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MSRV Ch 18 Part 1 – Moving In (I)

The job that Si Yue took was a role in a TV drama. To pursue the best effect, the crew went to a remote area for the shooting, which was so remote that it didn’t have a good signal. On top of that, the filming schedule was also jam-packed to catch up with Chinese New Year airtime.

As the male lead, Si Yue naturally had the most shots. No matter how good his acting was, there was not much he could do to lighten his schedule. For example, even if he could pass a scene in one take, it didn’t mean that other actors could pass too. Usually, he would have to adjust his acting to help others enter the play.

The director was a perfectionist. Even though the schedule was tight, he insisted on pursuing perfection in every shot.

Fortunately, the filming was finally finished.

On the night after he returned home, Si Yue slept like a dead, and woke up fully rejuvenated the next day. He then went to the gym for a workout routine, continued by taking a shower. He walked out of the bathroom wearing loose pajamas that partially showed his mermaid line. There was a towel on his head, which he used to wipe his wet hair.

After wiping his hair until it was no longer dripping, Si Yue threw the towel aside and lazily sank his tall body into the cushy sofa. His short black hair was messy, with a few strands of damp hair stuck in front of his forehead. He picked up a low-key luxurious black phone with his slender fingers and began to fiddle with its screen while leaning his body relaxedly on the sofa.

Time off between jobs was usually used by him to raise flowers at leisure. Si Yue was about to call his agent and ask for a new pot of orchid to be sent at the fastest speed when he suddenly remembered about the livestream broadcast he watched that day. His fingers changed direction as he clicked on the Panda Live app and opened the said channel.

Luckily enough, the only channel he followed was currently broadcasting.

Si Yue joined the ongoing broadcast. Seeing the sheer number of followers that was completely different from his last visit, Si Yue raised an eyebrow in surprise. If he remembered correctly, the first time he visited the channel, this livestreamer was still a small nobody with only a few thousand followers. In such a short time, there were now 300 to 400 thousand people following and watching her channel?

Did something happen during his absence?

A colorful barrage of visual effects greeted him upon entering the channel. Si Yue chuckled. He closed the effect windows and saw the regular livestreaming interface. The streamer seemed to notice his arrival, and specially greeted him with a clear and beautiful voice.

“Thank you for your gifts, User 9983535444…”

Si Yue remembered the gifts he had sent that day and typed a comment: No need to thank.

The streamer’s voice was full of sincerity: “I still want to thank you. You have given me a lot of help, and I am very grateful. I wonder if you have any content you want me to broadcast, or perhaps a specific orchid to raise here? I will give you the right to request once…”

It seemed that other viewers sent comments, of which the streamer replied: “No, this is the only exception. In the future, please don’t send so many gifts at once. If your financial situation allows it, I will be happy to receive a flower or bouquet every here and then….”

Si Yue browsed the comment section on the screen. The comments from the streamer were pinned at the top, which was a brief introduction of the ten orchid species she was raising.

He sent another comment: Is there no golden emperor orchid?

Si Yue was number one on both the channel’s top fans and top gifters list. Every comment he made had a special golden effect, which made it really conspicuous.

Fu Yunruo saw that the comment area had become more lively after this long digit username appeared. The rest of her viewers were obviously curious about this mysterious rich guy who suddenly sent one million yuan of gifts before disappearing without a word.

[This rich boss is so down to earth.]

[Agree LOL]

Fu Yunruo squinted her eyes and replied: “There isn’t. But if you want me to raise one, I can.”

Golden emperor orchid was one of the easiest orchids to raise, so it didn’t stand out during the voting. The ten species that won the fans’ votes were all expensive orchids that were hard to raise, and it surprised Fu Yunruo that this long digit username asked for such an ordinary species.

She even thought that he might ask to see her raising a ghost orchid!

The ghost orchid was one of the rarest orchid species in the world. Because of its rarity, it was illegal to be harvested from the wild, while artificial cultivation was extremely difficult to accomplish. Even Uncle Guo, who had been devoting himself to raising orchids for several decades, was unable to cultivate ghost orchids. It was a treasure in the orchid world, sought by many.

However, if it was just a golden emperor orchid, she could easily raise one.

“There are the seeds of golden emperor orchid in flower shed. I will take it now.” Golden emperor orchid didn’t need any special requirement to grow, and there were several of them scattered all over the flower garden. Fu Yunruo carefully dug out a seed that showed signs of germinating and replanted it into an individual pot.

“Okay, this is our little twelfth.”

Fu Yunruo had just finished speaking when the comment section exploded:

[No, I don’t accept it! No one can shake our baby’s status as the youngest!]

[Who cares if you are rich? This uncle only accepts little eleven. No one can be the youngest except for him!]

[Yes, our youngest child can only be the baby!]

Fu Yunruo couldn’t hold back her smile. Her fans were so cute, ah! She immediately calmed them down: “Okay, okay, our baby is still the youngest. This is our new member, the eleventh child.”

The fans had been used to calling Baobao their youngest child. When a new orchid came, they couldn’t accept it for taking over Baobao’s position as the youngest. Therefore, Fu Yunruo simply exchanged the ranks as they wanted.

From now on, her Baobao would be the little twelfth, to which the fans happily agreed.

Si Yue was also very satisfied. He didn’t care about this so-called ranking. It was enough for him as long as the streamer would raise the orchid he wanted to watch. Si Yue then casually sent a few gifts with a message: take care of it.


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