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MSRV Ch 16 Part 4 – Signing a Contract (IV)

Fu Yunruo was oblivious to her son’s inner thoughts. She just thought that the baby was curious when he heard the ringtone from the mobile phone. Fu Yunruo connected the call, and Chi Weicheng’s cheerful voice rang from the speaker: “Congratulations.”

Fu Yunruo immediately guessed that Chi Weicheng had already known about her channel’s sudden popularity. She was embarrassed: “You know? It’s just a stroke of good luck…”

Her acquaintances in this countryside knew nothing about livestreaming, and she also didn’t have friends of the same age with whom she could talk with. No matter how happy she was, she could only talk with her baby son. So, when she heard Chi Weicheng’s congratulation at this moment, she suddenly felt awkward.

“You don’t have to belittle yourself. Luck is also part of strength.” After a pause, Chi Weicheng said again: “My colleague just contacted me.”

Although Fu Yunruo refused to join Apple Entertainment, Chi Weicheng was very concerned about her. When she started her livestream channel, he especially greeted a colleague in Panda Live and asked him to take care of Fu Yunruo just in case.

Chi Weicheng genuinely felt regretful. He watched Fu Yunruo’s livestream and found that she was very popular with a general audience. If someone analyzed her channel’s statistics, they would be surprised to find out that a high percentage of her viewers actually watched her broadcasts from beginning to end.

To be honest, the plant raising category of livestream channels was pretty boring. Only genuine hobbyists would watch this kind of channel, which made them relatively unpopular and totally incomparable with the pet raising channels.

But Fu Yunruo had become a hit against all odds. Perhaps Fu Yunruo herself still didn’t know that among her fans, besides those who were attracted to the orchids she raised, some were actually attracted by her beautiful hands, some liked her cute voice, and some felt relaxed listening to her talking. Most of these fans had friends with the same hobbies and preferences. Words came from mouth to mouth, and in no time, her popularity exploded.

Chi Weicheng regretted his failure to scout Fu Yunruo into joining the entertainment industry. He was busy with his job and couldn’t watch her livestreaming frequently. He had no idea about the commotion that happened today until his colleague called and asked him to persuade Fu Yunruo to sign a contract.

After Chi Weicheng casually asked about Uncle Guo and baby Wenwen, he moved on to the main topic. “I heard that you refused to sign a contract? Why?” Chi Weicheng asked, “Panda Live has a good reputation. In any case, I will never let you suffer a loss when signing the contract.”

“No…” Fu Yunruo was unable to tell the real reason. “If possible, I would like to sign a contract, but…” She was worried that her information might get leaked out and her whereabouts would be known.

Chi Weicheng noticed the hesitation in Fu Yunruo’s tone and tactfully didn’t ask for details. He said: “Anyway, you should consider it for now. If you don’t sign a contract, the platform cannot give your channel preferential treatment in promotions and such. You can only rely on yourself in the future.”

Livestream platforms were a legit business that needed to generate income. The recommendation section on the homepage was prioritized for the channels that had an exclusive contract with them. Basically, they couldn’t go all the way to promote channels that might go to other platforms at any time, so those without contract could only rely on themselves to gather popularity. Obviously, this path was very difficult. After all, it was not every day that they could get lavish gifts from rich fans.

Fu Yunruo contemplated for a moment. She only knew Chi Weicheng for a short time, but felt that he could be trusted, so she finally said: “I don’t want my personal information to get leaked out.”

Fu Yunruo contemplated for a moment. She only knew Chi Weicheng for a short time, but felt that he could be trusted, so she finally said: “I don’t want my personal information to get leaked out.”

Chi Weicheng was surprised: “Panda Live keeps the information of the streamers who sign a contract with them confidential and will not leak it out.”

“I don’t want my whereabouts to be found…” Fu Yunruo said vaguely.

Chi Weicheng got it. So it turned out that Fu Yunruo was hiding. No wonder. This girl didn’t look like to be someone who grew up in such a remote countryside.

“Don’t worry about this. Panda Live attaches great importance to privacy and will keep your information secure. What’s more, even if you don’t sign a contract, you still need to provide your bank information to receive your income.”

This… Fu Yunruo’s initial idea was to use Uncle Guo’s bank account to receive the income.

Uncle Guo would not put this little money into his eyes. What’s more, it was Uncle Guo who gave her full support by providing her with a venue and various equipment. It was thanks to Uncle Guo that she could start livestreaming so effortlessly. Uncle Guo was also the one who taught her professional skills. Even if all the money went to Uncle Guo, she had no complaint.

“There are also a lot of livestreamers on the platform who do not show their face. If their personal information was so easy to find out, their identity would have long been exposed to the public.”

Even if some of those streamers’ identity was eventually found out by public, none of them was leaked by Panda Live. It was the streamers themselves who accidentally exposed their own information.

“On the contrary, if you sign a contract, Panda Live will pay more attention to protect your privacy.”

…If this was the case, she had no reason to not signing a contract.

“Ah!” Chi Wen patted Fu Yunruo’s hand and raised his little head to look up at her. “Ah, ah. Aah!!” Why are you still hesitating? Quickly sign the contract!


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