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MSRV Ch 16 Part 3 – Signing a Contract (III)

Baby Chi Wen babbled for a long time until his little mouth was dry. He then saw Fu Yunruo raised her hand and bit hard on her own wrist.

Hiss! It hurts!

Chi Wen looked at her worryingly. Was this woman bullied so hard that she became a fool?

It’s hurt! It’s real! She isn’t dreaming! Fu Yunruo said in a daze: “Son, I’m popular! We are making a lot of money!”

She got rich in just an hour! They don’t need to worry about money anymore!

Fu Yunruo was extremely thrilled: “Drink baby formula anytime! Buy any toy! Choose any clothes!”

She no longer had to worry about their family’s expense!

They had become a nouveau riche, hahaha!

“I earned nearly 400,000 yuan today! 400,000 yuan!”

Chi Wen: “…”

This woman acted so strangely. He was worried that something bad happened, but it turned out just to be—wait, what? Four, four hundred thousand?!

Chi Wen was stunned.

How many days had she started livestreaming? She suddenly made so much money. Was she getting scammed?

No, Panda Live was a legitimate business. Then the only explanation was that she got massive gifts from rich fans.

It was not that Chi Wen had never had rich fans who were willing to spend a lot of money on him, but that was after he was famous. He didn’t expect this woman to be this good…

As expected of the woman who gave birth to him!

Chi Wen puffed out his small chest in pride.

Fu Yunruo finally gained a sense of reality, and she immediately went to buy, buy, buy!

She registered into an online shopping platform using Uncle Guo’s ID, which did not affect her shopping spree. She immediately bought a laptop with good specs that she had fancied for a long time. She also bought a lot of livestream equipment recommended by other streamers on the forum and a professional-grade camera.

Then she bought a lot of clothes for Wenwen. Unfortunately, the styles of boys’ baby clothes were not as good as those of girls. Fu Yunruo looked yearningly at the beautiful little dresses, and finally couldn’t resist ordering a few.

Chi Wen, who was watching on the side: “…” No, he won’t wear girls clothes. He won’t, he won’t, he won’t!!! Even if she kills him, he will never wear it!

Fu Yunruo also bought a massage gun for Uncle Guo. She recently saw the old man kneaded his waist and neck from time to time. His body might be a bit tired, and a massage gun would be helpful for him.

She also remembered that Uncle Guo had high blood pressure and bought two home-use blood pressure monitors, one for Uncle Guo and one for Auntie Mei couple…

Fu Yunruo bought almost everything she took fancy of. All the things that could be paid with interest-free installments were bought in installments. As for the rest, she bought as much as possible using advanced credits, until she had to stop unsatisfied.

Fu Yunruo then went back to check her channel again. She became popular all of a sudden. Her followers had exceeded 90,000 and on track to 10,000. This sudden fame was followed by a lot of sourness in the comment area, which was no longer as friendly as before. Fu Yunruo tried not to pay attention to these. Even with the minuses, overall, it was a good thing for her.

Fu Yunruo saw the private message icon flashed. She clicked and read it. The invitation to sign a contract sent by Panda Live’s representative this time was more sincere than before.

On the third day starting livestream, Fu Yunruo received a private message from Panda Live, which invited her to sign an exclusive contract with them. The message was short and clearly used a standard template.

At that time, Fu Yunruo didn’t consider signing a contract, so she rejected the offer. This time, the profit was too high, so they took notice of her again. On Fu Yunruo herself, she was still heartbroken whenever she thought about the amount of profit she had to share with the platform…

Fu Yunruo hesitated.

Before she could make up her mind, a voice call invitation suddenly popped up on the screen. Fu Yunruo hurriedly took a look, and saw that it was Chi Weicheng who called.

When Chi Wen saw this name, he became nervous and quickly leaned in to overhear what this man was going to say.

Since this man had left, Chi Wen had paid special attention every day. The two seemed to have not contacted each other behind his back, and it also seemed that their relationship hadn’t yet developed for the time being.

Chi Wen began to have doubt. Could it be that he had guessed wrong before, and this woman didn’t eventually marry this man?

Later, he wondered whether his intervention caused their feelings to not develop according to the original trajectory?

Chi Wen felt a bit guilty at first, but soon he was delighted. If this was the case, this woman wouldn’t abandon him, right?

Anyway, he could earn more money in the future for her…

Fu Yunruo was oblivious to her son’s inner thoughts. She just thought that the baby was curious when he heard the ringtone from the mobile phone. Fu Yunruo connected the call, and Chi Weicheng’s cheerful voice rang from the speaker: “Congratulations.”


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  1. Ahhhhhhh Ruoruo if I was baby Wenwen I would smack you so much right now!!! This is why you need a rich husband, you have no self control!!!! You can’t immediately go on a spending spree right after making a small fortune!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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