless. It took Fu Yunruo a while to return to her sense. She quickly took a look at the user name of the gift sender, which was a series of numbers. Because of the lavish gift, this user had become number one on the top gift sender list, which made the username glittered in gold.

“Many thanks to 9983535444 for their big gifts. But it’s too wasteful!”

It took a full ten minutes for 100 seas of flowers to bombard the channel. When it finally finished, other fans’ spirit seemed to be ignited by this local rich boss’s extravagance spending, and began to send gifts one after another—some even sent her one or two seas of flowers.

There were actually so many rich fans watching her channel?

Fu Yunruo thanked everyone, but she repeatedly told them to not waste their money and stop sending gifts again, because she was afraid of spending so much money.

[It’s okay. Just consider me treating you to a meal as a thank you for taking care of my family’s sixth child.]

[Big bosses, ah. You scared Yunyun hahaha.]

[I don’t care about anything else, I only want my family’s second child to make a center debut among its siblings!]

Until she finally ended the livestream, Fu Yunruo was still in a daze. She even suspected that she was dreaming; such a big fortune could only fall in her dream. However, she took a look at her follower number. Originally, she only had 5000 followers, but now it had risen to more than 89,000, and it was still rising up. Because of this barrage of gifts, she also had become a new star on the home page, ranking first in the popularity list.

When she checked the gift income, her hands shook.

Calm down, Fu Yunruo. You have seen the world. It is just a small amount of money. Come on, don’t be like a bumpkin.

Fu Yunruo took a deep breath, counted the numbers several times, and silently calculated it. Excluding the platform share, she actually made almost 400,000 yuan today!

S-she suddenly felt a little dizzy…

But when she thought that a great chunk of the money was given to the platform, Fu Yunruo suddenly felt difficult to breathe. Her heart hurt!

Chi Wen, who was busy battling nine rings puzzle, heard the movement from the small flower room and turned his head over.

Fu Yunruo walked out in a trance, looking dejected and heartbroken.

Chi Wen instantly put down his toy and crawled over.

What’s happen? Did some haters come to her livestream to make trouble? Is she hit hard by their bullying?

Fu Yunruo hugged her son’s small body and didn’t speak for a while.

Chi Wen took the initiative to touch her face gently: “Ah, ah!”

He solemnly comforted her. There were too many people who found the sense of existence by being a jerk on the internet, and there was no need for her to care about such haters.

He had encountered such people many times before. Even if they tried to drown him with their saliva, he was still calm, even treating them as a joke. Looking from another angle, being attacked by haters was proof that she was gradually becoming famous.

It’s alright. I will remember all the people who scold you now, and I will help scold them back when I grow up and can speak!


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