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MSRV Ch 17 Part 2 – The Upcoming Winter (II)

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help feeling proud. Look how popular her Baobao was!

Right, ah. Baobao was the future movie emperor. Sure enough, even if he was still a little baby, he would already be very popular.

After reading the endless barrage of rainbow farts1 for a long time, Fu Yunruo finally was satisfied and went to sleep hugging baby Wenwen.

The next day, Fu Yunruo was awakened by the alarm clock’s vibration. She was lying on the bed, with a little warmer in her arms, and was reluctant to get up. But she had a job, and couldn’t spend time sleeping in. Fu Yunruo resolutely got up and changed her clothes. She then turned around and tucked the quilt back. After making sure that her son was still asleep, she quietly left the bedroom.

As soon as Fu Yunruo opened the door, the icy temperature attacked her face, and she was momentarily frozen. It was the early winter. In the north, most of the places had already snowed, but the south was still sunny. However, the remote countryside Fu Yunruo was now residing located in a high terrain mountainous area. It was frosted during the morning and evening, and the coldness seemed to permeate into the bones. Only when the sun was high in the noon that the temperature became a bit warmer.

When Fu Yunruo got up every morning, she would stand still in the yard for a while, her hands and feet were as cold as popsicles, and she couldn’t get warm for a long time.

After taking a wash, Fu Yunruo filled a basin with hot water and prepared a cute little towel, a small cup, and a small toothbrush into the bedroom. As the weather turned colder, Fu Yunruo was not the only one who couldn’t get out of the warm bed, but Wenwen too.

Fu Yunruo picked up the still groggy baby, softly coaxed him while brushing his little teeth, washed his face with a warm towel, put on thick winter clothes and jacket, and finally applied a sweet-smelling baby cream on his exposed skin.

A freshly-baked fragrant little dumpling was ready.

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Chi Wen struggled with all his limbs. The woman raised him into a fat little baby. After putting on a few layers of thick clothes, it made him even harder to move. He didn’t think that he needed so many clothes, but it seemed that all mother always thought their children were cold and needed extra clothes.

Chi Wen was wrapped into a small fat ball, strapped into Fu Yunruo’s back, and then covered with another layer of cloak. Riding an electric scooter early in the morning, the temperature was cold with icy wind, but Fu Yunruo didn’t feel frozen. Thanks to the little portable warmer in her back that kept transmitting his body temperature, she also began to feel warm.

Soon, the mother and son arrived in the flower garden. Fu Yunruo directly took Wenwen to the flower shed. The temperature inside the flower shed was controlled mechanically to ensure the optimum environment for the orchids to grow, but the ground was still pretty cold. However, Wenwen’s area had been covered with a thick and soft blanket, and he wouldn’t feel cold playing on the ground.

Fu Yunruo opened her livestream channel, started the broadcast, and greeted her viewers as usual. Seeing the barrage of comments from people who had to get up early in the cold morning to catch the subway, she felt comforted.

Fu Yunruo also felt the same way. She thought that her daily commute of riding an electric scooter for more than 20 minutes one way was too hard to do in the winter. With such a cold temperature, it was difficult to hold on without certain perseverance.

Especially when it rained, it was so wet and cold.

Fu Yunruo already considered whether she could live in the flower garden or not. But she was reluctant to part with her current environment. She had a good relationship with her neighbors in the village, and Auntie Mei’s family also took good care of her and her son.

At her current home, if something happened, she only needed to shout, and people would quickly come to help. But the flower garden was a bit far from the village. Moreover, because she shut herself in the garden all day long, she was not familiar with the neighbors.

But on the other hand, living here was more convenient. She didn’t need to commute every day under the cold wind and rain, and she could also do livestream at night. Wenwen was still very young, Fu Yunruo was afraid that he might get sick if she kept bringing him on the road like this.

Fu Yunruo contemplated for a long time, and finally decided to live here during the winter, and then returned to her rental house once the temperature got warmer.

She would keep renting the house, so they could live in both places!

But she first had to ask for Uncle Guo’s opinion. Although she was given a room here, it was only used for noon breaks, and living here with a baby full time would be totally different.

Fu Yunruo’s mind was full of thoughts, but she didn’t let them hinder her work. From time to time, someone would send her a single flower or a bouquet, which she then would thank them sincerely. Not all fans were wealthy, and not many would spend money lavishly on a digital platform.

Although her popularity had been raising, her follower number was now close to 900,000, with average daily viewers were 300,000, only a small number of them would send her gifts on a daily basis, and she only got a sea of flowers every five or six days. However, Fu Yunruo was very content. Now her average daily income had reached five figures, even though the ‘local rich boss’ had never appeared again.

But people really shouldn’t jynx themselves. Spoke of the devil, and the devil came.

A golden message suddenly appeared on her screen: [Your number one fans, ‘9983535444,’ enters the channel.]


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  1. Rainbow farts: Internet slang for flamboyant and exaggerating praises, usually from fans to an idol.

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