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MSRV Ch 19 Part 1 – The Truth (I)

Chi Wen was tightly wrapped and hugged, so the cold temperature outside couldn’t reach him at all. He was pressed against Fu Yunruo’s soft body and listened to her reassuring heartbeat as his mind wandered between exhaustion and drowsiness.

His fever this time really took a bit toll on his tiny body.

However, not long after, Chi Wen clearly felt that the woman’s body suddenly became tense and her heart was beating faster, as if she was feeling afraid.

Chi Wen’s mind suddenly cleared up. He wanted to look outside, but the woman held him very tightly. Chi Wen was afraid of hurting her if he struggled too hard, so he stopped moving and perked his ears at their surroundings.

It was so quiet. Chi Wen thought to himself: was this woman afraid of the dark?

She was really timid. With him here, what was she afraid of?

Chi Wen then looked at his tiny arms and legs.

Well, he might be a little unreliable now, but he would grow up soon!

Suddenly, Chi Wen heard the woman muttered to herself: “After hiding for two years, am I still unable to avoid death?”

In an instant, Chi Wen’s mind turned blank. This sentence went back and forth in his mind several times before he could swallow its meaning.

As if being struck by lightning, Chi Wen’s whole body was numb.


He started to tremble and feel chill all over. This word made him scared, made him frightened…

Having nowhere to vent his panic, Chi Wen wanted to scream, but his throat seemed to be blocked. His mouth moved silently, as if screaming, but he couldn’t make a single sound.

He didn’t know how long it took. Maybe it was just a blink of an eye; maybe it was longer. But soon enough, a short and sharp cry came out, and the next moment, a loud cry pierced the darkness around.


The baby’s sudden cry broke the silent and eerie atmosphere, and also pulled Fu Yunruo back from the boundless fear. At the same time, lights began to lit up on the several residential buildings on both sides of the street.

“Hey! Whose child is crying!”

“Which family is bringing their children out to disturb people at night?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Fu Yunruo repeatedly apologized even though she didn’t know if they could hear her or not. Hearing people’s voice, the fear in her heart slowly dissipated, and her cold body started to feel warm again.

Fu Yunruo quickly looked at the son in her arms.

“Hush, hush. Baobao don’t cry. Do you feel uncomfortable?” Fu Yunruo hugged him up and pressed his forehead against hers. But unlike her son, Fu Yunruo’s face was exposed to the cold wind. Touching Wenwen’s forehead made her felt that his body temperature was very high.

Fu Yunruo was not sure. Did his fever come back?

As she softly comforted her son, Fu Yunruo promptly turned around and walked back towards the hospital. But the child’s cry didn’t stop at all, accompanying her as she walked.

Fu Yunruo was extremely worried. She couldn’t help but want to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

“Yunyun, Yunyun.”

Fu Yunruo was stunned. She seemed to hear someone calling her. It was not until she recognized the familiar voice that she recovered her sense. Fu Yunruo turned around and saw a tricycle had just stopped next to her, with Uncle Guo getting down from it.

“Uncle Guo?”

“How is Wenwen?” Uncle Guo asked anxiously. Hearing the child’s loud cry, his expression became darker. “Why is he crying so much?”

“I don’t know…” Seeing the elder’s familiar figure, Fu Yunruo couldn’t hold back her sob. “Wenwen seems to feel uncomfortable…” She hated the fact that she couldn’t replace her son to bear all his pain.

Uncle Guo hurriedly said: “Get in. We are going to the hospital.”

Fu Yunruo nodded. Tears kept falling on her face, but she didn’t bother to wipe it and hurriedly got into the tricycle.

The driver promptly took them to the hospital.

As soon as they reached the hospital’s gate, Fu Yunruo rushed inside, carrying the still crying Wenwen in her arms. She urgently called the doctor on duty to take a look at the child: “Doctor, please look at my child. He keeps crying. Is his fever coming back again?”

“Let me see.” The middle-aged female doctor asked Fu Yunruo to put the child down, but Wenwen refused fiercely. He held on to Fu Yunruo with all his strength and cried even louder. In the end, the doctor had no choice but to examine him still in Fu Yunruo’s embrace.

After the examination, the doctor said, “His temperature is indeed a bit high.”

“Is he in pain? He is crying so badly.”

“Maybe he is hungry?”

“Let’s give him baby formula.”

Wenwen had been weaned from breastmilk, and he was now consuming baby formula and soft baby food. However, when the formula was finally ready, Wenwen only drank a few mouthfuls before vomiting. In the end, Fu Yunruo went to the hospital cafeteria to cook some porridge, which he was able to eat a little.

The adults were turned upside down in chaos until Wenwen finally stopped crying and fell asleep long after midnight. However, he didn’t stop crying naturally but fell asleep due to exhaustion. His sleep was not good, as he still sobbed from time to time.

Fu Yunruo looked tired and haggard, but she didn’t forget to express her gratitude to Uncle Guo and the middle-aged man next to him: “Uncles, thank you very much. If not for you two’s help, I really didn’t know what would have happened…”

Thanks to Uncle Guo and the other man’s help, she was able to focus solely on taking care of Wenwen. Other things were done by these two, who busily took care of her and her son.

Fu Yunruo noticed that the uncle who drove the tricycle was the same person who brought her and Wenwen to the hospital this afternoon. His surname was Lin.

“It’s nothing.” Uncle Lin was also very tired, but there was no trace of complaint on his kind face.

Uncle Guo replied: “You are also very tired. Go to sleep for a while. We can talk again tomorrow.”


It was already very late, so they were staying in the hospital for the night. There were not many inpatients in this small town hospital, so Fu Yunruo and Wenwen slept on the same bed in a private room.

Uncle Guo and Uncle Lin also went to the next room to sleep.

Fu Yunruo’s sleep was uneasy. She woke up from time to time, reaching out her hand to check her son’s body temperature and breathing. After making sure that everything was normal, she closed her eyes again. This cycle was continued until dawn.


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