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MSRV Ch.2 Part 1 – Mother and Son (I)

Chi Wen woke up from his not so deep sleep and stared at the childish baby bed’s cover. The room was quiet. He subconsciously wanted to cry a few times, but stopped in time. As a three-month-old baby with an adult mind, he wouldn’t cry like a normal baby after waking up.

He struggled to pull out his hand from the loose swaddle. His black eyes blinked, thinking seriously.

Where is that woman?

Chi Wen subconsciously stuffed his chubby hand into his mouth and sucked it with gusto. Transparent saliva came out from the corner of his mouth. The baby’s small body stiffened. He took out his wet hand and wiped the saliva onto the bed.

Suddenly, his small face wrinkled, and his white cheeks flushed red. He tried to control his body reaction, but warm fluid still gushed out.

Chi Wen couldn’t help it anymore and started howling.

Soon, there was movement coming from outside the door. A figure came into the room and walked towards him.

“Baobao, are you awake?” Fu Yunruo smiled, picked up her son, and coaxed him with familiar movement as she walked out. “Let’s pee first, okay?”

“Ah, you already peed! Alright, Mom will replace your diaper.”

Why does she have to say that aloud? Does he not need his face anymore? Chi Wen’s body was gently rocked by the woman. His little face was like an old monk disillusioned by the world’s dirtiness.

In fact, if he tried to adapt, this kind of thing is…eh?

A soft pacifier suddenly stuffed into his little mouth, and Chi Wen subconsciously sucked it.

Warm water?

He took a few more sips. He was thirsty. Howling was too much for his throat, and it needed moisturizing.

After he drank the water, the woman hung colorful little bells on the top of his stroller, which jingled every time the stroller moved.

Chi Wen only took one look before dismissed it disdainfully. Is he such a childish person?

Chi Wen was in good spirits. He was lying on his back, and his eyes were just in sight to see the woman, so he looked at her intently. Of course it went without saying that it wasn’t of his intention to keep looking at her. However, his small body was still too mushy that he couldn’t even move his head.

Fu Yunruo picked up her son, put him in the stroller, and pushed it out into the yard. Today was cloudy, and the temperature wasn’t high. There was also no wind, perfect for taking out a small baby. She left Baobao in the yard and could see him whenever she looked up.

Fu Yunruo went to pick vegetables in the field. It was almost noon, and she was going to stir-fry some greens for her lunch today. With the bone soup that was still simmering in the kitchen, it would be enough for one person.

After picking the vegetables, Fu Yunruo looked at the row of mustard greens. It was time to harvest and dry them, she thought.

Fu Yunruo went to the faucet and washed the vegetables she just picked. Then she went to the kitchen, cooked the green vegetables, poured a bowl of bone soup, and had her lunch. After feeding herself and her son, she added a bit more salt to the leftover soup on the stove, poured it into the thermos, and was going to take it to Auntie Mei. Because Fu Yunruo was still breastfeeding, the food she ate was relatively less seasoned, while Auntie Mei’s family preferred stronger seasoning.

Perhaps the older generation of farmers was frugal by nature. Even if the family was not short of money, they still wouldn’t buy meat frequently. Especially when there were no growing children in the family, they might only buy meat every ten to fifteen days. Even if Auntie Mei’s family was the village head, they rarely put meat and fish on the dining table and was more used to plain tea and simple food.

Whenever Fu Yunruo cooked broth or soup, she would make extra portions for Auntie Mei’s family.

She carried the thermos, pushed the stroller, and walked out of the yard to Auntie Mei’s house. The two houses were only ten meters apart. If Fu Yunruo shouted from her rental house, people at the other house could hear her.

When Fu Yunruo arrived, Auntie and Uncle Mei were preparing the table for lunch. After getting along for a long time, Fu Yunruo also knew that the couple’s mealtimes were very regular, and they usually only started eating lunch after 12:30.

“Uncle Mei, Auntie Mei.” Fu Yunruo called, pushing the stroller into the house.

“Ruoruo is here. Hurry up and sit down. We are just about to have lunch.” Auntie Mei greeted warmly.

“I have eaten at home. Auntie Mei, this is a bit of bone soup that I cooked. I made too much and cannot finish it alone. You and Uncle can drink some.”

“You girl. If you cannot drink all at noon, keep it for dinner.”

“I’ve kept some, but there is still too much. It’s too wasteful to throw it away.”

Auntie Mei was still going to speak, but Fu Yunruo said coquettishly: “Auntie Mei, just take out your soup bowl. I’m tired of pretending, and besides, I still have to trouble you to teach me how to dry my vegetables! If you are so polite, I am too ashamed to ask for your help.”

Fu Yunruo knew how to dry vegetables, but she had tasted the vegetables dried by Auntie Mei. It was obviously much tastier than hers, so she wanted to learn from Auntie Mei.

Uncle Mei said: “This child is kind. Just take it.”

Auntie Mei relented. She went into the kitchen to take a large bowl and poured the bone soup from the thermos into the bowl.

Fu Yunruo carried the empty thermos and said: “Then I will go back first. I have to coax Baobao to sleep.”

“Okay, I’ll go there when I’m free.”


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  1. Fun fact: at three months old, Baobao probably just recently developed his vision to the point where he can see more than a foot or so in front of him. The dangly toys and mobiles are there to help him figure out depth perception, which would also be just starting to develop.

    Also if he’s like this now he’s going to be insufferable by the time he learns to talk 🤣 Poor guy. Good luck convincing the adults around you that you really don’t need to be treated like a child.

  2. dreamingcloud8

    Sounds so embarrassing to be an infant again — especially when your adult mind is still intact. I think I’d just prefer to being a ghost. But anyway, little infant child is so cute! Just imagining his chubby cheeks pouting in indignation— ( ๑>ᴗ<๑ )

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