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MSRV Ch 16 Part 5 – Signing a Contract (V)

“Ah!” Chi Wen patted Fu Yunruo’s hand and raised his little head to look up at her. “Ah, ah. Aah!!” Why are you still hesitating? Quickly sign the contract!

“Look, little Wenwen also tell you to sign the contract.” Hearing the boy’s cute voice, Chi Weicheng said with a smile.

Fu Yunruo looked at her son. The balance in her mind instantly tilted up to the other side, and she immediately said: “I sign!”

“Good. If you don’t mind, I can help you negotiate the contract, and you should read it first before signing.”

Fu Yunruo no longer hesitated. She had no idea about this matter, but Chi Weicheng was an insider, and he was very experienced. He should know much better than her. “Thank you, Brother Chi.”

“No problem.” After a few more words, Chi Weicheng hung up.

Fu Yunruo continued her busy life.

That night, Chi Weicheng send her the contract electronically. Fu Yunruo took a look and read it carefully. The content was very clear, and there was no disadvantage to her. On the contrary, the treatment she would get was very good.

The minimum amount of livestreaming time stipulated by the contract was 60 hours per month, which was about two hours per day. This was easy to do. Since she began, she had maintained the daily schedule of three hours per day.

The contract also generously put on the clauses detailing the protection of her personal information and privacy. The length of this contract was five years, which was not too long nor too short, and was still within her acceptable range.

The profit-sharing ratio was much better than before. It was still 30%-70%, but she would get 70%, while the platform was 30%.

Finally, the contract also stipulated the number of guaranteed promotions she would get per month.

This kind of treatment should be very good, and usually could only be enjoyed by well-known streamers. Fu Yunruo was a pure newcomer. Her popularity was among the best of newcomers, but she was not the most prominent one. For her to get this kind of preferential contract, it must be thanks to Chi Weicheng’s hard effort negotiating on her behalf.

Chi Weicheng also sent her a message: “Read carefully. If there are dissatisfactions, I will help you to renegotiate.”

Fu Yunruo quickly replied, “No, this one is more than enough. I accept it.” Fu Yunruo knew that she was already taking advantage here. How could she still be greedy for more?

She quickly signed the electronic contract.

There were two kinds of contracts in this internet era: paper contracts and electronic contracts, both had the same legal effect. Nowadays, many people actually used electronic contracts, unless a paper one was specifically required.

After officially signing up an exclusive contract with Panda Live, the treatment Fu Yunruo received from the platform instantly changed for the better. After the fifteen days of the new channel, the recommendation period was over, her channel appeared on the newcomer recommendation list on the homepage, and both the number of her daily viewers and followers increased significantly.

These few days, the things she bought online arrived one by one. On the day her laptop arrived, she immediately began to learn how to edit videos, and after a few days, she finally produced a result. After uploading the videos of previous livestreaming broadcasts on her homepage, the response was satisfactory, and fans quickly bombarded the homepage with positive comments.

Next, the camera arrived. Fu Yunruo used it to take pictures of her orchids. She no longer used the phone camera. She took a picture every morning and evening, and then saved it to the computer after labeling it with serial number and date.

She initially didn’t know what to post to keep her forum engaged, but now she learned to post the pictures every day. She also learned to edit the pictures cutely, which made her fans even more enthusiastic.

While doing livestreaming, Fu Yunruo was occasionally too absorbed in her task that she forgot to interact with her viewers. Her viewers would chat among themselves in the comments during this moment, which made it very lively.

Sometimes she was too engrossed that she unknowingly continued her livestream until 11 o’clock, right before she needed to start cooking lunch.

Except for doing livestreams regularly, Fu Yunruo didn’t have to worry about managing her channel. The platform assigned staff as a channel assistant, and two fans voluntarily became moderators responsible for maintaining orders in the channel. Any comments that were overly rude or otherwise didn’t conform to the rules and regulations were immediately deleted, and the user was kicked out. This way, Fu Yunruo rarely saw negative comments in person.

Fu Yunruo’s career as a livestreamer was in full swing. Occasionally, she would remember the local rich boss who accidentally kickstarted her career. But since the sudden one million yuan of lavish gifts that day, the person had never appeared in her channel again.

Some people suspected that she spent her own money.

In this regard, Fu Yunruo thought to herself: if she had this money, she would just lie down and enjoy life in leisure. Why should she bother to do livestreaming?

In any case, Fu Yunruo had too many things to do every day, and her life was very fulfilling. Although she occasionally thought of this local rich boss, she quickly forgot it.

In an instant, two months had passed, and baby Wenwen had turned nine months old.

Fu Yunruo’s most relaxing and also happiest time every day was during mother-son activities.

“Baobao, don’t be shy! This dress is very nice to wear!” Fu Yunruo coaxed her son persistently. In her hand was a fluffy bright pink onesie pajamas with two rabbit ears on the hood and a fluffy tail on the back, which was very playful and cute.

It was clearly a pink rabbit pajamas for baby girls.

The nine-month-old baby Wenwen’s limbs were already very flexible. He tried to escape and crawled in a circle around the bed.

“Ah! Pah!”

Chi Wen was beyond horrified. What terrible clothes was this? Not only girls’ princess dresses, but he also had to wear this kind of thing? No. Even if he was killed, he refused to wear it!


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