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MSRV Ch.2 Part 2 – Mother and Son (II)

Fu Yunruo pushed the stroller back slowly. When they arrived home, Baobao had begun to sleep, and she was also sleepy. So she took Baobao to bed, coaxed him to sleep, and fell asleep by the side.

Fu Yunruo was sleeping until almost two o’clock in the afternoon. When she woke up, her mind was still dizzy, and she lay down lazily on the bed.

The little baby next to her slept soundly. His bulging cheeks were flushed, his chubby hands clenched into fists against his sides, and she could hear a faint snore from close.

Fu Yunruo’s heart melted into a puddle.

Her Baobao is the cutest baby in the world!

Fu Yunruo reached out and took the mobile phone from the desk. She then took countless photos from various angles but still couldn’t satisfy her desire. Fu Yunruo had been completely awake at this moment, but still didn’t want to get up, so she was half-sitting, half-lying on the bed to play with her mobile phone.

Her original phone number could no longer be used after she ran away. Afraid that someone might track her whereabouts, she bought an unregistered sim card. Using an unregistered sim card meant that some of the functions couldn’t be used. But Fu Yunruo only used her phone to read web news and do some browsing, not to contact other people.

Now she longer paid attention to the outside news like she did at the beginning, but she still occasionally browsed entertainment news when she was bored. Fang Xueruo’s press releases basically announced what endorsements she got, what female lead roles she played, and gossips about her relationship with a certain rich and powerful guy. In short, it was prosperous and smooth-sailing.

Fu Yunruo also checked the news related to the Fu family, but nothing said about Mr. Fu driving his daughter out of the house. She guessed that Mr. Fu was too embarrassed to let everyone knew about his family’s scandal. Fu Yunruo had been paying attention to the news on the internet at the beginning, but didn’t find any splash. This was completely different from the total abuse this body’s original owner received in the plot.

Fu Yunruo didn’t think that the female lead had found her conscience. Even if Fu Yunruo escaped in time, the female lead and her mother could still stir the matter into the mud. For example, revealing that she had drugged the female lead and then ‘fled in fear for being exposed’?

From the memory of this body’s original owner, Fu Yunruo could see that the novel plot had many blind spots. The self-reliant, kindhearted, and strong female lead was actually very questionable.

The female lead was the stepsister of this body’s original owner. After the mother and daughter entered the Fu family, on the surface, they treated the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ very well. But in fact, she was wronged countless times in secret.

At that time, ‘Fu Yunruo’ was still young and didn’t know how to ask for help. She repeatedly complained to her father, only to receive reprimands. Gradually, ‘Fu Yunruo’ understood that her father was unreliable, so she became thorny to protect herself. The male chauvinist father didn’t know that there were many ways a stepmother could bully a stepchild in secret and let his daughter be wronged for years.

When Fu Yunruo combed over this body’s original owner’s memory, she felt endless grief. It was not easy for the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ to grow up until now. No wonder her personality became so extreme. But in fact, she has never become truly vicious. Her father was taken away, her identity as Fu family’s young Miss was taken away, and in the end, even her childhood sweetheart was also taken away. The original ‘Fu Yunruo’ thought of revenge and the method she chose was to add some drug to the female lead’s drink. But unexpectedly, ended up drinking the spiked drink herself.

When Fu Yunruo recalled the memory of this incident, she knew that it was definitely not so simple. Therefore, this female lead was not innocent and kindhearted as the novel described. Using the mask of gentleness and kindness, she took away everything from ‘Fu Yunruo’ bit by bit.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t figure out why the female lead mother and daughter let go of a perfect opportunity to completely discredit herself. Was it because she escaped in time and was not caught on the spot, so they didn’t have conclusive evidence?

Forget it. There was no need to entangle with this matter anymore. If they wanted to make a fuss, they wouldn’t wait until one year later. It must be because they couldn’t catch her whereabouts that they had to give up. In this case, there was no need for her to kept being frightened.

Fu Yunruo immediately turned her mind back to her son.

Should she take Baobao out?

Fu Yunruo quickly dispelled this idea. This body’s original owner died two years after being driven out by her father. But the exact time of her death was not clear. Fu Yunruo was afraid that she might die unexpectedly outside and couldn’t protect her son.

She better waited patiently until the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ death time passed.

But for the time being, there was another problem: she was about to run out of cash. Moreover, she didn’t dare to use her bank card to withdraw money. Maybe the card had even long been frozen.

When she was in the run one year ago, she hurriedly withdrew 100,000 yuan when passing through a city and hid it inside a temporarily bought backpack. And now she had spent almost 80,000 yuan in one year.

Moreover, although she could skimp on her own food and necessities, she couldn’t wrong her son. Baobao’s appetite was getting larger and larger, and breastmilk alone would soon be not enough for him to eat until full. Once he began to drink baby formula, she might not even have enough to buy him the milk he needed.

She has to figure out how to earn some money…

Chi Wen had a good sleep. Probably because there was a familiar smell next to him, he didn’t wake up for a few hours. When he opened his eyes, the woman was still sitting next to him, playing with her mobile phone with one hand and stroking him with another hand.

He looked at her, grinning unconsciously.

What Fu Yunruo turned her eyes, she saw Baobao smiled innocently at her. She put down the phone and playfully rubbed her head on the baby’s soft belly. Her voice was very gentle: “What kind of dream did Baobao see? Why are you so happy?”


“Haha! Huh? Baobao can’t see me. Hey! I can see Baobao!”


He laughs? How can he laugh?

Chi Wen tried to stay calm, but couldn’t control his body’s instincts. When the woman teased her, he chuckled instinctively.

Fu Yunruo played with her son happily, and for the time being, forgot the problem of earning their living.

After playing, Chi Wen’s chubby face was red and rosy.

Tsk, it’s all because baby’s instincts were too strong and he couldn’t control himself.

In fact, he was not happy.

Also, he must solemnly emphasize that this woman was too childish, and he kindheartedly accompanied her to play such a childish game.


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