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MSRV Ch 18 Part 5 – Moving In (V)

Chi Wen was asleep, but his sleep was very restless. He dreamt of being roasted in an oven. When he struggled hard to finally wake up, what he saw was a plain white room. There was a burst of discomfort in his body. His head was dizzy, and his body was aching with exhaustion. Chi Wen suddenly noticed the woman was silently crying by his bed.

“Ah!” He called. His voice was not soft and cute as usual, but a little hoarse.

“Baobao, you’re awake!” Fu Yunruo quickly hugged her son, “Do you feel uncomfortable? Baobao, Mommy’s sorry. Mommy didn’t take good care of you…”

Chi Wen stretched out his hand at the woman’s wet face. He wiped her tears and tried hard to say: “Opp! No, no!!”

Stop crying. It’s not your fault, but his. He felt hot and stuffy, so he had opened his clothes by himself. When he started to feel unwell, he also didn’t call her, thinking that he would be okay after taking a nap.

Chi Wen did not expect that his gesture only made the woman cry even harder. He was stunned. Was this woman made of water? The room was about to be flooded by her tears.

Chi Wen couldn’t wipe her tears.

Fu Yunruo cried so hard. Her son was too good, and it made her feel distressed even more, and she couldn’t help crying harder. Even though Fu Yunruo was busy crying, she didn’t forget to check if Wenwen’s fever had gone down or not. She couldn’t tell for sure without a thermometer, so she quickly rang the bell.

Not long after, the doctor came and confirmed that Wenwen’s fever had gone down. Since he was now alright, they could go home.

Fu Yunruo thanked the doctor enthusiastically before leaving the hospital with her tightly wrapped son. It was already half past nine in the evening. This town’s hospital was not far from the market, and there was an 800 meter long road that led directly to the town center. The road was quiet and deserted. The street lights were placed far apart, and some of them even broken, which made the road even darker. There was no other pedestrian around. Fu Yunruo’s steps were quick. She was a little scared, as if a monster would suddenly burst out from the darkness.

After finally reaching the town center, there were still no people around. Fu Yunruo had never been to the town at night, so she had no idea. It was now still less than ten pm, but all the shops were already closed, and there was no one on the street.

Even the residential homes above the shops had mostly turned off their lights. Most of the residents in remote small towns and villages were elderly and children, and there were not many young people. Coupled with the cold weather, people went to warm beds early and usually never came out after dark unless necessary.

In this town, night activities were basically non-existent except during the New Year holiday, when most young people went home, and there would be stalls selling late-night snacks for pedestrians. In contrast, big cities were still bustling regardless of day or night. Even at two or three am, cars and pedestrians were still coming and going, and it was easy to find a taxi.

Fu Yunruo was panicked by her son’s sudden illness and totally forgot about this. She walked for a long time, with the only accompanying sound was the echo of her own footsteps. A cold wind passed, blowing the plastic bags and papers scattered on the street.

She was the only figure walking on this long street. The dim street lights illuminated her body, stretching her shadow extremely long.

Fu Yunruo shuddered and suddenly paused her steps. At this hour, there should be no one on the street where the tricycles were usually waiting for passengers. But she couldn’t go back without transportation. The distance from the town to the village was not short, and the road between was long and winding. On top of that, there were no residential houses between, only empty fields.

If it was in the day, Fu Yunruo wouldn’t be afraid. But she couldn’t imagine herself carrying her still ill young son to walk along those dark roads on such a cold night.

Maybe she should stay in the hospital for the night and go back tomorrow morning.

Fu Yunruo turned around and hurriedly walked back towards the hospital. After walking for a while, she suddenly remembered that this town had a hotel. Fu Yunruo broke out in cold sweat, and it took her a long time to remember that there was indeed a small hotel at the end of the street. From here, the hotel was closer than the hospital, so she decided to go there.

When she went to the town for shopping, Fu Yunruo had never felt that this street was so long. But now, she kept walking, but it seemed that she could never reach her destination.

Maybe the darkness took a toll on her nerves, but Fu Yunruo felt her heart beating faster and faster, as if it was about to jump out of her chest.

Out of a sudden, Fu Yunruo remembered that the body’s original owner fell into the water in the second year after being kicked out of the house. The exact date was not specified, but it was within this period of time. In other words, any day now might be her fated death day.

Fu Yunruo murmured to herself, “After hiding for two years, am I still unable to avoid death?”

Was the plot so powerful, that even if she didn’t fall into the water and died, she would still encounter other fatal accidents?


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