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MSRV Ch 20 Part 1 – Acceptance (I)

Fu Yunruo took her son back to her rental house with Auntie Mei and Uncle Guo in tow. Uncle Mei had been waiting in the yard when they arrived, obviously looked very worried about Wenwen. But the child was asleep, so the adults didn’t dare to make a loud noise and only exchanged a few words in hushed whispers.

After fluttering about the house, Auntie Mei rushed Fu Yunruo into the bedroom and instructed: “Put Wenwen on the bed.”

Fu Yunruo nodded quickly and went into the bedroom. This little guy had grown up. Holding him for a long time made Fu Yunruo very tired. Moreover, it was cold outside, and the winter wind was bad for a sick child. Fu Yunruo leaned over and put Wenwen, who had been crying to sleep again, on the bed. As soon as her hands left his body, the child seemed to notice the absence of the familiar touch and began to sob again in his sleep.

Fu Yunruo quickly lay down on the bed and put Wenwen into her arms. She began to hum a soft lullaby and patted the child soothingly.

Wenwen calmed down. He snuggled into Fu Yunruo’s body, and his little hand was gripping her clothes tightly.

Not long after, Auntie Mei came in, carrying a bowl of fragrant porridge. With a low voice, she said: “Uncle Mei cooked some meat porridge. Yunruo, you should eat a little.”

Fu Yunruo had no appetite at first, but when the meat’s appetizing smell reached her nose, her belly suddenly groaned. She then remembered that she hadn’t eaten anything since last night. No wonder she was so hungry.

“Okay.” Fu Yunruo moved slightly and tried to sit up while still patting Wenwen with one hand. After making sure that she didn’t awaken the child, she thanked Auntie Mei: “Thank you, Auntie Mei. I have truly troubled you and Uncle Mei.”

Fu Yunruo took the porcelain bowl, stirred slightly with a spoon, then scoop the porridge and put it in her mouth. The porridge’s temperature was just right, bringing a comfortable warmth and savory taste into her mouth. Fu Yunruo quickly finished the whole bowl, and the warmth spread from her stomach to her body.

Seeing her finished eating, Auntie Mei smiled gently and took the empty bowl back: “You should accompany Wenwen and take a rest. You didn’t sleep last night, right? Have a good sleep.”

Fu Yunruo indeed hadn’t slept almost all night, and she was both physically and mentally exhausted. She replied in a low voice. After seeing Auntie Mei off, she gently closed the door and returned to the bed. Fu Yunruo lay next to Wenwen, closed her eyes, and fell asleep with her son in her arms.

Maybe thanks to the familiar environment, but this time Fu Yunruo’s sleep was good. Although she didn’t sleep for long, she slept very soundly. When she woke up again, the first thing she did was to check for Wenwen. The child seemed to be sleeping peacefully this time and didn’t show any signs of discomfort.

Fu Yunruo touched Wenwen’s small forehead. His temperature was normal. She probed his small nose and felt that the breath he exhaled was no longer hot.

Fu Yunruo sighed in relief. Fortunately, Wenwen was no longer feverish.

Outside the bedroom, there were voices of people talking, probably Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei. Fu Yunruo had felt much better and wanted to check the situation outside, but couldn’t help feeling anxious leaving Wenwen alone. In the end, she chose to stay.

Not long after, Wenwen opened his eyes halfway, still in a daze. He blinked his eyelids a few times listlessly.

Seeing this, Fu Yunruo knew that the child was about to wake up, so she quickly took him into her embrace and walked out of the bedroom.

Wenwen was still half asleep and half awake. He put his two hands on his mother’s shoulders and snuggled listlessly. After a while, he began to let out another sob. He couldn’t control his emotion, which made him couldn’t stop crying.

“Wenwen, we are home! Look who is here!” Fu Yunruo gently patted Wenwen’s back and comforted him.

Chi Wen opened his eyes and saw the familiar house and familiar furnishings. His sob paused as he looked around with his red and swollen eyes. The familiar environment made him calm down for a moment. Fu Yunruo was about to sigh in relief when she saw the child opened his mouth and was about to cry again.

Chi Wen couldn’t control himself at all. Both his mind and body were engulfed in great sadness from inside out. Unlike in his previous life, where he could behave as if nothing had happened even when his heart was pierced with hundreds of holes, his current physical body was still a baby, and he was unable to control his emotions like an adult.

“Well, well, which boy is it? Your little nose and face are so red, like a monkey butt!” Auntie Mei came to coax the crying child.

Uncle Mei also came over, “Wenwen, look, grandpa made a toy for you!” The old man was holding a hand-carved wooden horse, very vivid and lifelike. He made a neighing noise and moved the wooden horse: “Look at the horse running. Oh, it runs very fast!”

Uncle Guo commented, “Old man, you say this speed fast? What a joke!”

“Don’t listen to your Grandpa Guo. Our wooden horse can run fast!”

“Wenwen, grandma made a puppy doll for you. Look, it is chubby and cute, and can say hello to you. Hello, Wenwen! My name is Wangwang. What is your name?”

Auntie Mei, Uncle Mei, and Uncle Guo performed various entertainment to amuse Wenwen.

Chi Wen hiccuped. In the end, he couldn’t go against his childish instinct and was soon attracted by their performances. He couldn’t turn his eyes away and even forgot to cry.


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