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MSRV Ch 19 Part 2 – The Truth (II)

Fu Yunruo didn’t want to take her eyes off Wenwen. Even after she woke up, she stayed at the bed, watching the child’s sleeping face. Maybe Wenwen was exhausted after getting sick and waking up late last night. He was usually would have woken up around this time, but today, he was still sleeping very soundly.

Not long after, the door was knocked. Fu Yunruo carefully got down from the bed and opened the door.

Uncle Guo was standing in front of the door with two plastic bags in his hand: “Eat breakfast.”

“Thank you, Uncle Guo. Have you eaten?” Fu Yunruo has no appetite, but she still accepted Uncle Guo’s kindness.

“I have. Has Wenwen woken up?”

Fu Yunruo shook her head.

“Oh, right. Uncle Guo, how come you went to look for me last night?”

Uncle Guo frowned: “I couldn’t find you two after I came back last night. Your bedroom door was open and I couldn’t get through your mobile phone, so I went to ask people around. Only then did I know that you went to the town with your child.”

Only then did Fu Yunruo remember the mobile phone in her pocket. She pressed the button, but it didn’t turn on. “The battery is dead.”

Uncle Guo frowned in disapproval: “Even with such a big incident, you still didn’t think to ask people’s help.”

The road connecting the town and the village were not good, and it was even more unsafe to travel alone at night, especially for a young woman.

Fu Yunruo lowered her head in a reflection. Now that she had calmed down, she indeed acted very rashly last night. But her mind at that time was full of Wenwen. She was panicked and couldn’t think rationally.

“Why did you walk outside so late last night?” If not for hearing Wenwen’s sudden cry, Uncle Guo and Uncle Lin would have turned to the hospital and completely missed them.

Fu Yunruo said embarrassedly: “I thought there are still tricycles on the street, so I was going to take a ride back…” It was her lack of thought.

“In the future, you cannot be so reckless again.” Fu Yunruo was a young and beautiful woman. Walking alone in the middle of the night, she would easily become prey if she was unlucky and met someone with an evil intention.

Who knew what would befall her then.


Uncle Guo was still wanting to continue when a sudden cry interrupted his words. Fu Yunruo quickly turned around and rushed to the bed.

“Wenwen, Mommy is here!”

Wenwen had woken up. He was sitting on the bed, crying hard with his eyes opened wide. His head moved around, as if he was looking for someone. Seeing Fu Yunruo, he immediately reached out his hands, asking to be hugged in cry.

Fu Yunruo hurried over to pick up the child.

“Baobao, don’t cry, don’t cry. Mommy’s here, Mommy loves Baobao the most. Don’t cry…”

In response, Chi Wen cried even harder.

It was actually this woman’s death that caused him to become an orphan and ended up in the orphanage…

Compared with various other reasons for his abandonment, this fact was much more difficult to accept. For the first time, Chi Wen felt that death was such a terrible thing.

He was so sad that he couldn’t restrain himself and kept crying hard.

She didn’t abandon him! She didn’t abandon him…

He would rather this woman abandoned him so she could marry a rich man…

Instead of her being dead, he would rather her live well somewhere in this world…

Why was the truth like this?

Chi Wen hugged Fu Yunruo tightly, crying heartbreakingly.

Fu Yunruo’s tears began to fall again. Thinking that her son was in great pain, she was very distressed. She tried to comfort him again and again, just like when he suddenly cried in the middle of the night. No, it was even worse than last time. She could hardly breathe between sobs.

“Doctor, quickly come. The child is crying again!”

It turned out that Uncle Guo went to call the doctor.

The doctor also couldn’t find the reason why Wenwen kept crying. Because of his emotional state, the fever that had just receded started to burn up again.

Chi Wen cried until he fell asleep in exhaustion again. Fu Yunruo took the opportunity to feed him some porridge and water, and soon also spoon-fed him a bit of lightly salted water.

The corners of Chi Wen’s closed eyes were still wet with tears. His small mouth moved silently, swallowing the food.

“Mom…mom…” The little babyish voice suddenly called hoarsely.

Fu Yunruo was startled. Tears came out of her eyes again as she lowered her head and gave the child a gentle kiss: “Mommy’s here.”

After Wenwen’s fever subsided, the doctor performed various checks, but couldn’t find out the reason for his frantic cry.

Auntie Mei, who rushed to the hospital after receiving the news, patted Fu Yunruo’s head and said: “The child must be spooked!”

When Auntie Mei heard that Fu Yunruo took the child out of the hospital and walked alone on the street at night, she immediately gave her a disapproving look.

“Don’t bring young babies out at night if possible. They are easy to get spooked, you know…”

Fu Yunruo felt even more guilty. She thought of how Wenwen suddenly cried without stopping, and she also still had lingering fear from the event last night. At that time, she seemed to be bewitched. It was as if she was shrouded in a strange space and would encounter an unfortunate event in the next second.

If it was not for Wenwen’s sudden burst of cry, she would still be trapped in that inexplicable fear.

Was it perhaps done by something unclean? Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but guess wildly. Thinking that her existence itself was out of the science’s boundary, She became even more frightened.

Prosperity, democracy, civility, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity, friendship…

Fu Yunruo silently recited the core values ​​of socialism several times to dispel the fear in her heart.

“Has the child’s fever gone down? Is he alright now?”

“Yes. The doctor said that his fever has gone. As long as his temperature doesn’t rise again, he will be okay.”

“Then let’s go home. The child’s emotion is unstable now. Staying in a familiar place will help him to relax.”

“Okay.” With the experienced Auntie Mei here, Fu Yunruo seemed to have found a backing. Listening to Auntie Mei’s suggestion, she thought that it made sense, so she immediately nodded in agreement.


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  1. I’m also sad, but the first thing I thought of was “wow, these two are really mother and son, they have the same tendency of crying a lot” (but that’s probably unfair to the literal baby)

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