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MSRV Ch 18 Part 3 – Moving In (III)

Fu Yunruo, who was observing a group of potted orchids, immediately turned her head upon hearing the voice. She saw Wenwen stood up by the wooden rail. He was raising his small head and looking at her with a pair of bright eyes.


When Wenwen saw his mother looked over, he yelled again with his small milky voice. He released one of his chubby hands from the rail and waved. In an instant, his small body lost its balance and swayed twice before falling on the ground on his ass.

Then he looked at Fu Yunruo blankly, as if he didn’t understand why he suddenly fell down.

Fu Yunruo’s heart was melted by his cuteness. She quickly walked over to her son, crouched down, and said softly: “Baobao, what do you want to show to Mommy?”

Hearing Fu Yunruo’s voice, Wenwen immediately raised his hand again. His eyes were beaming brightly.

Fu Yunruo looked at his chubby hand that was clutching on the solved nine rings puzzle. She exclaimed with exaggerating tone: “Oh, Wenwen solved the nine rings puzzle! How amazing! Mommy’s Wenwen is the smartest baby Mommy has ever seen!”

Chi Wen unconsciously puffed his small chest, full of pride.

Of course! He is amazing!

It’s just a nine rings puzzle, and he can solve it casually!

He thoroughly enjoyed the woman’s rainbow farts, but still trying to put on an indifferent face.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t hold back anymore. She picked up the small baby and gave him a fragrant kiss.

Why is Baobao so cute?

Chi Wen put his hand on her face, showing his rejection. He then thought helplessly: This woman was too sticky!

Fu Yunruo and baby Wenwen officially began to live full time in the flower garden. Within a few days, they thoroughly got to know the convenience of living here. For example, there was no need to wake up so early in the morning, and there was also no need to commute in the cold wind.

Fu Yunruo also had more spare time in the evening that she could use to do more things. After dinner, Uncle Guo helped her looking after Wenwen, so she could edit her videos and sometimes even had an hour extra for livestream broadcast. All of these extra works didn’t reduce her time spent with Wenwen.

The only downside was that it was too quiet here. Unlike in the village, no neighbors occasionally came to visit. Except for Uncle Guo, she had no one else to chat to. But Fu Yunruo accepted this inconvenience. With a gain, there would be a loss.

Today’s weather was very good. At noon, the sun shone warmly. Fu Yunruo saw both the weather and temperature were excellent, so she took out the bed sheets and blankets to dry, and also took her son to bask under the sun.

Fu Yunruo was lying on the recliner with Wenwen in her arms, covered with a blanket. His small body was basking under the warm sun while his eyes were squinting lazily. The two similar faces, one big and one small, showed the same contented expression.

Uncle Guo suddenly came out of the small bungalow with a sullen face.

Fu Yunruo immediately got up and asked, “Uncle Guo?”

Uncle Guo slowly turned his head at the mother and son duo. He glanced at Wenwen, who looked sleepy and was about to fell asleep, and lowered his voice.

“I’m going back to the Guo family’s house today. I will go back late. There is no need to cook my dinner.”

“Oh, okay.”

Fu Yunruo didn’t know what happened, and she didn’t ask.

Uncle Guo gave a few more instructions before leaving quickly.

Fu Yunruo wasn’t sleepy. She gently patted Wenwen’s back and put him to sleep. After the child fell asleep, Fu Yunruo carried him back to their room, put him on the bed, and lay down on his side.

Seeing baby Wenwen’s sleeping face, Fu Yunruo leaned over and gently gave him a kiss. The drowsiness that had just been driven away came back again. She closed her eyes and quickly drifted into slumber.

The mother and son took a nice afternoon nap. After waking up totally energized, they washed up a little and then went back to the flower shed.

Because Uncle Guo was not here, Fu Yunruo had more tasks to do. Fortunately, Wenwen was a very well-behaved baby. As long as he knew where his mother was, he wouldn’t make trouble.

Wenwen was put on a thick fluffy blanket with a bunch of toys scattered around. He had no interest in these childish toys. He crawled over and stood up again with the help of the wooden rail. His young body was still very short, not high enough to stand over the rail, so he walked unsteadily along it.

After Chi Wen was able to stand up, he began to slowly learn to walk. In his adult memory, walking was effortless, an activity he did every day without thinking. Logically speaking, he should be able to walk in no time.

However, the reality was harsh. If he didn’t hold on to something while walking, he would quickly lose his balance and fall. A baby’s bones had yet to be fully grown, and their self-balancing ability was still not good. Chi Wen had no control over it.

However, he didn’t like using a baby walker either. Every day, he would take the initiative to learn to walk by himself. Before going to bed at night, the woman would also help him learn to walk. She would shower him with lavish praises every time he could walk one more step.

Chi Wen walked for a while until he was drenched in sweat. He felt stuffy and wanted to take off some of his thick clothes. He quietly glanced at the woman. Seeing that she wasn’t paying attention to him, he sat down on the blanket and pulled the clothes open. The cool wind blew on his exposed belly, drying the sticky sweat and cooling down his body.

Huff! How comfortable!


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