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MSRV Ch 18 Part 4 – Moving In (IV)

Fu Yunruo examined the group of orchids for a while and found that one of them was a bit unwell. It took a long time for her to carefully changed its soil. After making sure that there was no other problem, she went to check on Wenwen, wondering what the child was doing now.

She pondered for a moment and decided to buy more educational toys for Wenwen. The child seemed to prefer those over normal toys.

She then walked over and found Wenwen lying on the blanket, seemed to be asleep. No wonder it was so quiet; this child was really a sleepy piglet.

Fu Yunruo’s expression softened as she lightened her steps, ready to carry him back to the bed. Although the temperature in the flower shed was higher than outside, it was winter after all, and the temperature would only get colder after the sunset.

Fu Yunruo had just touched the baby’s small body when she instantly noticed the abnormality. She quickly took Wenwen over. His small face was flushed and sweaty, and both his forehead and hands were very hot. His breathing was heavy and also burning hot.

Wenwen has a fever!

Fu Yunruo was panicked. She hurriedly wrapped her son with a blanket and ran out with him in her arms. When she was about to reach the gate, she remembered that she hadn’t brought her wallet, so she ran back to their room in a hurry, took the wallet, and ran out again.

Fortunately, there was a village clinic not far from the flower garden. She ran there and shouted anxiously: “Excuse me, can you look at my baby? He is sick!”

The doctor at the village clinic was a woman in her early 50s. There were also two or three other patients in the waiting area. Seeing that a young woman came over holding a sick child in panic, they didn’t mind her jumping in line.

A middle-aged woman quickly said: “A sick child cannot wait. Yiyun, you look at him first.”

Doctor Yiyun quickly took Fu Yunruo into the examination room. She put a thermometer under Wenwen’s armpit and used a stethoscope on his chest.

Wenwen seemed to be in pain. He babbled uncomfortably, but his eyes kept shut.

Fu Yunruo’s chest hurt, but she forced herself to be calm as she asked the doctor: “Doctor, how is my son? Is he okay?”

Doctor Yiyun wait for a moment before taking out the thermometer: “38.5°c. This child has a fever.”

The doctor’s expression was heavy. But fortunately, there was no abnormality when she probed his lungs with the stethoscopes. However, a fever in the winter might turn into pneumonia at any time, so they must be careful.

“What should I do? How to reduce the fever?” Fu Yunruo anxiously asked. Wenwen’s cheeks were abnormally red, and his breathing was very heavy. “Wenwen has never had such a serious illness since birth. Even during the change of seasons, he only sneezed a bit, and soon got better after I gave him probiotic…”

“I will give him a cooling pad and prescribe some medicines. As long as the fever can be reduced, he will be okay.” Doctor Yiyun put a cooling pad on Wenwen’s forehead, then quickly wrote a prescription and gave Fu Yunruo another three cooling pads.

“If he still has a fever at night, put another cooling pad on your child and take the medicines. Be careful not to take more than the instructed.”

Fu Yunruo nodded fervently.

Doctor Yiyun saw from Fu Yunruo’s panic that she was an inexperienced young mother. The doctor sighed softly and said: “If you are still not feeling at ease, you can take your child to the town’s hospital.” The hospital had a specialized pediatric department and more equipment than her small clinic.

“Yes, yes. Thank you, Doctor.” Fu Yunruo was very grateful and quickly paid for the consultation and medicine. She had never been to the village clinic before and was not familiar with the doctor here. Once she got out of the clinic, she became even more uneasy, wishing to have a doctor on her side until the child recovered.

Fu Yunruo saw a fully enclosed passenger tricycle parked on the side of the village clinic with the driver was about to leave. She hurriedly ran over and shouted: “Uncle, wait!”

An honest-looking middle-aged man turned his head over: “Isn’t it sister Yun. What’s happen? Is your child sick?”

This man was from the village just outside the flower garden, and knew Fu Yunruo’s mother and son from their commuting to and from the garden every day.

Fu Yunruo nodded, “Uncle, are you going to the town?”

The middle-aged man nodded, “To the hospital, right? Hurry up and get on.” He actually wasn’t going to the town. After all, it was getting dark. But seeing the child was sick, he didn’t mind taking this extra trip.

“Thank you, Uncle!” Fu Yunruo got into the passenger seat.

The tricycle took the mother and son to the entrance of the nearest town hospital. Fu Yunruo thanked the driver again, and then hurriedly rushed into the hospital with Wenwen. She really couldn’t feel at ease. At least, she wanted Wenwen to have a thorough examination at the hospital.

Fu Yunruo went to the pediatric department, which diagnosed Wenwen’s illness to be nothing serious. The doctor also took a look at the medicines prescribed by the clinic and instructed her to just give these medicines to the child. But if she still felt worried, they could stay longer at the hospital and waited until the fever receded before leaving.

Fu Yunruo naturally chose to stay in the hospital. A nurse took her to a ward and put Wenwen on the bed. If something happened, she could immediately call a doctor.

Fu Yunruo sat on the edge of the patient bed, watching over her son, who was sleeping with the cooling pad on his forehead. Her tears suddenly fell.

She was too careless. Her Wenwen was still so small and shouldn’t be left alone without an adult’s supervision. She relied on his well-behaved and often ignored him.

If only she paid more attention, Wenwen wouldn’t get sick…

It’s all her fault.


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  1. I find it really rare to find a sensitive main character like her. And I’m surprised at how well the author seems to be able to convey it without it being annoying.

    She got transmigrated as a villainess and had to immediately go into hiding, give birth, and raise a child by herself. It’s interesting to see how easy her emotions change, and how she’ll react when she inevitably meets xuerong and how she’ll be when she’s mad. Since it seems like she’ll be the type who’ll cry because she’s overwhelmed by emotions

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