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MSRV Ch 18 Part 2 – Moving In (II)

Si Yue was also very satisfied. He didn’t care about this so-called ranking. It was enough for him as long as the streamer would raise the orchid he wanted to watch. Si Yue then casually sent a few gifts with a message: take care of it.

When Fu Yunruo saw another barrage of sea of flowers on the screen, she hurriedly said: “No need to send gifts. You have sent a lot before. Even without these, I will still take good care of the orchids.”

[The big boss frightened Yunyun, hahaha.]

The comment section broke out into a barrage of laughter.

Fu Yunruo repeated her request twice, and finally sighed in relief after seeing no more sea of flowers on the screen. Although it was great to get rich overnight, Fu Yunruo preferred a long-term, steadier flow of income. She was currently not short of money, so she didn’t deliberately ask the fans for gifts. If she saw someone giving too many, she would stop it.

Fu Yunruo thought that she must be the type of streamer disliked by the platform. But since the platform hadn’t interfered, she would continue doing her own style.

As long as she was happy.

When the time was up, Fu Yunruo bid farewell to her viewers and ended the broadcast. Afterward, she came out of the flower room to find Uncle Guo and asked permission to live here with Wenwen.

Uncle Guo’s face was sour: “Just live here if you want to. Why are you still asking me?”

The old man had long wanted the two to live here. They had room and other things prepared, and he couldn’t bear seeing a young woman and a small baby commuted under cold wind and rain every day. But Uncle Guo also knew that living here was more inconvenient than living in the village, so he didn’t say anything. Now that Fu Yunruo finally took the initiative to mention this matter, of course he didn’t object.

Fu Yunruo smiled, “Well, then I’ll go back to clean up tonight and move in tomorrow.”

Uncle Guo lived alone in the flower garden, and he must be lonely. If she and her son moved to live here, they could take care of each other.

At five in the evening, Fu Yunruo took her son back to their rental home. After fall arrived, the temperature went down, and the nights were slowly getting longer every day. Currently, the sun began to set after five o’clock, and the sky was completely dark at around six o’clock, so Fu Yunruo had to get off work before that.

It was not safe to drive back after dark. Fu Yunruo went home at 5 every day, but she still woke up early in the morning because she had to do livestreaming.

After Fu Yunruo was back, she went to Auntie Mei with Wenwen in tow. She informed Auntie Mei about her decision and asked the older woman to occasionally help taking care of the house. She would continue renting the house, and would come back frequently.

Auntie Mei was very supportive of Fu Yunruo’s decision. It was indeed not easy to go back and forth with such a small child every day, especially in the winter. The weather was gradually getting colder. Let alone children, even adults couldn’t stand it. Even if Fu Yunruo didn’t mention this matter tonight, Auntie Mei planned to talk with her about it.

Auntie Mei readily agreed: “Rest assured. I will take care of your house here.”

“Thank you, Auntie Mei.”

After chatting with Auntie Mei about other household affairs and trivial gossips in the village for more than an hour, Fu Yunruo bid farewell and took her son home, ready to pack for the move. Even so, there were not many things to pack, mainly were just their winter clothes.

Uncle Guo’s flower garden had long become the second residence for the mother and son. Over time, the two had added their belongings one after another, and daily necessities such as toothbrushes and towels were basically enough over there. Especially baby Wenwen, who spent most of his waking time in the flower garden, his personal belongings took a bulk of their things.

In the end, Fu Yunruo only packed one bag of luggage. If something was missing or lacking, she could easily buy them later.

The next day, Fu Yunruo arrived at the flower garden on time. After putting her luggage in her room, she went to the flower shed and started the broadcast. Not long after she began, Fu Yunruo saw the long digit username from yesterday.

Fu Yunruo’s initial impression of this person was an eccentric rich guy who happened to watch her channel and then disappeared after leaving a million yuan worth of gift. But today, he had appeared for two consecutive days. Maybe this rich guy really liked orchids, and he might be busy with other things before and had no time to watch livestreams.

Fu Yunruo quickly dismissed those fleeting thoughts. Her focus was all on taking care of the eleven orchid siblings, before taking photos of each of them from the best angle possible. In the middle, Fu Yunruo suddenly discovered that the third and fifth child had finally germinated. She couldn’t hold back her smile when she saw the tiny bud looming out of the soil.

Of course, she had to share this good news with her fans, complete with photos as proof: The third and fifth child are finally born!

The fans who called themselves the third and fifth child’s ‘mothers,’ ‘fathers,’ ‘brothers,’ and ‘sisters’ were obviously the most excited, and the comment section became very lively in an instant.

Fu Yunruo picked out a few comments to reply to, then she continued to take care of her orchids while taking a look at baby Wenwen from time to time.

Chi Wen stayed quietly in his playpen, battling to solve a nine rings puzzle. This puzzle was bought by Fu Yunruo on the internet, and she had failed to solve it for many days.

Chi Wen mused to himself: how could he not be able to solve a simple nine rings puzzle?

He could even solve a six-by-six Rubik’s cube easily, not to mention this little toy.

He must solve it today. Otherwise, that woman would definitely laugh at him!

He would never give her a chance to look down at him!

Chi Wen struggled for a long time, and finally solved the nine rings puzzle. He stood firmly by holding on to the wooden rail and yelled toward Fu Yunruo: “Auh!”

Look! He solved the nine rings puzzle!


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